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French Police:

LiLo Didn't Report

Stolen Passport

5/20/2010 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cops in Cannes, France tell TMZ Lindsay Lohan did NOT report her "stolen" passport to them ... contradicting what LiLo's lawyer said today during the hearing.

According to French cops, they have no record of any police report filed by Lindsay as far back as Tuesday, when the passport mysteriously and allegedly went missing.

During the court hearing this morning, LiLo's lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley said LiLo reported the missing passport to authorities.


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Lorrie in post 1. lol there is nothing that insinuates lilo is a whore, you must have meant that comment for Jesse. His story is further down the list. i can understand, i get confused and cant keep with who in Hollywood is a whore, a drunk, or a drunken whore.

1563 days ago


SO will TMZ be there at airport when she gets off her flight and take pics of her getting cuffed by US customs ???

1563 days ago

Damn It Man    

Get ready, get set, GO! (directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200)

1563 days ago

Professor Obvious    

I won't be happy until Lindsay Lohan is executed by lethal injection for her crimes against humanity. Only then will our long national nightmare be over.

1563 days ago

Harry Kunt    

We can address this lying while she is face down and over the knee with her britches down, answering for her other indiscretions.

1563 days ago


You got your facts wrong TMZ. You cannot get an emergency passport or duplicate passport in a foreign country without reporting it to the police. Go do some fact checking.

I believe the Judge was influenced by the media. Lindsay got a good report, they said she was in compliance. She has made an example out of Lindsay.

1563 days ago

Cheryl A.    

OOOOOH, She's in trouble!!!!!!!

1563 days ago


I'm sure she's lying, but the fact that the French police weren't notified isn't necessarily proof of this. If I lost my passport I'd be more concerned about going to the US Embassy to get a new one. The chances of the police anywhere finding a thief or pickpocket is pretty low.

1563 days ago


Can't wait to see this bitch in jail ---- who the hell she thinks she is?

1563 days ago

Tired of toxomom    

Susan- are you her lawyer. You sound just like her. Her "celeb" status has worked in HER favor to this point in time. Anyone else's azz would have been thrown in the slammer long before now.

And she's in compliance with what the program said, not what the judge ordered. Big, big, HUGE difference.

1563 days ago


Okay, . . . I'll admit it, over the last couple of weeks, I've developed just a little bit of a "Lindsay" crush. I think it's the perceived "bad girl" image she seems to be projecting right now, that captured my interest. Lindsay has a wicked cute little nose, by the way . . .

1563 days ago


Typical behavior of an alcoholic/addict...lying. Evading responsibility to face people,places,things and situations.
Do everything you can your daughter no matter what Lindsay says does,she is an alcoholic/addict. Don't worry about the criticism of the media and others such as Dina's.
Do whatever you can.....God's Grace be with you.

1563 days ago


Oh, yeah . . . Throw her in a cage, toss the key, and start the bus tours ! ! !

1563 days ago


ahhh you know those french people work at their own speed,,they are late for everything the report will show up next week or so..lindsey is innocent.....she needs forgiveness... gooo team lindsey
why do the alien spaceships pick my backyard to land in..I dont understand

1563 days ago


This is when you can tell she has major problems and needs to be put in jail ASAP!! She is in to much denial..hopefully in jail she will figure it out...
the problem is since she is a celebrity, she thinks she can get away with it...i hate that some of these celebrities think they have more privileges than an average person cuz of how much money or stardom they have...this girl needs to be taught a lesson...
Also i hope we are pretty much done hearing about this girl because she is getting on my last nerve....

1563 days ago
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