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Lindsay's Pals -- She Can't Quit Drugs and Alcohol

5/23/2010 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan cannot comply with the order Judge Marsha Revel will almost certainly lay down tomorrow -- cut drugs and alcohol out of her diet ... this according to multiple people who are in a position to know.

Judge Marsha Revel talked about it last Thursday -- that the conditions of her bail will be refraining from consuming alcohol, wearing a SCRAM bracelet to monitor alcohol consumption, and submitting to random drug testing at least once a week.

As one person connected to Lindsay tells TMZ, "She can't make it through a day without it.  She's a mess."

Another source says Lindsay wakes up with cravings and satisfies them fast.

Unless Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, changes Judge Revel's mind tomorrow in court, the three conditions should become part of Lindsay's bail by noon.

Probation violations aside, if Lindsay violates any of these conditions, the judge could revoke her bail and put her in jail.


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I love how the Judge even delayed her vacation for court tomorrow. Oh lindsay brought all this on herself. One of the reason's she probably stayed so long was she was getting paid to be at parties and party,party,party herself. Lord knows she needs the money. Don't you just love how privileged she thinks she is! (NOT!)

1582 days ago




1582 days ago


I am sick to death with hearing about LL. She needs to GO AWAY!!! Anyone else pulling her S#@& would have been in jail a long time ago. Make it STOP!!!!

1582 days ago


who fu**** cares! why are you giving her so much attention??????? TMZ find something more interesting please! sick of the Lindsay coverage already.

1582 days ago


She is a self propelling train wreck? So many enablers and she is not even earning money anymore. She will relapse, blow the bracelet, which may save her life. (Look at Robert Downey-although she lacks his talent) An extended period of time in a jail will get her attention, or not..She looks about 35-very sad and not worthy of all this silly attention. Rossie

1582 days ago


The only way Lindsay is going to get better and have a future is to place her in jail. She has repeatedly shown she cannot do it on her own. If the judge cares about her well being she will revoke bail and get this poor child help. No one like her father, but her mother has done nothing to help her and even lets her younger sister stay with her. If I had a child so messed up I would not let my younger child be exposed to it and risk her following the same path. She is an adult and the only way she can be forced to get help is through jail. We have watched this child grow up I would like to see her live until old age and that is not going to happen on her current path. Someone needs to help her.

1582 days ago


If US has nothing other to offer a young addict than jail to help her, then it's bad. She needs rehab and support - what she certainly doesn't need is a grown man with a gossip site ridiculing her five times a day, with the assistance of holier-than-you idiots who find it very easy to handle celebrity life without being celebrities.

1582 days ago


Her mother is to blame for all this. She let her go live with Wilmer Valderama (then in his twenties) at 16 when they where dating because she wanted to. Then she lets her 16 year old ALi go live with Lindsay. I guess she feels her children are adults at 16 and no longer need parental supervision. Disgusting beast of a mother, unbelievable that bitch hasnt had cps take her other children yet. Lindsay never had a chance, she started partying at 16 trying to keep up with the big dogs her mother was allowing her to run with.

1582 days ago


What is it that you people who keep saying "she needs rehab not jail" dont get about the fact that this chick has been in rehab 3 times already. Guess what it didnt work! Maybe she needs 60 days in jail to wake her the hell up. Its not like shes gonna do years and years in prison.

1582 days ago


She'll try to hawk the bracelet for crack

1582 days ago


Her postponing her vacation in order to handle the matter herself simply speaks to her professionalism, not what her intentions are for Lindsay. She might be a total hardass or she might not

I hope your right but it sounds pretty ominous when she delays her vacation to preside over the hearing after Lindsay missed last weeks. I hope tomorrow she is clear about what happened and hopefully she attended a class today. I think Lindsay needs to be on time,alert, and serious not hungover like the last time to have a chance of changing the judge's mind.

1582 days ago


I think she might need intensive therapy to get to the root of her problems.

1582 days ago


If someone doesnt do something soon, she'll be the next "star" dead from an overdose

1582 days ago


So she will have to give up alcohol. I'm sure she will find something else she can take that will not show up. There is always a way around these things.

1582 days ago

Irish Pubes    

I love how TeamLindsay speaks as if she has knowledge of the subject. Quite charming. Lohan had a DUI. **** happens right? Ok less than a month later she has another DUI. Then she goes late to hearings, misses a hearing that the judge warned her she had to attend, and will most probably be late tomorrow. And yet, we've got utter morons like Team Lindsay defending this. I can only imagine what an idiot you are. Actually, I can't imagine it, because it seems unimaginable and unreal that people as stupid as you exist. This has nothing to do with her "victimless" crime as you put it, but everything to do with her repeated violations of the law. Go smoke some crack and stop posting her TeamLindsay, you sound more and more like an absolute idiot everytime you post. That being said, Lindsay will get zero jail time for this, because that's not what happens to celebs. They're allowed to do as they please, when they please. Lol @teamlindsay. What a pathetic poster. Irish Pubes have spoken.

1582 days ago
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