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Dr. Conrad Murray

to the Rescue --

The Video

5/21/2010 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A bunch of you thought the whole mid-air medical emergency with Dr. Conrad Murray and a passenger was a publicity stunt.  Well, we just got video that suggests it was the real deal.

Remember our story -- that the doc on trial for allegedly killing Michael Jackson was on a US Air flight when a female passenger passed out with a dangerously low pulse.

The photo below was taken during the emergency, and the video -- which shows the woman being wheeled off the plane with Dr. Murray in tow -- was shot after the plane made an emergency landing.

The passenger who shot the video tells TMZ after the woman passed out the flight attendants tried in vain to revive her ... and that's when one of them got on the P.A. and asked if a doctor was on board.

The passenger says Dr. Murray walked over to the woman -- and several flight attendants thought he was just a regular passenger trying to make his way to the bathroom. We're told the flight attendants asked Murray to return to his seat ... and that's when he revealed he was an MD. 

We're told Dr. Murray elevated the woman's feet and found a weak pulse.  He asked the passenger who shot the video to help him move the woman to the front of the plane, and that's where Murray inserted an IV (apparently standard issue for the flight crew) and the woman began responding.

The woman in distress -- Sharon Ross -- told TMZ when she came to, Dr. Murray said, "You probably know me ... I was Michael Jackson's doctor."


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Anyone wonder if this "woman" was paid big bucks and given a ticket by Murray's lawyers to be on that plane and fake that stunt? Would not put it past them, and that's just another twist to this already bizarre tale. Sorry Murray that doesn't change the fact you breached your hippocratic oath which says first do no harm when you were personal physician to Michael. Nothing you or your lawyers can do will change that.

1555 days ago


It really doesn't matter whether this is 'legitimate' or NOT. He didn't 'SAVE' this womans life either. No IV alone is going to save your life if your truly 'dying'. Let's just be glad she didn't require CPR because we all know Dr. Quackeroo doesn't have a clue when it comes to that medical technique. I'd be really interested to find out just what was wrong with this woman & the treatment she received when she got off the plane. If in fact she received any at all.

He's a physician & he rendered assistance. He put an IV in. Obviously considering the services he provided MJ, he KNEW how to do that! He did what he was supposed to do. Every single day many, many people receive Propofol under the appropriate & optimal medical cir***stances & the LIVE to tell the tale. This physician screwed up. Plain & simple. So I really don't care how many times he 'renders assistance' successfully. I care about the case in which he discarded his medical ethics, rendered under the table care for megabucks & caused the death of his patient thru gross incompetence & negligence. It's the only case that should matter when he goes on trial.

Physicians are found guilty of medical malpractice EVERY DAY & they cannot successfully argue.."Well sure I killed THIS guy but look how many I've 'saved' in the past"?! That just doesn't fly.

1555 days ago


God bless you Dr. Murray. Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.

1555 days ago


First thing he said when he approched the woman . . . Stewartress give me some Propanol. The stewartress response . . . Dr. we have no propanol.
(Dr. Murray) Sherley you must have some meds I can use.
(Stewartress) Sorry Dr. and stop calling me sherley.

1555 days ago


56. First thing he said when he approched the woman . . . Stewartress give me some Propanol. The stewartress response . . . Dr. we have no propanol.
(Dr. Murray) Sherley you must have some meds I can use.
(Stewartress) Sorry Dr. and stop calling me sherley.

Posted at 6:18 AM on May 21, 2010 by donnieboy9

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Aha, cute! I like this one as much as the comparison to the 'Capt. of the Titanic':)

Can't imagine anything worse than waking up with an IV in my arm & the 'Quackster' standing over me. Oh the horror!!

1555 days ago


Why does he get a article for his "normal" job?? I don't understand that. Will TMZ show us, that Death Murray is a "good" doc who can save lifes?? This man is a ****ing ******* and I hope he will go to jail for a very long time. He killed my sweetheart Michael and I will never forget him. Death Murray, STOP this PR! You will never be a good doc, because good docs know how to treat a man with insomnia. And a good doc knows how to do cardiac massage. Stay away of Michael's tomb and go to jail!
I cn't describe my hate for this ****ing doc!

1555 days ago

Glenda in Texas    

That's not enough proof. You guys ever seen "Passenger 57" with Wesley Snipes?

1555 days ago


Would I have some MJ killer quack take care of me if this happened on a plane -- uh...NO. I heard there was an IV started - what for? The lady did what? fainted? I would not let him near me with an IV.

I think this is a setup with acting to make him look good.

How can a doctor who saves a lady kill the King of Pop.


1555 days ago

mj fan forever    

This could be a fake the same. Maybe well organized, but also always a fake. And then the video has quickly been and opportunely shot. Who knows how come. PR. Murray is and will remain a murderer! He killed a person and must pay for this!

1555 days ago


Dr. Murray should get hero of the year award!

1555 days ago


Hooray for Dr Murray the pedo slayer.

1555 days ago


TMZ just lost my respect period,helping to glorify a murderer hmmm.

1555 days ago


murray might kill her.KILLER!!

1555 days ago


boring story.

1555 days ago


so your first , sencond , third who gives a rats ass

1555 days ago
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