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Lindsay Bailed Out By Member of Britney's Team

5/23/2010 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The person who wired Lindsay Lohan's bail money at lightning speed last Thursday also helped Britney Spears get back on track  ... and she's considered a behind-the-scenes wheeler dealer who pushes some pretty controversial born-again views.


Lou Taylor -- who has a financial management company in Nashville, Tennessee -- quietly came on board with Lindsay a few months ago.

Taylor is not only considered genius in the money department, she's a huge personality with a moral force that easily rivals her hubby, who's a minister.

Sources say one of the reasons Taylor came on board with Lindsay is because of her fire and brimstone approach to handling her clients.  We're told Taylor is not shy about pushing her born again religious views ... something we're told scared the hell out of Britney ... but we're also told Brit got over it when Taylor engineered the financial end of Brit's very successful concert tour.

Taylor reps a bunch of Hollywood types as well as Nashville singers.  One person who currently works with Taylor says, "She takes BS  from no one. It's like having a mother with an iron fist who just fiercely tries tries to protect her clients."

Another source says Taylor's influence is so strong, it's like having an "interventionist" on her clients' team.

Taylor is the one who ripped Dr. Phil a new one for trying to do a Britney intervention on his television show in the middle of her 5150 hold.

Sources say Taylor has helped Lindsay in the financial chaos department.  In the intervention department ... not so much.


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Hallellua! Yeehaw! Praise the Lord and pass the vodka... I'm joinin' the Jim Bakker, Ted Haggard and Jimmy Swaggart club fer F'd up, pig partyin', liver lyin',booze swillin', hooker f'n,drug snortin', pill poppin', jesus lovin', born agin fakin' freaks...Hallellua... I can already feel the healin'...
Praise Jes... screwdrivers!

1584 days ago


all things are possible with God...except maybe this.

1584 days ago


Now we know whos paying for the lawyer.

1584 days ago


I agree with this woman about Dr. Phil and Britney. HORRIBLE!! Any adult trying to get Britney to straighten up is a positive. Lindsay's parents have been horrible role models.

1584 days ago

My New Name    

What is the problem here? This woman is clearly a clean and decent person who has a business (is there some reason you people think Christians aren't allowed to earn a living?) and is trying to have a positive influence in the lives of these troubled young women. So she gets paid for her business services. Big deal. She handles the money - she gets paid. Whomever does that job is going to get paid for it - why not her? And, she is apparently taking her job seriously and caring about the people for whom she works and is trying to help them get to a more healthy place in their lives. Isn't that what we have all be complaining about with these kids - that they DON'T have anyone in their lives who are being strong and taking a "no bull" approach? Now this woman is doing that and some of you are bashing her because she is a Christian - why is that? What is your problem? She is managing their money - she is obviously good at it, as many people in the business swear by her, and she is encouraging them to clean up their lives - a job their parents are either not being successful doing (Spears) or not even attempting (Lohan). So she is in business but in her personal life she loves God. Why on earth do you people want to complain about that. You whine if people like this woman AREN'T in these kids' lives and then you complain if they ARE. Perhaps some of you just want to complain.

1584 days ago

My New Name    

"Isn't that what we have all be complaining about with..."

Obviously I meant to say, "Isn't that what we have all BEEN complaining about with...

Sorry for the typo.

1584 days ago


"controversial born-again views"

What else would you expect a liberal hollyweird rag to say...?

1584 days ago


You aren't helping a person by enabling them to continue in their destructive behavior. Why can't people accept that concept? There comes a time when the addict has to stand by themself and answer for their refusal to abide by rules and seek the treatment they need. Just leave them alone and let them feel uncomfortable so they see the effects of their behavior.

YOu really can love someone to death.

1584 days ago


No wonder she's acting out more aggressively and insanely than ever...! The L.A. Court and Judge needs to take charge of Lindsey Lohan tomorrow (assign her a conservator) and get rid of the "fire and brimstone" religious fanatic so that Lindsey Lohan can find her soul through authentic spirituality after entering a long-term detoxification and drug/alcohol/sexual addiction program away from Hollywood and France.

1584 days ago


Please don't compare Brit to this drug addict. HUGE difference!

Also, if Lindsay had a real mother, she would have had no need for this woman. Dina is pivotal in why Lindsay is where she is today. The denial did not help her.

As for this miracle woman, BS. Last week she wired the money to the West Coast in a blink so that Lindsay didn't have to have a stark realizaton and get arrested. That's exactly what she needed and this woman instead enabled her to continue on this path. That's not helping!

1584 days ago


Oh please! This so-called religious woman is like the majority of these other "born again" phonies. If she was SOOOOOO religious, she wouldn't of engineered the financial end of Britney's filthy tour which was filled with songs about sex and sleazy dancing (yeah, I'm sure God approves of that *rolls eyes*). But like most of these "religious" people, when money and opportunity are involved, their "religious views" get put on hold.

1583 days ago

Wanda W.    

This Taylor woman sounds like a religious zealot to me . Only this time she's latching on to celebs for a bigger payout/publicity for her CAUSES.I'm sure she'll call in this marker from Lohan soon enough. I'm always amazed at the lengths these zealots will go to in the name of Jesus. I'm sure he would be too. If he does exist,and he does come back, I'm positive he'll never stop throwing up when he hears what "good work" has been done in his name !

1583 days ago


there is a MAJOR difference between Bitney and Lindsay. Britney was suffering from depression and was diagnosed with being bipolar and that guy Sam Lutufi was slipping drugs into her food and drinks, the only real problem Britney had was alcohol. Britney had parents who actually gave a damn and did everything they could to get her help and she had her sons to encourage her and give her strength for the battle.

Lindsay has parents who are just fame whores, her mom is 100% indenial and thinks Lindsay is totally fine and is more like a friend to Lindsay then a parent. Lindsay got into drugs on her own and has been doing drugs for many years and nobody in her family gives a damn. Now her father seems to have realized the problem and is trying to help her but at the same time he is being a fame whore in the process talking to every media outlet he can about it. If Lindsays father succeeds in getting her into a conservatorship(sp?) we all already know threw the entire thing her mother is going to be fighting to have it ended.

1583 days ago


One person who currently works with Taylor says, "She takes BS from no one. It's like having a mother with an iron fist who just fiercely tries tries to protect her clients."

Shouldn't Dina Lohan be the mother with the iron fist and protect Lindsay? Oh, silly me, Dina is part of the reason Lindsay is such a LOSER!

1583 days ago

On the HUSH, HUSH!    

So is Lou Taylor the "management" that Britney refers to in this video?

1583 days ago
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