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Lindsay Lohan --

Parlez-Vous Party Time?

5/21/2010 2:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan should've spent the last few nights trying to get her ass back to the U.S. -- here's what she was doing instead ...

Lindsay Lohan
TMZ obtained several photos showing LiLo fully immersing herself in the French party scene within the last few nights.

Hope she had a good time, 'cause she's gonna be paying for it -- courtesy of one tough Beverly Hills judge.


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Those are some pretty obvious lines of blow in that picture.

1618 days ago


Soooo...Yer Honor...Any further questions for why you should toss this young woman in the pokey? She's laughing at everyone and she appears to be getting away with it! Bench warrant revoked or not, DO SOMETHING!! Do something before she hurts or kills another person or herself.
She's just laughing....

1618 days ago

Sonya in Tx    


And when her hearing is held next week, may the judge throw her in jail for not completing her alcohol awareness classes....

1618 days ago


there is cocaine on the table and in her hand she has a straw and a cig.. or is it 2 straws? WOW!

1618 days ago


LoL! You'd think they'd avoid photographing the lines of coke by the glass! Wonder if the judge or her dad will see these...or will her 'mom' keep denying any problems of drug use after seeing these, or was she supplying?

1618 days ago


love the rolled up dollah bill you have there. May be its to snort up the last bit of life you have there cut up in tiny lines.

1618 days ago


The only thing Lindsay is guilty of at the moment is not turning up at the court. The question of her violating her probation will not be heard until July. Some people on here are guilty of a lot worse by their comments. There is no evidence of any wrong doing by Lindsay. Her report from her program was very good. I think the Judge over reacted, she was influenced by the media hype and thats not a good sign for a Judge, what happened to a ruling determined by evidence? People are now questioning the Judge's ruling. Lindsay will not now be arrested. Her lawyer will have the evidence her passport was reported stolen/missing.

God help any of you who come across someone like Judge Revel who passes rulings on your life because she 'thinks' you may be guilty.

1618 days ago


You need to stop hating on Lindsay, she's a lot smarter then you give her credit. She had no intention of showing up to court, She has no intention of completing her probation. She wants to go to jail rather then continue having the court system regulating her life. She will not agree to probation, the judge will sentence her to complete her sentence of 180 in LA county jail. LA County will release her after a few days because of overcrowding, her sentence commuted. No more probation, No More classes.

1618 days ago


Once again TMZ with life advice for Lindsay. Every report you make is probably increasing her chance of going to jail, because from your "reports" it seems like the Judge is one of those idiots who believes the crap she reads on the internet. I wish you would just shut up and stop telling her what she should and shouldn't be doing.

1618 days ago


Is that really cocaine?! OMG...just...WOW. I am so through with this tramp. Send this to the judge or something!

1618 days ago


Oh **** there is blow on the table and a card to cut it!! Funny ****! She needs locked-up too bad she's famous so she prob. won't $100,000 bail is nothing! Especially to her!

1618 days ago


Snorting up the night away with her druggie friends.

1618 days ago


Well, like she said...the whole reason she got into this business was for attention and paps so I guess she got what she was going for.

1618 days ago

who cares    

I sure hope that's a glass of OJ next to the lines of YEYO....she'll need her vitamin c.

Hopefully Cannes will give her a Palm d'Snort award

1618 days ago


Lindsay after a week in France:


Help me save my daughter!!!

1618 days ago
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