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Dr. Conrad Murray

to the Rescue --

The Video

5/21/2010 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A bunch of you thought the whole mid-air medical emergency with Dr. Conrad Murray and a passenger was a publicity stunt.  Well, we just got video that suggests it was the real deal.

Remember our story -- that the doc on trial for allegedly killing Michael Jackson was on a US Air flight when a female passenger passed out with a dangerously low pulse.

The photo below was taken during the emergency, and the video -- which shows the woman being wheeled off the plane with Dr. Murray in tow -- was shot after the plane made an emergency landing.

The passenger who shot the video tells TMZ after the woman passed out the flight attendants tried in vain to revive her ... and that's when one of them got on the P.A. and asked if a doctor was on board.

The passenger says Dr. Murray walked over to the woman -- and several flight attendants thought he was just a regular passenger trying to make his way to the bathroom. We're told the flight attendants asked Murray to return to his seat ... and that's when he revealed he was an MD. 

We're told Dr. Murray elevated the woman's feet and found a weak pulse.  He asked the passenger who shot the video to help him move the woman to the front of the plane, and that's where Murray inserted an IV (apparently standard issue for the flight crew) and the woman began responding.

The woman in distress -- Sharon Ross -- told TMZ when she came to, Dr. Murray said, "You probably know me ... I was Michael Jackson's doctor."


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a total fan    

"I was Michael Jackson's doctor"

OMG Still using Michael's name for fame.
All he had to say, is "I am a doctor"

The difference between fans and haters:

Fans wake up to TMZ and see news about Michael.
Haters wake up obsessed with TMZ, in search of news qbout Michael.

Nothing worse than haters that won't admit that Michael draws them in to TMZ every morning. Come on people admit it Michael still fasinates you.

Want to know why I am never on Lohan blogs or Aniston blogs? Because I don't like them. So I assume the only reasons haters are here is because they like Michael,they really really like him.

1526 days ago


This little staged interlude means nothing and it certainly does not alter the facts. The facts are that Conny gave his patient a lethal dose of anaesthetic and then, BY HIS OWN ADMISSION, left his anaesthetised patient. Conny was negligent and reckless and he killed his patient. Why does Conny introduce himself as "Michael Jackson's doctor??" THAT most certainly is very weird. ALL doctors, in the same cir***stances, would just say "I'm A Doctor" or "I'm Dr X". They would NOT say what Conny said. He just LOVES the fame, the notoriety and all and any publicity. This little fiasco was a staged set-up,. Conny is a killer and he's not fooled anyone by this little display of "caring".....

1526 days ago


Honestly, I'm glad this woman is ok, and good for Murray for helping her. But this is separate and apart from what happened to Michael on the morning of June 25th. Just because he saved this woman doesn't exonnerate him from what he did 10 months ago. Doctors are not gods, and they lose patients all the time, that much is true. But a hopeless situation is different from a tragedy induced by gross negligence.

From the information that was determined by the coroner, it doesn't appear that Michael had a fatal allergic reaction or that he had a heart attack or that he committed suicide. In fact it appears that he didn't have to die that day at all, and that if Murray had been paying closer attention, or better yet, refused to administer such a dangerous drug in the first place, he (Michael) might be alive today. That situation has nothing to do with what Murray did on the airplane.

1526 days ago


Murderer? Killer? No. Those are pretty strong words. This man didn't intend to kill anyone. Why would he? He had $150,000 reasons to keep him alive every month. Weak-minded. Unethical. Incompetent. Negligent. Yup. Michael picked the WRONG doc this time. My guess is this doctor never really WAS much of a physician to begin with & something like this was bound to happen to him. Michael played the game & he crapped out. Still, he didn't deserve to die either. This isn't JUST about Michael Jackson. All doctors willing to trade their services, their skill that they received in medical school & the responsibility that society entrusts them with, to make a quick buck need to all be rooted out & dealt with in the most severe way.

Those who think this doctor is such a 'hero' & such a wonderful physician simply because he rendered assistance to an airline passenger; I would suggest they go see this doctor if they have so much confidence in him. This guy may have old, loyal patients but I wonder how many 'new ones' have signed up?

1526 days ago


Oh myyyyyyy F ing Goooodddd. Figures, they would video camera this.... MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT, this is a set up by Murray attorneys. They are trying to establish his credibility as a doctor. I bet you they will put that woman on stand to attest what a marvellous doctors DR DEATH IS! MURDERER, if you get away from CA court, you WON'T get away from People's or God's justice. YOU DISGUST ME. I would pray for your death but that would be a gift you don't deserve! M F er, Damn the day u were born, MURDEREEREEEEE!

1526 days ago


All this proves is I still very much have to worry about passengers further, if he is flying when I do fly & if I might have such a issue I could wake up to him over me. I do not wish him performing on me period or my family at anytime ER or otherwise. Of two ER moments in his life one lived the other died, & the one which died in his care was the King of Pop. The one which lived no matter how it was done (and we are all most very thankful she lived & is o.k.) does not remove the facts around the one who died in his hands & care.

1526 days ago


This does not prove it was a real deal. It proves how staged it was.

1526 days ago


"WEAK PULSE"....what a crock of S(HIT)! He found a "WEAK PULSE" on Michael.....Can't you sheeapable see through what they are trying to do? MURDERER, keep agravating ussssss, keep agravating M F er!!!! F u, F ur attorneys, F your mom. I wish I was on that flight! You literally disgust me, I LOATHE YOU. HE ASKED THE PASSANGER WHO SHOT THE VIDEO TO HELP HIM MOVE THE WOMAN??????? LOOK AT THE VIDEO!!!!!!! THE PASSENGER WHO SHOT THE VIDEO IS SOOOOOO FAR AWAY, WHY DIDN'T HE ASK OTHER PASSERGERS WHO WERE CLOSER, OR FLIGHT ATTENDANTS????? WITH HIS OGER SIZE BODY HE COULDN'T MOVE A WOMAN BY HIMSELF????? I wish I could b(ithslap) Murray and his attorneys....They keep agravating us!

1526 days ago

Anne B.    

Wait a minute. Is this man on trial? If he's on trial, why is he in an airplane?

1526 days ago


Nice article(not to mention the photo of Payne & MJ-MJ was lookin' GOOD for his comeback tour!).

Payne talks about MJ's insomnia.

Above is a very informative article about insomnia & what could have both caused it & driven Michael Jackson to such desperate measures. Just might possibly open up some minds on this board & provide some insight into 'understanding' him rather than 'accusing & blaming' him.

1526 days ago


Dr. Murray from what i see is an extremely strong man. To be accused of a crime that HE DID NOT COMMIT! and be able to have such a great attitude proves what a wonderful man he is. he knows he's innocent and he will be proven innocent! God Bless You Dr. Murray!!!

1526 days ago


to escape the phenomenal mess that he created...
his own life.

1526 days ago


Sue from Florida Michael was not a molester.. but I bet you are!!!

Mr IV obviously does not have a problem with inserting tubes in peoples veins.

1526 days ago


to escape the phenomenal mess that he had made...
of his own life.

1526 days ago


Okay, TMZ, are you kidding me?
Since June last year, the whole world knows Dr. Murray´s face.....and you´ll tell me, the flight attendants didn´t realize, it was him? Oh, I´m sure, a man, nearly 2 m of height, with that face, which was aired on every news around the globe, can be overlooked....LOL
So, what are you gonna tell us? "Read between the lines"? *hint hint* Thank you again, you really made my day! :)

1526 days ago
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