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Bret Michaels' Recovery -- Rollin' Along

5/20/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One day after his emotional appearance on Oprah, Bret Michaels spent some quality time with his daughter outside his Arizona home yesterday.


Michaels -- who told Oprah he's still having trouble moving his lower body -- was seen briefly standing up in front of his home, before his daughter drove him back in the house.

Bret still refuses to remove his bandana.


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looks like he is driving through his pot feild looking for some wonder he recovered so fast..

1532 days ago

solar panel    

His entire world is wrapped up in that stupid bandana. The "urban cowboy outlaw" thing is for 10-year olds on Halloween. His recovery would proceed much more quickly if he could stop obsessing like a pre-teen chick.

1532 days ago


Good Lord, people enough about the bandana! Who cares? He thinks it's part of his identity and wants to keep it, it's his business! He has ADMITTED he has hair extensions. He says he not bald, but hair is thinning and receding.
I was never a huge fan of his, but I saw him in concert last year with Def Leppard and was very impressed. Since then I have seen him on Celebrity Apprentice and have grown to like him. I saw Oprah yesterday and it broke my heart. He really does seem like a very decent guy, and cares about others and treats people with respect. Unlike many of the posters here.
God Bless him, I wish him all the best.

1532 days ago


WOW!!!!!! Some really intelligent people are commenting on this, such HATERS, jealous ass HATERS!!!!!!!!! This man could've lost his life...he is a father...he is one of the few rock stars that will give his fans the time of day. I have met him many times and he is always eager to chat and take pics. He is a great performer a smart business man and has more money then any of you ass clowns!! Get a life seriously. Oh and further more the guy saying grow a pair...hmmm you are probably a dirty, fat, jobless virgin needing a release...Bret can wear anything he wants on his head mark my words he will NEVER have a problem getting laid!!

1532 days ago


This guy had a serious brain trauma...I hope all you disgusting slobs who are commenting on his "fashion sense" or whatever you want to call it,don't have to endure yourselves what he has been through. He has never denied,by the way,that he has used "the best hair extensions money can buy"..So what? so do a lot of other celebs..if you knew anything about him you'd know that. In this photo I see a guy,trying to get on with his life spending time with his young daughter. And some douche bag lying in the bushes feels it is his right to invade the guys' privacy while he does so. So,I ask you, who is the worse person? The bandana-wearing rocker trying to recover and be there for his child? Or the rotten people at TMZ who can't let him do it in peace without taking cheap shots at what he's wearing?

1532 days ago


mrsj, shelly & jim-
Thank you for speaking up! I couldn't agree more!

And shame on the hateful commenters here. Who do yo think you are passing judgment on this man? You don't know him, and you obviously aren't perfect. Do not judge, or you too will be judged......

1532 days ago


Brett has everyone fooled. It is impossible for anyone to suffer a hemorrhage and be able to talk, walk and perform within a month. This is all a PR stunt. He is called Brett Miracles by many.

This is all to gain more tix, record and book sales. Don't be fooled by all this.
You can read more about his egotistical ways in a new book that came out called " A Shot Of Poison" by Chris will change your mind for sure.

1532 days ago

Cindy Chauvie    

Leave the guy alone. He has had an awefull time with his health and all you people can talk about is his bandana. Not only is he talented and sexy (yes with the bandana) he has children who will be lost without him. If you can't show your support then F-off. He is a f-ing rock legend and you should be proud that he has made a serious contribution to music that will go down in history. ROCK ON BRET!!!!!!!

1532 days ago


He is bald. That's why he didn't take the bandana off in the hospital. Are we all clueless? How come Oprah didn't ask him?

1532 days ago

Brets #1 fan    

Bret's head wasn't shaved b/c he didn't have brain surgery. They didn't do anything except ct scans and MRI's. They're letting the blood reabsorb on its own.

1532 days ago


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