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Lindsay Lohan in the Clear Over Photo

5/21/2010 6:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan won't have to answer to the prosecutor or the judge over the photo TMZ posted this morning ... showing Lindsay partying with a strange white powder in the foreground.

A spokesperson for the L.A. County D.A.'s office tells TMZ they will not even raise the issue in court on Monday, when Lindsay goes before the judge ... and she has been ordered to appear.

The spokesperson says there is no way this photo can be used in court because there is no way to prove what was on the table.

No surprise to us ...  the very first comment when we posted the story was from someone who said there were "obvious lines of blow" -- aka cocaine.

Notwithstanding the buzz, it's not going to be used in court.


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The probation officer should grab her right in customs and drug test her right there. I can't believe people believe that is a phone or an i-pod, thats a good one.

1578 days ago


I disagree with you, KellyR. When I first glanced at the photograph, read the accompanying article, and checked out the initial viewer feedback, I assumed that people's remarks about cocaine usage were accurate. Then I looked more closely at the photo and saw what many others did: a reflection of a cellphone (or similar gadget) on the table top. At first glance, I agree that the white marks look very much like two lines of cocaine. It is entirely conceivable that Lohan saw the same thing and couldn't explain away the evidence. Had Lohan scrutinized the photograph more carefully, as many others later did, then she might have made a stronger defense for herself than simply stating she was set up.

I am flabbergasted that I find myself defending Lohan. Whether she is jailed or placed in treatment is of no consequence to me. Lohan has to take responsibility for her actions. In this particular case, however, she is being lynched.

1578 days ago


Lindsay has just been quoted saying she doesn't know what the white stuff is. What a bimbo!

1578 days ago


I hope this hooker got PAID for the threesome she undoubtedly had with these 2 s***s. And only an idiot like her would be photographed with cocaine in front of her. I hope the day comes when celebs get what they deserve like the rest of us, and she goes to jail and gets hurt really bad!!!

1578 days ago


@Dorinha LMFAO! Yeah, a refection off a tabletop gadget that just so happens to look like two neat little lines. hahahaha. I don't really care one way or the other for NOSHOWhan but my eyes don't lie.

1578 days ago

Prince Joseph de la Paris    

Lindsay Please Stop W/the Coke use... Lindsay if your reading this please know, I understand the thrills of Coke and such. But, you need to know the damage that cant be undone by using that junk. From Seizures to memory loss, not to mention all the money wasted on it, and now jail or even worse death. The folks that are hanging out W/U wouldnt be there if you didnt have the $$$ for them to leach off you. If your going to use something, Stick W/Pot at least thats Legal Via prescription. I've been where your at. Please dont end up like our fellow celebs that have past away due to drugs and stress. Your true Friends Love you and we'll always be here for you. ,,,,,,, Prince Joseph de la Paris

1578 days ago


I sure would like to bang her. ROL

1578 days ago


I, for one, believe that Lindsay is a total **** up. That being said, I doubt ANYONE who sees this picture can say for absolute certain what those two lines really are. Is it a reflection? Is it coke? I certainly can't tell. They even said that this will not even be brought up on Monday at court. I guess I'll have to give her a pass on this one.

1578 days ago


OMG this is obviously cocaine and look at there faces they looked coked up outa their minds i live in miami and i must tell you i have friends that have been known for snotting coke and this is cocaine no doubt about that. Lost her passpost yea it got used to snot lines lol and it looks to me like she has a cig and astraw in her hand its obvious lohan has a drug and alcohol problem and her mom isnt doing anything about it because shes right along with her doing it duma$$ old lady. TEAM MICHEAL!!!

1578 days ago


@the reflection people. Its not a reflection from the phone (or whatever), its brighter than the phone. Notice how the reflection from the glass is a bit darker than the glass itself (certainly not brighter).

1578 days ago


Man, this chick will party with anyone.. and these 2 must think they are pretty cool partying with a D- Lister..
She is disgusting.. and does she have pants on??? that coke costs money ya know???

1578 days ago

Pretty LL    

Seriously, did she agree to a 3-way with these two for Coke? That would explain this photo

1578 days ago


TMZ needs to stay out of her and her court business!! They are trying to be Judge and Jury of her life! Of course, because then Drug addled Michael Lohan will make his appearances for them and I suppose their ratings go up, although, I think he's horrible and avoid shows he is on.. I have direct knowledge that he is still a cocaine user. Hypocrite piece of crap!

1578 days ago


How do you do my friend.......

1578 days ago


You know what? I'm to the point where I don't even find these Lindsay stories interesting anymore. The courts never punish her and she doesn't want to change, so I say let her just keep running wild and throw her life away.

1578 days ago
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