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Lindsay's Pals -- She Can't Quit Drugs and Alcohol

5/23/2010 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan cannot comply with the order Judge Marsha Revel will almost certainly lay down tomorrow -- cut drugs and alcohol out of her diet ... this according to multiple people who are in a position to know.

Judge Marsha Revel talked about it last Thursday -- that the conditions of her bail will be refraining from consuming alcohol, wearing a SCRAM bracelet to monitor alcohol consumption, and submitting to random drug testing at least once a week.

As one person connected to Lindsay tells TMZ, "She can't make it through a day without it.  She's a mess."

Another source says Lindsay wakes up with cravings and satisfies them fast.

Unless Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, changes Judge Revel's mind tomorrow in court, the three conditions should become part of Lindsay's bail by noon.

Probation violations aside, if Lindsay violates any of these conditions, the judge could revoke her bail and put her in jail.


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Lindsay will be either in jail or dead by the time summer is here. What a sad waste of a talent.

1557 days ago


a drunk only has one friend, one lover, one relative, one job, one love: the bottle. She can either get herself some help now, or she will be in jail or dead by the time summer comes.

1557 days ago


The judge was supposed to be on vacation on Monday, but she decided to show up after all once she heard the replacement judge was going to go lenient on Lindsay.


I think Lindsay is in for a RUDE AWAKENING on Monday when the judge enforces the SCRAM bracelet, weekly drug test, and more. Yup, she'll go to JAIL if she does not pass. Something tells me she won't.

Trust me. Just like Robert Downey Jr., she'll be thanking the judge in a few years because she was the only one willing to help her. The Judge is her SAVING grace.

Lindsay: trust me, this is all good for you! (Sorry you have ****ty parents).,

1557 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Mark, you are not funny. Why don't you get a dictionary and learn a new word? We all know that you finally learned "vagina"

1557 days ago


She's pretty much doomed to fail before she starts, if Lindsay is so dependent on alcohol and drugs wearing a bracelet and telling her to stop isn't going to make her stop. She should just get away from the parasites and get some proper help.

1557 days ago


I wish someone would go back over all of Judge Revel's past cases and see how she has ruled on average citizens that have violated the terms of their parole and/or willfully skipped out on their court date - i.e. contempt of court. I'm betting the vast majority went to jail. If her ruling with Lindsay tomorrow is consistent with her past rulings, then fine. If she gives Lindsay any special treatment, then the people of L.A. should raise hell and demand her resignation or vote her out of office.

1557 days ago


@217 Mark

That will not make her sober but it may well put her in the emergency room. That torture sometimes requires a surgical repair.

1557 days ago


I'm actually pulling for Lindsay. It's become too easy to trash her, but I'd actually like for her to get it together and not be dead by this time next year.

1557 days ago


It's so refreshing to hear the good how she's helped millions to understand the power of generosity. It's so cool that you see it in action, despite whatever weather is going on. On behalf of everyone who reads this site, THANK YOU, LINDSAY!

1557 days ago


It's her parents who are to blame for this young woman's predicament...just look at the games they've played in the media the past two or three years. Dad an addict, mom partying with her at bars even while she was under-age, lying for her in co-dependency, and LH with a fullblown lineage addiction not being addressed. Only bi-polars I've known also consider themselves "bi-sexual" so she has the add-on of mental and sexuality dis-ease. Whenever these young people become the cash cows of their parents, they don't appear to get the help they need quickly enough. The entertainment industry needs to show some professionalism by (never) giving her another job until she has been completely clean and sober for a couple of years. Most 50-year-olds don't look as haggard as this young person.

1557 days ago


For those who are saying that these so called "friends" of Lindsay's are not her true friends because they are talking to TMZ. Would you rather these friends lie about what Lindsay has been up to?...The same things Lindsay has been lying about? A "true friend" would admit that Lindsay needs help and would talk to other people about it because they are concerned for the well being of their friend. If Lindsay were my friend...You would bet your ass I would be talking to people about it.

1557 days ago


look , i know TMZ makes its living following hollywood around all over the place but this is ridiculous! this girl is just walking dead and should just get it all over with so we can have some peace from her and her greedy media hungry family .. they dont deserve any sort of publicity least others put something back what does this idiot do apart from fall all over the place with powder coming out of her shoes..? what was she doing in cannes? what type of role was she shmoozing for that has got her thisclose to a jail sentence?. other actresses dont behave like this and even PARIS HILTON has cleaned up her act.. yuk...

1557 days ago


They arent her "true friends" because you know damn well they are getting a payout from tmz. Real friends stage a private intervention not go to a gossip media source and spill there guts for money Jenii84.

1557 days ago


I believe her Dad let the cat out of the bag when he said she was HIV positive. I believe that's why she has such a death wish, and turned to women.

1557 days ago

george fudge!    

Tiger Woods is the only person left on the planet that would do her, he specializes in skanks.

1557 days ago
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