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Bret Michaels' Recovery -- Rollin' Along

5/20/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One day after his emotional appearance on Oprah, Bret Michaels spent some quality time with his daughter outside his Arizona home yesterday.


Michaels -- who told Oprah he's still having trouble moving his lower body -- was seen briefly standing up in front of his home, before his daughter drove him back in the house.

Bret still refuses to remove his bandana.


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There is absolutly NO way the procedure necessary to remove fluid drainage from the brain without TWO insets into the cranium. It would come without an order to sanitize the areas where the intended drill into his head would occur.

WIG, for sure but the good part for Breet is that he can go anywhere and no one would recognize him.

For Brett god saved him...god, seriously, this is the same god that just wiped out an entire country. The same god that gives cancer to kids. the same god that made people with defects like gays and retards. This is the same god that wanted Brett to live? right!!

Dr.s preform miracles everyday, save lives recommended a rehab period which Brett says he can "double up and get it done sooner". What an idiot. I am just glad it's his money he spent to have god save his life and not taxpayers. Like some welfare case.

Good luck Brett! I know if I had his doctors I would be hoping for alittle more than LUCK!

1560 days ago


As a surgical nurse I can assure you the head is shaved ....However looking at some of his promo shot's,In my expert opinion....He has plugs... and wig,and extension....Bald is beautiful...Oh and the real hair won't come back as full(age related)

1560 days ago

Professor Obvious    

I wish him a quick and complete recovery.

1560 days ago


Enough about the bandana, all anyone should care about is that Bret is on his way to a full recovery. What he chooses to wear or not wear on his head is his business and his alone.

1560 days ago


MY GOD!!!! What the hell is wrong with all you people.... so he wears a bandana who F**KING cares it's not hurting you any is it?!?! WOW if thats all i had to focus on in my life is a celeb. wearing a bandana my life would be simple! all your lame rude comments are pathetic!!!!! Get a life people!!!!!!

1560 days ago


The fact that he survived (less than 20% do) is a miracle whether you believe in any kind of a higher power, or not. I am continually amazed at the bitterness and negativity that people "share" on these articles. Whatever happened to accepting people for who they are and the age-old adage of, "If you can't say something nice..."? Whether you like the guy or not, he clearly loves his family and tries very hard to be a good person. Do you?

1560 days ago


He needs to get married get new hair extentions and take some well deserved time off with his family. I am surprised he treats Christie this way. Having a search for a girlfriend on TV all the while he has two growing daughters for years with a faux wife

1560 days ago


I wish he would get rid of the bandana that is so 80s. He is not ready for a concert seriously...I saw him on Oprah he looks weak. Rest up Brett and think about your family. Btw God gave you a miricle so dont push yourself.

1560 days ago


Of course the bandana holds the wig on. The pics of him in hospital show a bandana but no hair underneath. duh

1560 days ago


The bandana stays on because it helps keep his wig on and keeps people from seeing the fake hairline.

He went bald years ago, but instead of investing in hair plugs and hair transplants, he just invests in Bentley convertibles and real estate while wearing a wig.

1560 days ago


Watch out for rattlesnakes. Seriously. If they have land out here in Arizona, the kids need to be closely supervised.
I'm glad Brett is doing better. What a miracle. But he needs to stay home and recover fully. If his band lets him tour they are doing the wrong thing.

1560 days ago


why the hell would anyone think that is not Brett, ?! right. an elaborate scam is going on and his kid is in on the whole thing........., { for what ? }.
Brett did lose weight, he looked like he'd been through something when he was on oprah. naturally.

1560 days ago


Best of luck to Bret and family. The bandana? For sure his hair has gone the way of David Lee Roth's...but let him have his bandana and allow him the guise that he is fooling anyone.

1560 days ago


he should lose the wig and get out of the 80's....there are plenty of soccer moms out there that still love him but he is way to old for the teen girls that he craves so much..grow up bud....

1560 days ago


Um....good idea to be on a moving vehicle with a CHILD driving it after head trauma?? Hhhmm....

1560 days ago
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