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Ex-NHL Star Accused of Sex Crime Against Daughter

5/21/2010 1:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mark Hardsy ex NHL StarA former L.A. Kings hockey player-turned-assistant coach was arrested this morning in Washington D.C. for allegedly sexually abusing a 21-year-old woman -- his own daughter.

TMZ has learned 51-year-old Mark Hardy is in police custody after his daughter told cops that Mark "put his hand down [her] shorts and touched her genital area without her permission."

Hardy was arrested at the legendary Mayflower Hotel in D.C. -- where the alleged incident was said to have occurred early this morning. He's set to face a judge later today on the charge of misdemeanor sexual abuse.

UPDATE: TMZ has just received a statement from L.A. Kings saying simply, "We are aware of the charge.  Due to the legal nature of this matter, we will not have any additional comments at this time."

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incest and all that is horrible, but I too have seen false accusations many, many times from kids, future ex's. So from my point of view, this man is innocent until proven guilty.

just this woman's point of view.

ps. electriczipper, you like lashing out at people that don't agree with you and don't judge hastely huh?

1615 days ago


that's disgusting

1615 days ago


Am I the only one who grew a slight chub?

1615 days ago


Something about this smells fishy

1615 days ago


What a baldheaded FREAK! Daddy wants to screw his daughter...typical PIG!

1615 days ago


"19. Creepy if true. If a child molester, why would he wait for her to be in her twenties?

Posted at 10:22 AM on May 21, 2010 by suesch1950"

Suesh... it means that he isn't a child molester... she's an adult. It's an incestuous assault... that is if it actually occurred. Innocent until proven guilty folks.....

1615 days ago


Ed, what the **** are you talking about?

1615 days ago


Whatever happened to not IDing victims of sexual abuse?

1615 days ago

Whatta mess    

#33 just because someone is a Kings fan doesn't mean anything but that we actually know who the guy is and know his work. Regardless of my appreciation for the Kings, I still hope it's some sort of misunderstanding. I reserve judgement until the rest of the story comes to light.

1615 days ago


Should have been named Mark Hard! He who is Hard becomes Harder then Hardy what cking joke.

1615 days ago


ps. electriczipper, you like lashing out at people that don't agree with you and don't judge hastely huh?

Posted at 11:03 AM on May 21, 2010 by azlee

hmmm so sexually assualting your own child is okay with you...oookay

1615 days ago


I know a lot of hockey players and they are all stand up guys...so I really don't think...well there was Rob Ramage who killed his friend Keith Magnuson while driving drunk...but that's a...oh and there was Dan Heatley who killed his friend Dan Snyder driving drunk in a ferrari...but |I mean that was...oh and there's Mike Danton who went to jail for plotting to kill a former coach...but honestly that was a...oh and there's Patrick Kane from the hawks who was arrested for assaulting an old cab driver for three dollars...but again these are... oh and there were those Montreal Cnadian players associated with a reputed underworld crime boss...but...but... I gotta go... games comin' on soon...

dan snyder patrick kane mike danton

1615 days ago


electriczipper, never said that and you know it. I said don't judge until you have all the facts. If you were being accused, you'd want it that way. Just easier to be judgmental until you are there.


1615 days ago


I have a couple of problems with this accusation. The young lady said she didn't give him permission which indicates that if he had asked, she have said yes? Second one is this. She 21 years old so why was she at the motel with him in the first place? There is something fishy with this. If he did infact sexualy assault her, then he needs to be put away. If not, this young lady needs to be held accountable for this lie.

1615 days ago

And thats the truth    

4. Typical WHITE male's alway's killing or raping or shooting up loved one's or random strangers,Not surprised at all they alway's do this stuff it's in they're nature disgusting people get help...

Posted at 10:03 AM on May 21, 2010 by Ed



You need to watch a couple of episodes of Cops.....enough said.

1615 days ago
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