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Jesse James Stops ABC Interview ... to Cry

5/21/2010 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse James is finally talking about all the cheating, lies and deception that ruined his marriage to Sandra Bullock ... but first, he needs a minute to cry it out.

ABC has released its first teaser of the big "Nightline" and "GMA" interview series -- set to air Tuesday -- in which Jesse admits, "I took a pretty amazing life and marriage ... and threw it away."

But the big moment in the tease -- a teary eyed James seems to abruptly get up from his chair and says, "Let me take a break for a second."


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1595 days ago


@ #64, annette: So, am I then to take from your post that you forgave your cheating, HIV infected husband, and took him back, and are now tending to him while he is in the dying mode due to AIDs? Even though he put your children in a potentially life-threatening situation? And could have caused them, through his dishonesty and deception, to become orphans? I have to ask, "Why?".

It doesn't make a damn bit of sense to me, nor do you explain your decision. Note that I did not say "justify", that is between you and your children later in life, depending on their current ages. Why forgive a man who could easily have signed their death warrants? Was it because of God and Jesus? Because you wanted them to see what a kind and forgiving person you are? To keep up appearances (you mentioned that you are in the public arena), or to assure yourself of a position, or security?

Because, despite your assurances to the negative, you come off as extremely angry, bitter, defensive and exactly the sort of person you're accusing everyone else of being. You also sound as if you are being terribly dishonest, especially with yourself.

My father cheated on my mother, and they divorced. A few years later, he was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and he moved back in. To the outside world, and due to her pious, self-effacing claims of not being able to abandon a dying man, her acceptance of him seemed to be an act of compassion. It was a supreme act of cruelty. Until the end of his life, she would remind him of his infidelity, every mistake, inadequacy, and failure he'd ever had, and torment him during her alcoholic rages. Oh, he ran her ragged...but he was helplessly weak, and she used his demands as more fuel for her bitter, vicious attacks. They were to be re-married (as an assurance that she'd receive his social security) on a Sunday. He died on Saturday night, thus getting the last laugh.

If I had been my mother, if I were you, I'd leave the bastard to rot. Your cheating husband endangered your children without a care in the world. I don't understand how you can stand to be near him having that knowledge. I left two abusive, miserable husbands behind before they completely ruined my life. It left me nearly destitute...but I made it, on my own. I don't need to debase myself to retain any man's money, social position or security, and I never have. Sandra Bullock doesn't need to forgive Jesse James...she needs to forget that he was ever her partner, and reduce their relationship to one of strictly neutral formality and insignificance beyond what might be necessary if baby Louis knows him at all. She has maintained herself with dignity, respectability and grace despite his deceit, potentially physically harmful behavior, lack of respect, and breech of honor and trust. His tears are for public consumption, and their sudden appearance now that divorce is imminent says much about his character, or lack thereof.

1595 days ago


There's only one person that Jesse needs forgiveness from and that's Sandra Bullock. Whether she forgives him is her/their business not anybody else's. Everyone here has such hatred in them it's really sad. You haven't even seen the entire interview & you want to bury him alive. People make mistakes - yes his was huge & he knows he's guilty - but can't you wait to hear what he says? I may be alone in thinking this but I hope they work it out & get back together

1595 days ago


I KNEW you wouldn't last with Sandra. She had waaaaaay to much CLASS for you.
Better go back & Yank those tatooed skanks.
They probably don't want ya either anymore.
Sandra deserves waaaaaaay better then your low life bike drippin, tatooed stinkin oil burner of a guy.

1595 days ago


Holy **** people, get over it, he cheated, he apologized and he's trying to move on. Give me a break he's not the first and won't be the last. We have ALL made mistakes, nobody's perfect

1595 days ago


There will always be stupid women who will spread them for you, Jesse, so no need to worry. And THAT is NOT love. Now... I wish I didn't give part of my life to somebody like you.. I'd rather die than to go through it again. Because MOM is NOT HAPPY thanks to DADDY. The liar who conned me had tattoos all over... maybe it's the tattoos... ohh yeah.. he also gave me herpes (blamed it on ME!) and screwed some desperate tramp all night while I gave birth to our child. You can't make a whore a housewife and you can't turn a cheating boy into a man. All your tears are swirling down the toilet, aren't they? Cheaters just don't put their kids first, and that makes you a ****ty father just like the rest of them.

1595 days ago


That was brilliant, Briana. Well done!
Now for a little fact-checking:

1. Divorced.
2. Couldn't be happier.
3. Stronger than the average momma-bear.
4. Find armchair psychologists on TMZ quite amusing.
5. I forgave him for being too weak to say no. Kinda like what it seems Jesse James has a wee problem with.
6. I'm happy happy happy. A clean bill of health and a mind to match creates this type of happiness.
7. Security is mine. Always has been, always will be.
8. Religion has no place in my life. Full stop.
9. You sound sad. That's sad.

and number 10....

There are no last laughs.

1595 days ago


he doesn't say he misses sandra, he says he had an "amazing life and marriage". his first comment is he had an amazing LIFE.....
I think he's just sorry that he received so much bad press, if not for the bad press HIS LIFE would be what he REALLY wanted, {to just go back to being with skanks right out in the open}.
he doesn't have a conscience. Too bad its the same with sociopaths...they only think of themselves too.

1595 days ago


Jesse is a liar to everyone. Now he wants TV coverage & thinks it will make him a movie star. I hope that Sandra does NOT allow him to be in her baby's life. Everyone needs to move on. Jesse is white trash.

1595 days ago


Jesse is a liar to everyone. Now he wants TV coverage & thinks it will make him a movie star. I hope that Sandra does NOT allow him to be in her baby's life. Everyone needs to move on. Jesse is white trash.

1595 days ago


Quit with the pity party Jesse! If you were really sorry you would have perhaps cheated once - then confessed to Sandra and never done it again - But you didn't - you had multiple affairs - and only when you got caught did it suddenly strike you that perhaps it was not the right thing to do -
Too late for tears now - you blew it!

1595 days ago


Boo F*cking Hoo. Jesse is a dirtbag

1595 days ago


Who calls these acts "mistakes"? These are not "mistakes", people. What he did was intentional and repetitious. He is not sorry for his actions; only himself. It's ALL ABOUT JESSE and what JESSE WANTS. And it shouldn't be referred to as "just a common thing." Even with all of the STDs, people still do this. The children pay for it; the women pay for it. He should have asked for an open relationship. But, it makes much more sense to be a rotten liar, doesn't it?.. to create a fantasy world for yourself?.. to initiate a fraudulant marriage?.. to commit to all of your lies?..and don't forget to call your wife a "crazy psycho" when she starts ripping her hair out! You LOVE her?

1595 days ago

Politico Pablo    

Ah, Jesse you still got Cinnabun, unless you tried to screw him too.

1595 days ago


it seems like now in the past year that everyone is coming out with a cheating scandal. doesnt anyone have anything else to do besides ruin others lives????!!!!!! its rrly sad that people get off from someone elses pain. why not leave them both alone and let THEM deal with it.

1595 days ago
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