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Bret Michaels

Hospitalized for Heart Problems

5/20/2010 6:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bret MichaelsBret Michaels was rushed back to the hospital this week where doctors claim they found a "hole in the heart."

According to Bret's rep, the singer was complaining about "numbness on the left side of his body, predominately his face and hands."

After a series of tests, doctors concluded that Michaels had suffered a "Transient Ischemic Attack -- more commonly referred to as a "warning stroke."

During the tests, the doctors say they found that Bret had a Patent Forum Ovale -- which is essentially a hole in the heart.

Doctors say Bret's condition is "operable and treatable." The docs also don't believe the "warning stroke" is related to Bret's brain hemorrhage.

Bret will be treated with outpatient care -- which includes a daily injection of a blood thinner.

Bret's rep also notes that the singer is in "good spirits, great medical hands and is positive and hopeful that everything is going to be OK."

The rep concludes, "He is up, walking, talking, continuing his daily rehab and very happy to be alive but he has made it clear he is sick and tired of being in the hospital and is ready to rock again."

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No Avatar

Cheryl A.    

Yes, Johnny, Bret is cursed. Cursed with diabetes which eats away at your body over time. I have had diabetes almost all my life and was finally put on total disability at age 48. It's not a fun disease. Not fun at all !!

1560 days ago


Take care of your self and get well soon! I think maybe the tour should wait!! We will still be here!!

1560 days ago


WHAT a loser, fame-whore.

I call BULL****.

All of this was done/is being done for publicity for his upcoming tour. Brain hemorrhage and now this and he's still going on tour? Nope. I don't buy it.

If Tila Tequila was doing this type of crap, people would see right through it....I'm not sayin the guy didn't have some type of medical problem...what I am saying is that he made it out to be far worse than it actually is.

What a douche.

1560 days ago


They would've picked this up when he was being monitored for his appendix and brain hemorrhage. I guess since those were fake this will be fake as well.

1560 days ago


My prayers are with him. I wish him a full, speedy recovery. Poor guy has been through enough already.

1560 days ago


Dear Bret,

Like everyone else here on the comments page, we are routing for you and know you will come out the other side just fine but not without "proper rest" and you know what I'm talkin bout!...stay cool, stay safe and be rockin in a few months from now. We'll be there to meet and greet you brother! Now go, rest up for sure...

1560 days ago


He was pushing it and lucky they found a problem before it was a fatal situation. He needs to relax and take care of his health first.

1560 days ago


Wow, this guy can't catch a break.
My thoughts and prayers are with him.

1560 days ago


It's a patent foramen ovale- jeez. It's common. It can be easily fixed without major surgery. Lots of people have it and the first warning sign is what happened to Bret-a tiny clot forms on it and travels. Blood thinners will prevent it from happening again (the clot), but it's pretty scary for the patient, so a lot of people say "fix it". He is also at the age when those things show up for the first time. It's not a big deal to fix....and maybe you might have one, too! It's a leftover from fetal circulation.

1560 days ago


I understand what you are getting at clam. But it's more then just faking a pregnancy. It just seems too much. How does one fake being in the hospital for so long and come up with all these maladies? Being a lifetime diabetic is really hard on the could be real.

1560 days ago


He really should take it easy and just scrap the tour. he has too many ailments going on

1560 days ago


Mr. Bret Michaels, Whether you're ready to rock or not is irrelevant. still and know that you are here to fulfill a greater plan, not what you want. Listen...he's talking to you Mr. Michaels. You have been dealt a heavy hand, now stop, listen, be still, and heal. Life is here for you but for an improved Bret Michaels, inside and out.

1560 days ago


This guy is a moron. Within the span of two months, he's had an appendectimy, a brain hemmorage, and now a heart problem, yet he keeps insisting on going back on stage in less than two weeks? He's practically asking for death because he won't listen to what his body's telling him and is more worried about keeping his face in the spotlight before The Apprentice hoopla fades away. He's dancing in the minefield and if he keeps this nonsense up, it's going to blow up in his face.

1560 days ago


This dude is sooooo in denial. Having a family history with the same time of hemorrhage that Bret experienced, I can assure you that his doctors advised him to take some down-time. To think that he can get himself together and just jump back up on the stage is ludicrous. His " press " that he's willed himself to survive and get back on stage, is nothing but spin. Stop buying into your own P.R. dude.... it's b.s. Time to put the "Rock Star" lifestyle on the shelf and enjoy life, family & friends!!! I'm sure that with the TV exposure and such, Bret was hopng for one last big hurrah but apparently that wasn't in the " Big Man's " plans. I personally had a health crisis a few years back... I decided to stop fighting the fact that I was ill and that my life had changed forever and I put my life in God's hands. That's all you can do dude. Listen to what God ( your body ) is telling you. Time to be a big boy and put the toys away....

1560 days ago


I can't believe how these doctors keep saying none of his issues are related to the others.

Major blow to the head .....

Brain hemorrhage .....

Heart anomaly/stroke .....

Maybe in strictly isolated technical medical terms one didn't directly cause the other ..... but how about a bit of common sense and that grade school anatomy class .... "the knee bone's connected to the - shin bone ... the shin bone's connected to the - ankle bone."

Our bodies work as totally interrelated systems and any imbalance can affect many other things peripherally. This poor guy obviously has something going on in his system that's not right.

I hope he'll get it all completely in-balance soon and get back to living life full-out - as he apparently loves to do! What a great trait in a person!

1560 days ago
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