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Lindsay Lohan -- Land, Ho

5/20/2010 10:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan didn't let that little court hearing thing get in the way of her party plans last night -- instead, LiLo threw on some thigh high stockings and partied on a boat in Cannes.


On the other hand, she may have just been hunting for her passport ...


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Oh Cmon some real reporting please! I mean Lilo is such a boring story, not to mention really really easy. A monkey with a camera and a laptop could report on Lilo. Where was all that TMZ talent when Tiger Woods was banging a different stripper/porn star in every city he ever played golf in? Seriously, you can always find Lilo, or Kim K, or Paris, I dare you to actually do some real celebrity stalking and actually make some news LOL...and ps harvey, just how much of a kick back do you get each time you put Gloria Allred on your site? :P

1614 days ago


The girl is very sick. Mom and dad are in no way helping her. She should have never gone to Cannes. Dina needs to stop protecting her and Michael needs to stop trying to gain attention by using his daughters reckless life. The only way this is going to stop is if she pays the consquences of her actions. Also, what was her lawyer thinking? I would have kept her in LA and made sure she completed those classes. Maybe its best that she gets locked up and not just or a day. Try at least 6 months. Maybe that will help.

1614 days ago


I was looking at some pics from cannes, and I had to laugh when I saw a pic of her, with a micro dress on, and a scab on her knee, from all the headers shes had lately.

1614 days ago


You know if she really had lost her passport, and if she really was making best efforts to get back to the States, you would expect she would be laying low until she got on that return flight, to demostrate to the court the legitimacey of her claim, in addition to showing the court respect.

But does that happen? HELL NO - she's out partying like a rock start ... WHAT A DUMB COW ... off to the pokey Linds.

1614 days ago

Knockers De Clown    

Death watch 2010

1614 days ago


I'm just curious.... wha tis the deal with the photog who is following her around snapping these pics. It's almost disturbing how he spends so much of his time following her. If she wasnt famous this would be called stalking!

1614 days ago


Gawd! The outfit looks awful! And she thinks she has any kind of future in design? I think not.

1614 days ago



1614 days ago


Hey Dina! Let's hear your excuse! Come on, we know you like to get your face on ROL defending Lindsay but really talking about yourself...aren't you proud? If true, the kid graduating from college early is something, Dina. Good job he did.
Don't you dare miss your son's graduation or change anything because his sister screwed up again and demands the spotlight. Stop enabling. Tough love.

1614 days ago


Do we have to let her back in the country?

1614 days ago


She could have been on any one of a number of flights last night, once she "got her passport".

She's a liar, a scam artist and an idiot.

1614 days ago


Lindsay is holding on tight to her babysitters hand. Pathetic situation Lindsay, P A T H E T I C!

1614 days ago


Daaaang that is an ugly chick.....

1614 days ago


Why is she at Cannes? She knew that she had to complete her classes, she knew that she had a court date today... and I don't think she has any completed films to promote over there... and even if she did have one in the can, surely it wouldn't be Cannes worthy, and her presence wouldn't be needed in any case.
Soooo, basically, she decided to do what any person with half a non-drug addled brain would decide NOT to do and fly overseas at precisely the wrong time.

1614 days ago


Land Ho!?!?. bwaaaa hahaaahaha your funny TMZ!

1614 days ago
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