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Tila Tequila to Enter

'Celebrity Rehab'

5/23/2010 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tila Tequila is finally seeking professional help -- TMZ has confirmed through multiple sources that the bisexual reality star has committed to do the next season of VH1's "Celebrity Rehab" ... if it doesn't get canceled first.

It's unclear what personal demon Tila will try to conquer with the help of Dr. Drew -- but it certainly won't be her addiction to attention.

But there's one major catch -- as we previously reported -- VH1 is having problems finding other "celebrities" to rehabilitate ... and if they don't find a cast quick, the show could be killed. 

So far, no word on who else the show has its sights set on.

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Well I guess I won't be watching Celebrity Rehab this upcoming season. Though I do wonder if Shifty will be readmitted during Celebrity Rehab or if they'll wait until Sober House to bring him in for his seasonal appearance. I'm really thinking about just throwing my television in the trash can at this point.

1558 days ago


"18. But I thought you had to be a celebrity to be on this show?!?"

Not only do you not have to be an actual celebrity, but in Dr. Drew's rehab you don't even have to stop using.

1558 days ago


Trish, in regards to Peaches Geldof, apparently you haven't seen this:

1558 days ago


Maybe Tila can be the new Carrie Ann and throw tantrums and try to get her way! I would think that thats what Tila's going for with going on the show. She doesn't want help, she would have to admit that she has a problem and I don't think this will ever happen. Go look at her twitter or her failing gossip blog you will see exactly what I'm saying. She acts like a 14 year old.

1558 days ago


They have gone past the D List and are now picking through the Z List. lol

1558 days ago


Hello, Lindsey Lohan would be a perfect canidate for that show!

1558 days ago


They are really scrapping the bottom of Hollywood waste of space bin for that show. Tila? WTF. Who is next, Jeffree Star?

1558 days ago



1558 days ago


she has a lying problem... what happened to be pregnant, she announced that back in December and then again in February and here we are in may and not one word about it.

1558 days ago


Wouldn't you actually need to be a 'celebrity' to be on Celebrity Rehab. I realize that these are all coked-out, alcoholic d-listers, but c'mon. She is a complete trainwreck, however. Like a dry drunk.

1558 days ago

Hugh Jurass    

Dr. Drew could put Tila on with Lindsay Lohan as roomies in Celebrity Rehab next season. Pillow fights, the works! And if it does not work out for these two bi-sexuals, then they're just "licked" !!!

1558 days ago

Politico Pablo    

This show will take anyone who can get on TMZ. I think some of these people make up their addiction problems just so they can get on the show. In short, they need the money.

1558 days ago


I guess Tila was one of the D or F listers. But I renk her way below that. The show is desperate so they have to take what they can get, even thought they didn't want to. She reported she was getting her own show. This is not her OWN show she would be on someone else's but then she said to Lindsay she has 2 shows she will be on maybe this is one of them. I wonder what they will work on first with Tila drugs, multiple personalities- BiPolar or sex rehab? At least or maybe she will get some kind of help and it works. Every one told her go get help.

TMZ article 5/17/10. See below
There is no shortage of celebrities that need rehabilitation -- but the VH1 show "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew" can't get any of them to star on the show next season.

Sources close to the production tell TMZ they have struck out left and right trying to find A, B, or even C-list celebs for the show. As we first reported, they had their eyes on Lindsay Lohan and Heather Locklear, to name a few, but were quickly shot down.

The show was able to get a tentative commitment from a few D and F-listers, but our sources say the network rejected them.

We're told there was a deadline last Friday to lock down the cast, but since they don't have ANYONE signed on ... the deadline was extended to Wednesday.

One thing is clear -- no cast, no show.

1558 days ago


First she isn't a real celebrity.

Wil they treat her for Drugs, the alcohol she is allergic to, the multiple personalities, for sex rehab or lieing all the time?

1558 days ago

Yep I said that    

The media has allowed its self to be taken over by talentless posers and skanks like this one, the Kadashians trolls, Shauna Sand, Spencer Prattt and his air head Heidi, The Jersey Shore bunch and so many more. Its about time the Media got a clue and didn't give any of these losers any air time

1557 days ago
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