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Lindsay's Pals -- She Can't Quit Drugs and Alcohol

5/23/2010 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan cannot comply with the order Judge Marsha Revel will almost certainly lay down tomorrow -- cut drugs and alcohol out of her diet ... this according to multiple people who are in a position to know.

Judge Marsha Revel talked about it last Thursday -- that the conditions of her bail will be refraining from consuming alcohol, wearing a SCRAM bracelet to monitor alcohol consumption, and submitting to random drug testing at least once a week.

As one person connected to Lindsay tells TMZ, "She can't make it through a day without it.  She's a mess."

Another source says Lindsay wakes up with cravings and satisfies them fast.

Unless Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, changes Judge Revel's mind tomorrow in court, the three conditions should become part of Lindsay's bail by noon.

Probation violations aside, if Lindsay violates any of these conditions, the judge could revoke her bail and put her in jail.


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Fuck Celebrities    


1611 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    


1611 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    


1611 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    


1611 days ago


What I find perplexing on the whole lost passport thing. I don't carry my own when I go overseas. I'm too irresponsible and I know it. I highly doubt LL is responsible for her own passport. Isn't that a personal assistant's job? Yeah, that goofy blonde that appears with her in TMZ videos at the airport. If I put my PA in charge of my passport, and it got stolen, I'd be firing her a** in a heartbeat. And ranting and raving about it. Never heard it blamed on anybody but her father, that tard, Michael. The great JFK conspiracy theory. Unless she was staying at Motel 6, threw it on the desk, and claims housekeeping swiped it, this whole story is a major joke. And even the Motel 6 (better chains..ha ha ha ha) have a semi-safe to put your stuff in. Who DOESN'T put your passport in the hotel safe, even if you don't have some goof-wad blonde assistant that's supposed to keep up with it (when she's not doing the leftover lines of blow in the bathroom after Morticia Addams Lohan gets done and flushes?) I'm LOVING this story re the stolen passport! It's ingenious!! Total brilliance!! How can you prove it? Meth head is smarter than we think. I have to applaud her on this one. Kudos.

1611 days ago


The inhumane Death penalty for violating probation ?
You need help

1611 days ago


Yep, Lindsay's "friends" looking to make a buck!

from x17.
May 19, 2010 1:12 PM
Posted by: Anonymous

This movie doesnt even have a script they have no rights to use the name Linda Lovelace cause Linda Boreman never gave her permission to use her porn name, nor did Raymond Pistol owner of Arrow Porn which he has all rights to Linda Lovelace Porn.

Just a lie made up Markus Klino,Indrani,Tyler sheild, Markus Molinari, Arron and that whole circle of people.(to many to list) trying to make money off of Lindsay
They are using her to gain publicity for there selves.

The last two photo shoots Lindsay did with Tyler Sheilds and Markus Klinko were because Tyler and Markus said if Lindsay should OD go to Rehab or Jail the photos would be worth doulbe the money if not more

Lindsay thinks these are her friends but they are just using her. Markus Molinari has hated Lindsay for a very long time and has wanted to kill her career, the min. Patrick walked out of the friendship thats when markus went in for the kill.
Look how bad Lindsays life has gotten since she friened Markus in January all the bad career moves are due to Markus telling her what to do.

Take note of their names. Real winners.

1611 days ago


Lindsay is about nothing more than excuses and pass the blame. She has a whole list of how this is everyones fault but hers.

Shall we run down the latest and greatest?

It's the medias fault. They blow everything out of proportion.
It's her father's fault.
It was Samantha Ronson up in the club causing trouble for her.
The paparazzi MADE her trip all those times we see pictures of her flat on her butt.
She would have completed her classes - if the teacher wasn't making things weird by trying to "hang out" with her (I don't suppose she could have told the judge this?)
And damn that volcano spewing ash over Europe.
Oh wait, I'm sorry - it was an anyomous passport stealer.
Those pics with coke in them? A SET UP.
And when she went on her booze and coke fueled car chase - didn't she try and point the finger at someone else driving?!

This time? It will be a celebrity obsessed judge looking to make an example out of her.
If the judge goes easy on her? It will be the medias fault for blowing it all out of proportion.

Simple fact is she isn't ready to take responsibility. So someone else (the judge) is going to have to.

1611 days ago

Irish Pubes    

#198 shows the brainpower of Lindsay supporters (surprisingly, a little less than Lindsay's own brainpower). Nicole, you could not possibly have thought that he was serious in asking for the death penalty could you have? I think you need help for actually taking Grouch's post serious. Or lemme too were joking, right....right?

1611 days ago


I think its really obvious that none of the fashion celeb wannabes are her friends.
I mean Markus Klinko has a tv show and Lindsay does a great professional shoot. Now hes talking to E about how shes dating the Indrani woman or w.e getting press for the show but not caring about Lindsay.

1611 days ago


I said the same thing! Whenever I get to where Im going the very first thing I do and Im sure anyone else who dosent want to be stuck in a different country does is put your passport in the hotel safe! Your right the whole "my non-dad" or whatever she calls him these days stole it was major bull especially since dumbass dina admitted they told her to stay there so they could get the warrant taken care of. Idiots thinking the rest of us are idiots and believe there stupid lies. Again as I said before I blame her fed up mother, whos still screwing her daughter over every chance she gets

1611 days ago


@ 201
Of course i know it wouldn't happen but that person obviously has thoughts or an opinion about it.
I think it's wrong to even joke about it or flippantly mention it when the death penalty does unfortunately exist. Each year innocent people are executed and after the mistake is realised it can never be rectified.

1611 days ago

Irish Pubes    

Nicole, he wasn't serious. At all. In any way. No need to get so worked up about it.

1611 days ago

Cheryl A.    

So, I wonder what she is doing tonight? Staying (getting??) sober or one last party?

1611 days ago


It's not everyone who has a song written about them... Hello Lindsy...

1611 days ago
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