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Lindsay Lohan in the Clear Over Photo

5/21/2010 6:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan won't have to answer to the prosecutor or the judge over the photo TMZ posted this morning ... showing Lindsay partying with a strange white powder in the foreground.

A spokesperson for the L.A. County D.A.'s office tells TMZ they will not even raise the issue in court on Monday, when Lindsay goes before the judge ... and she has been ordered to appear.

The spokesperson says there is no way this photo can be used in court because there is no way to prove what was on the table.

No surprise to us ...  the very first comment when we posted the story was from someone who said there were "obvious lines of blow" -- aka cocaine.

Notwithstanding the buzz, it's not going to be used in court.


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Hmmm, it does look like a cell phone and a pack of cigarettes reflecting on the glass table. And it looks like a butt and lighter in her hand. Still hope the judge orders her to wear the anklet and submit to drug and alcohol tests weekly. That is simply what happens when you blow off your probation terms... no sympathy for her there.

1618 days ago


Her left hand does not line up with her left arm.

1618 days ago


I've been spending WAAAYYY too much time studying this photo looking for a phone/keycard/coke/lines/straws/etc, trying to see what everyone else is seeing. However, the only thing that scares the holy hell out of me is that French female. That is one seriously F*cked up looking woman.

1618 days ago


Lindsay Lohan is the American version of Amy Winehouse. There USED to be some talent...

1618 days ago


Honestly, when I looked closer it doesn't look like powder/cocaine. It looks like a rolled up joint. And I see 3 of them! Look closer. The shape of it kinda gives it away. And yes, she's clearly high. Look at her eyes. In her hand is simply 2 cigs and the pack in her other hand. She smokes a lot.

1618 days ago

Daryl about a fall from grace...sure does look like lines of cocaine along the table. She is such a trash bitch now-a-days.

1618 days ago


Are you kidding me? I see 'lines' lined up for snortage...gross!

1618 days ago


I was really thinking it could be the back of an iPhone or iTouch but after comparing it to mine, I don't think it is. If you look closely, the thing that looks like "apple" symbol is a little off center and it's too far down towards the middle of the phone, whereas an iPhone or iTouch apple symbol is at the top of the phone. Maybe she has a different phone or I'm off on the iPhone iTouch theory- but I'm guessing that it really is powder now.

1618 days ago


She is high as a kite in this photo. I don't think she knows where she is. Someone needs to step in and save this idiot before it's too late.

1618 days ago


Um, why would they chop up flour, salt or sugar on a piece of glass you idiots! This photo is more than enough proof what's going on. Plus it's on a mirror, so it gives extra confirmation. I like how she has two joints of something. Surely it's not just pot in those.

Posted at 10:53 PM on May 21, 2010 by me

Exactly. People don't line up those kind of substances! That is clearly cocaine neatly lined up there.

1618 days ago


thats an Ipod-touch or I-phone on the table. the two white lines are the glare off the metal end and the reflection of said glare on the table. Look just above the two "white" lines, there's an apple symbol. wow.

You Lindsay spin doctors are hilarious! Do you actually expect for people to believe this? Hilarious!

1618 days ago


Lindsay is a mess. This is just so sad, and her mother is the one that should be in jail. I have been to Cannes before, lots of hard work. This French couple is just pathetically "gross" and I'm wondering who gave up the pic for the media (someone will always well her out). Someone needs to give Lindsay some tough love, it's too bad it won't be her family. It will be the judge, and the LA country District Attorney. Throw Dina Lohan in JAIL NOW, that woman is a total SCANK.

1618 days ago


Bunch of hatin idiots here!

On the table is a cell phone below a pack of cigarettes.

In her hand are two cigarettes.

Leave the girl alone already, you too TMZ!

1618 days ago


Two smokes and a reflection, seriously? I predict some false positive excuses and the blame on cold medicine and/or prescription medication.
You can take that to the bank.

1618 days ago


Although I was convinced that those were two lines of cocaine, after reading how some thought it was a cell phone (or whatever)...I looked closer and have to admit that I concur.

Suspend your feelings about Lindsay for a moment and be open-minded. And let go of your stong belief that it IS cocaine - no matter how much you want to believe it is. Look closely and unbiased. It looks like a phone (or whatever) to me.

1618 days ago
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