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Lindsay Lohan -- Land, Ho

5/20/2010 10:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan didn't let that little court hearing thing get in the way of her party plans last night -- instead, LiLo threw on some thigh high stockings and partied on a boat in Cannes.


On the other hand, she may have just been hunting for her passport ...


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It is apparent she never was going to come back on time. I hope the judge gets these pictures just to prove Lindsay does not respect authority. She planned the whole thing, she will get jail time and do the Paris Hilton thing and get out in a few days with an ankle monitor. Her lawyer looks like the laughing stock of LA right now, but then again it would not surprise me if Lindsay was coached by Mom and her lawyer to do this as the lesser evil than months in a rehab.

1561 days ago


TMZ, please send all footage of this video to the court judge so it can be viewed before she hands down her decision. Obviously LiLo wasn't too concerned about her passport issues for it to get in the way of some additional useless partying.
I'm surprised her Mommy wasn't also in the photo dressed up trying to look like a 25 yr old.

1561 days ago


please tell me these photos were taken some time last year.

1561 days ago


She looks really worried about gettinig to court. This girl has no respect for the judge,court, and mainly herself.

I hope she is having fun becasue once she comes back, a jail cell is the only party she is going too.

What is someone to do when there passport is "STOLEN"...PARTY !! Yea, she looks really worried..YEA RIGHT !

1561 days ago


I can't get over the nerve of this stupid girl. Her attitude of "I'm a celebrity so I can do what ever I want" is beyond conprehension. Any possibility of a career in show biz is over. The public is furious at this criminal who continues to thumb her nose at the legal system. We will not support any venture associated with her. Her days of imfamy are coming to an end and we will all be better off not having to hear about this waste of space who has thrown away the many opportunities she has been given.
Good riddance Lindsay Lohan. I hope you can find a job at McDonalds when you get out of jail.

1561 days ago


Is Judge Revel "appointed" or "voted in" by the public?

1561 days ago

Karen in Texas    

I hope they do through her in jail. She deserves it. And they called Michael Jackson weird????? Michael was a saint compared to Lindsay, Paris and the other you write about here.

1561 days ago


She's obviously taunting the judge.
Her handlers don't have her best interests in mind.
Best place for her is a year-long lockup in a rehab facility followed by four years of intense probabtion.

1561 days ago


You guys got anything weird on Tom Hanks?

1561 days ago


Have Fun ya Stupid little BITCH!

Cause Not only will that movie FLOP, but you're ASS is going to J-A-I-L !~!~!~!

For a looooooong time!
So enjoy,....
And yo MOMMA is another Stupid Slut for not telling you this...
Although I'm sure she's in the lower Deck Sucking the Yacht Capt'n's ****....!

1561 days ago


that outfit looks ridiculous.

1561 days ago


Her mother is such a LOSER! She has allowed her daughter to become such a mess. The father at least is trying to do the right thing, regardless if he has schmuck qualities.

I never wish the worst for anyone, but I hope Lindsey gets the book thrown at her as a wake up call, that hopefully can help her finally realize she needs to get her priorities straight in order to save the last remaining shreds of her career. At this point her career really should be taking a back seat to her getting help.

1561 days ago

Ozzie X    

I'd love to have those legs over my shoulders.

1561 days ago


Someone please show these to the judge.

Obviously Lindsay only has one thing on her mind and that one thing is to P A R T Y !

1561 days ago


WHO CARES ANYWAY.....she's a has been, never will be!!! In 5 years you'll have a picture with "remember this girl" on your site. Funny thing is nobody will care then either.

1561 days ago
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