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Lindsay Lohan in the Clear Over Photo

5/21/2010 6:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan won't have to answer to the prosecutor or the judge over the photo TMZ posted this morning ... showing Lindsay partying with a strange white powder in the foreground.

A spokesperson for the L.A. County D.A.'s office tells TMZ they will not even raise the issue in court on Monday, when Lindsay goes before the judge ... and she has been ordered to appear.

The spokesperson says there is no way this photo can be used in court because there is no way to prove what was on the table.

No surprise to us ...  the very first comment when we posted the story was from someone who said there were "obvious lines of blow" -- aka cocaine.

Notwithstanding the buzz, it's not going to be used in court.


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what is she holding in her hand besides a cigg... the second object looks to fat to be a cigg?

1616 days ago


Are those rolled up dollar bills in her hand?

1616 days ago


It's so good to know there is intelligent life here, it's a reflection for heaven's sake. And you know the sad part is the thought of the good "friend's" who submit her private pic's anyway. I like the mysterious "powder" in her she's so drug crazed she's wasting it in her shoes?!?! Some will know no rest until she's crucified, unfortunately, including her sperm donor. Give the girl a break every once in awhile, everybody has feelings and it must be awful to be so publicly stalked and criticized.

1616 days ago


Leave this girl alone. OMG!!!! What if we were under a microscope at the most vulnerable times of our lives... HELLO? She's just a kid, and no different from anyone else.

1616 days ago


a cell phone,a pack of smokes,and a lighter!!!!baaahahahahahahaha wake up morons!!!!!are u that friggin nieve that u think its totally insane that an admitted coke fiend would be doing coke in cannes u guys are idiots......its a card,a pile of chopped up coke.....the "apple sign" is actually a smudge from either pulling the coke over to make the lines or the reminents of ones that just got snorted....its ssoooooo obvious people!!!!!look at the pile up top close to the card....u can see a faint dust line...this happens when u put a card in the pile to sweep some over to make lines...some gets cauight on the top side of the card and when u tap it off a small faint dusty line will appear,,,,JUST LIKE THE ONE THERE!!!!!!!THERES EVEN SOME SMUDGING ON THE EDGE OF THE BEANBAG......usually happens when u do one and some falls out of the straw/bill or ur nostrils!!!!!!!wow man wake up,ur eyes are finding things that arent there....she IS a COKEHEAD and guess what...IT IS COCAINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1616 days ago


It looks damning, but to be used as evidence you have to prove it. This is "possibly" cocaine, and that's not enough to convict. Just do the drug test when she comes through the court date.

1616 days ago


e heeeee

1616 days ago


I didn't know that Andre' The Giant had a daughter... (Girl on right)

1616 days ago


Who cares people. She can do what she wants with her body, no person can tell you what to ingest or not. If she keeps getting DUIs then nail her ass hard for those. Drugs will always be here, they ain't going way people.

1616 days ago


Oh please! this is all shes good for drugs, alcohol and probably sex tapes. I bet she leaked the photo herself. All shes known for nowadays are her hard partying ways. The photo up there is the ONLY reason why shes relevant. GROSS

1616 days ago


I agree, it is a phone and reflection on that mirror. But let's be honest, who has a mirror sitting on a couch or table unless there is coke usuage going on?

1616 days ago


Lindsay call me please

1616 days ago


So what??
She's in Europe. It is still illegal but we dont do a wicht hunt for everyone that does a line of coke.
Otherwise we wouldn't have any artis left ;-)
I like Lindsey and she can do what she want!!!

Love to meet her sometime!!!!

1616 days ago


Well just because its there doesnt me she did any. Even if she did she starts monday when they put the thing on her leg and start drug testing.Lindsay I pray you rise up and do whatever you need to and get healthy.Your young , beautiful and a great actress. Alot of people have addictions. I dont know you so I dont know what you doing if anything. Im sure its hard on you that your life is out there and people are picking your life apart. RISE UP LINDSAY MY PRAYS ARE YOU WILL OVERCOME...

1616 days ago


that looks like a bill , a ciggerette and two lines of coke next to the drinking glass .

1615 days ago
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