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Bret Michaels - Pre-Stroke Linked to Brain, Appendix

5/21/2010 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bret Michaels' doctor is now claiming that the "warning stroke" the rocker suffered this week was "most likely" triggered by the effects of his recent appendectomy and brain hemorrhage.


According to Dr. Joseph Zabramski -- Bret’s neurosurgeon at the Barrow Neurological Institute -- both of the previous events can cause a person to enter into a particular state, in which blood clots can form inside of blood vessels, thus causing the "warning stroke."

But Zabramski notes that because Bret reacted so quickly to the symptoms -- and got his ass to a hospital -- doctors were able to diagnose the problem accordingly.

As far as Bret's current state, the Doc tells us, "Bret's brain and body are not yet 100 percent, especially with this recent episode."


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Honestly, he's starting to piss me off. When you realize your life is so precious, and your body is telling you to slow the hell down - you listen. He's not impressive with all of this "I'm going on the road; I'm going to be on the finale of the Apprentice" bull****. Why doesn't he just say - 'hey, I'm going to be here next year and until I'm 80. I'm going to focus on my health for the sake of my family.' THAT would be impressive.

1612 days ago


He said he was having trouble moving his legs on Oprah earlier this week. That must have been the precursor to the stroke. Poor guy, I hope the stroke isn't the precursor to his death. I pray for him and his family as well as his friends and many fans.

1612 days ago


#25 Even though I wasn't expecting a whole lot and Brett looked better than I even imagined that he would, I still did notice the droop. His eye did not look right and his smile was crooked. He probably shouldn't have even been there and should be resting and recuperating and it looked like it took the wind out of his sails just being there. I hope he can get through this because he seems like a good guy.

1612 days ago


OMG...still trying to sell this poor poor me? Guy you're old and who really knows who you're? Go get yourself a job....your "disease" do NOT SELL TICKETS!

1612 days ago


sisi,electric zipper and other haters...I hope you remember your nasty remarks one day when you are sick and lying in a hospital bed. Think how you would feel if people were saying those terrible things about you. You don't think it will happen to you? Your body won't be inflicted with some disease or illness? But it will, unless of course the rest of us are lucky and you get hit by a bus or something first.
Bret seems like a good guy and I am sure he wouldn't wish you illness or harm if the roles were reversed, he seems to have some empathy, unlike the likes of you.
You are heartless SOBs.

1612 days ago


Bret, make sure you do exactly what the doctors tell you, don't overdo and rest plenty. Get and keep those sugars under control, I would imagine they've been all over the place since your appendix burst, plus all the other trauma.
Stupid people to even say someone would fake something like this. Bret is pushing too much to pull himself up by the bootstraps and push on. Please don't hide any depression, it is common after something like this, common with diabetics.

1612 days ago


My condolences to the Michaels Family.

NOW on to my Lindsay!!!

1612 days ago


I like Brett, I loved rock of love. But I am concerned that he isn't going to make it much longer, he has to really stay put and let the doctors nurse him back to health. I am saddened to know that he is struggling with serious health issues. I wish him the very best!

1612 days ago


RIGHT...but he's still DRIVING around in a CAR. It shouldn't even be LEGAL. He's putting himself at risk, his passengers and the public.
If his body is on freak-out, why don't the doctors ORDER him to stay at home and not drive ? USE SOME CAUTION ????? DUH, WHAT AN IDEA.

1612 days ago


Brett is inour prayers!

1611 days ago

Danielle Fisher    

Not sure why I am even commenting, usually I like to read peoples opinions and leave it at that. But Bret, it sounds like you have an awesome doctor. No one said he was he didn't know nothing else would happen, he could only go on what he knows, learns and experiences with other patients. And I have a family of diabetics. My mom has it, my brother, my dad and all 9 of my dads sisters have it. As did my gramma on my dads side. I understand how it effects the healing process and like someone else said on here, you don't know if you don't experience it first hand. So all of you people who like to leave negative comments and calling him names and saying, "What an example you are for your daughters!" Remember kids do get on the internet and they have to read these names you are calling their dad. I am pretty sure he keeps his daughters out of his sex life. Like he said, Raine was allowed to watch the finale of Rock of Love, they didn't see all the other stuff. So to say he is a bad example, he's not. He is living like a Rock Star!!! Rock on Bret!!!

P.S. It's pretty easy to put someone down who is in the public eye isn't it? We see all the "bad" things people do on tv because thats what the Paps like to show. But what if we put a camera in your face 24/ ain't perfect, I am sure you ain't the best role model for kids, are you!?!?!?!


1610 days ago

cause of brain strokes    

Over stress and smoking may have caused him. Unlucky guy, i would say. I hope he gets the correct treatment. He should practice for peace of min. Yoga can help him.

1536 days ago
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