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Michael Jackson's Tomb

Flower Power

5/21/2010 12:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's tomb is ensconced in sunflowers after last week's delivery -- and now we have the pics to prove it.

Michael Jackson's Tomb
After Lisa Marie Presley made a plea for more flowers at MJ's final resting place, a flower shop delivered about 1,500 sunflowers (Jackson's fav) to Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, CA.

Along with the delivery, there appear to be several individual arrangements ... with cards and all.

Lisa Marie -- mission accomplished.


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Helena Light / RJ    

Será que todos esses girassóis tem algo a ver com o filme "The sunflowers" (1970)?
Assim como o personagem principal, Michael está vivo.

1585 days ago


This is really nice of TMZ.. thanks for posting those pics, but can you post them next time without your name splattered all over them.

Flowers look great !!!

1585 days ago


I truly believe that LMP was in love with the idea of being the King of Pop's wife. MJ stated in his tapes that she had promised him she would have children [later hatefully telling him there was no way she was going to]. How hurt he must have been as he nearly cried when he recalled this incident. And no, I don't believe her claims of him being "hot in bed." I think she wants us to believe that they were so intimate so that we could all envy her, but it doesn't make sense. From all the interviews he did, the only impression he left was that he'd rather spend a sunny day playing and laughing with children than have sex. Whenever an interviewer asked him about sex, he'd giggle like a kid and hide his face. This is a hot lover? I believe the different psychologists's observations that he was asexual. He only wanted LMP to (1) take away the stigma of his being a pedophile, and (2) to use her as a "vessel" for having children. At least Debbie Rowe was smart enough to know what she was to him, which wasn't much except to have kids. Remember, when he found out she couldn't have any more kids after the second one, he dropped her like yesterday's news. She was quoted in Time magazine as saying that he wouldn't answer her calls, wouldn't see her, and she even said that if he was the King of Pop, she was the Queen in Waiting. I've never known him to be in a truly intimate relationship with any woman in all the years since his adulthood. LMP is blowing smoke. I also resent the fact that she is now on her crocodile tear-stained soapbox professing her love for him after the horrible way she treated him. She only stuck around him for less than 2 years [she walked out after 16 mos. and the divorce final in 18 mos.]. I don't know what everyone else calls love, but my definition sure isn't this. I truly think that what she's doing now is easing her own conscience. Isn't it interesting that the people who absolutely truly knew him and loved him aren't "out there" talking about their grief? It hurts them too much, even now. I bless them and wish them better days and times ahead. But I can't bring myself to wish the same for LMP.

1585 days ago


Unfortunate that MJ hung around misfits & freaks
in Hollywood and tried to create
his delusional world of godly children in Neverland.
Whether he and most his siblings & parents liked it or not,
the men did not have intelligent, loving appropriate relationships with
many kids (the family & strangers' kids at Neverland).
On the Unmasked do***entary & msnbc site,
Janet, Marlon, Tito & Jackie denied that Joe was abusive to Michael.
Jermaine said he saw no abuse from Joe.
Only a few Jacksons knew how to control their lives around children.
MJ couldn't function without treating kids like religious dolls.
He would be alive if he didn't act like a hero to his kids.
He never accepted failure in life & entertainment.
That's why he failed
to live safely & accept the bad consequences until it was too late.

1585 days ago


As long as I'm at it [gee, I feel better], people should read Prince's biography. No, he's not as popular as MJ, but he was a TRUE musical genius, a TRUE entertainer/producer/writer and plays at least, if I recall, 24+ different instruments. On some of his songs, he played every single instrument and then mixed all together to make it sound like he was actually singing with a band. There's so much more about this guy. When MJ wanted Prince to be in his Bad video, he pitched his interpretation of what he wanted Prince to do in it, and according to the reporter's story, Prince calmy just looked at him, turned around and left MJ's house. Now that's COOL, cold but cool. Prince has more class in his little finger than MJ ever did. I've studied every video MJ put out, and he was repetitive of the move's that came before him; Marcel Marceau, Fred Astair, the dancers in the Bronx, etc. MJ didn't have an original move in him but just embellished others. If he was a writer, he'd be prosecuted for plagurism. If I'm ever going to mourn a pop star's passing, it's going to be Prince. Long live the REAL king!

1585 days ago


Nice comment fan. Sounds fair...

1585 days ago


Regarding #164 excellent post totally agree, with one thing to add he did feel something for Diana Ross. I have seen video on youtube and interviews where he seems completely taken by her. LMP was a way to secure his musical talent through musical genes, maybe he believed they could have a "superkid" of sorts, that would have huge muscial talent? He definetely was more interested in hanging out and watching cartoons than anything sexual. Its the "MJ Factor" that we fans are mesmerized by, mystery man of sorts.

1585 days ago



1585 days ago

Tatiana discusses Michael Wow! Is she gorgeous.

1585 days ago


so, DOES he really like sunflowers? I heard that he liked roses. BUT THEN AGAIN....

1585 days ago


To #168. Yes, he was smitten by Diana Ross. So much so that the article I read stated that he was extremely devastated when she got married. In fact, she had asked him to give her away and he refused. He didn't even go to the wedding. By the way, it has also been reported that he wanted LMP to be artificially inseminated, not the old-fashioned way, and she adamantly refused. This marked the beginning of the end for them. I think MJ's views of love were misguided, to say the least. He called Liz Taylor his "lover," Ross his "lover." I don't think he understood the difference between having loving "family" relationships and the type of love between a man and a woman. How sad. I really, in my heart of hearts, believe he just wanted to love, but had no respect or trust of women, only what they could give him [kids]. Albeit, not his fault but a result of his early childhood. I found it interesting that when asked in the MJ Tapes how he felt about his children [that he bought], he stated that he loved "all children." He said this more than once throughout the book.

1585 days ago


Very touching. Michael deserves much more than that. BUT, where is the name of Michael and date on the tomb ?????? I wish I never see that. :)

1585 days ago


Regarding post #174 totally agree and would add to that he learned this behaviour from his parents Katherine and Joe. Joe never respected Katherine and I believe marriage for them was defined by procreation. Love didn't really play a part, therefore MJ believed that is how a couple are with one another. Joe slept with anything and anyone while Katherine lived in denial. Sad way to raise your children, lets hope things turn out different for MJ?

1585 days ago


. I believe that Michael Jacksons birth and purpose on Earth was preordained.
Do we know for a fact that the mark of the Beast (the supreme Deceiver) wasn't on Michael Jacksons scalp prior to the Pepsi commercial?
No....we don't.
Michael J. Jackson is NOT DEAD. No. He AND and the members of the extended Michael Jackson "cult" (including "family" & his fans) are a LONG way from it.

Posted at 3:58 PM on May 21, 2010 by Tellit

Tellit, have you checked your own forehead for the mark of the beast?
You should - an d I a m no t st al kin g you, honey, just get a grip!

1585 days ago
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