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Beresford-Redman's Sister -- Gun Allegation

5/30/2010 11:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the former sister-in-law of "Survivor" producer Bruce Beresford-Redman claims Bruce's dad allegedly went to her restaurant last night ... she believes with a gun.

Sources tell TMZ Carla Ferreira-Burgos was at the restaurant Zabumba at around 10:00 PM preparing food for today's memorial when David Beresford-Redman allegedly came inside.

One source says David ominously had his hand in his pocket. Another source is more specific and says people in the restaurant saw signs of a gun. We're told David left without incident.

We're also told she claims to have filed a police report.

We contacted David today, but he had no comment.

Richard Hirsch, Bruce's lawyer, tells TMZ, "That's the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. I have spent hours with this man and he is one of the most gentle people I have ever met."


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Jessica - have you read about the story or you just want to tell us you "think" "for some reason".
People are funny about the sister - they don't like that she is dramatic. If it were my sister he killed I don't know that I would be as self contained as she is and I am a soft spoken person. What about you Jessica?
I think she would gladly give up the limelight to have her sister back.

1576 days ago


awwwwww, how cute!! gentle people with guns do kill people...:D

1576 days ago

Yep I said that    

This woman is trying to drum up support for getting control of her sisters kids. She is a drama queen "she believes" he had a gun and why is that because he had his hand in his pocket? This woman needs to STHU and let the courts do their job they don't need any hysterical lunatic running around making allegations about any one.

1576 days ago


Didn't Bruce say in those emails that leaked that his father had a terrible temper and that Bruce and his mom would often lie to the old man to keep from getting beat up by him?

1576 days ago


Bruce's father was probably just stopping by to check on his son's business.

Remember: everything that Monica had is now Bruce's.

Her sisters are "administering" the business for the benefit of Bruce. Bruce's dad probably just wanted to stop by and make sure no one was skimming from the till.

1576 days ago


sorry harvey, but one has got to say: i hate lawyers. and's obviously the mexicans are earning and making a whole lotta survivor cash off of keepin his lame aSh covered and innocent. if i were brazilian, i;d make shashlik out that roostersucker. and his poppa

1576 days ago


I've got a gun in my pocket to "bang" Carla's brains out with - Oh, she's already fcukin stupid.

1576 days ago


Yeah DEBORAH I have read the whole story and have been keeping up on it. Do you realize that same week a girl was raped at the same hotel? And I've been to Cancun plenty of times and the citizens over there are shady! Until they come up with something besides "they were fighting in the hotel room" then Im not buying it. This sister is a freakin weirdo!

1576 days ago


Guess he had to learn it somewhere. I want him/them in jail and out of my nieghborhood. Saw both Friday on their way home from court. Creeps me out to have them all so near. Justice needs to hurry up before another tragedy takes place!!!!!

1576 days ago


Well Jessica - since there already is a lot more than "fighting in the hotel room" then evidently you haven't read it all. And I am sure there will be a lot more coming out but it doesn't matter to me what you think or what you call Monica's sister. It will be interesting to see how this little development plays out. and JMTPVP my sympathies for living so close to them.

1576 days ago


So then, Jessica! You'd let your sister's killer and his parents raise your kids after your husband killed you and stuffed you in a foreign sewer?

What the F are you smoking????

1576 days ago


Why is Bruce's parent's poting on this board under various fictitious accounts? Shouldn't they be taking care of the kids? Poting crap on TMZ ain't going to help prove your son is innocent Mr and Mrs. I mean Beresford-redman.

1576 days ago


I've NEVER seen more low IQ posters than in this thread. It's effn' frightening. This man slaughtered his wife and left her in sewer in a foreign country. Not too many years prior to this she delivered his children but he went on to cheat and then decided he'd kill Monica. Her sister is devastated as all of us would be. Her sister has been killed and it looks like her husband, the killer, is going to skate away. WTF ? You don't get why she's so upset. What is wrong with your reasonining ability? Awful posters.

1576 days ago


Monica wasn't raped or mugged. What motive does a stranger has to kill her and conceal her body? Perhaps the reason why Bruce changed their vacation plans from Brazil to the Moon Palace to commit the crime where a lot of crimes happen.

1576 days ago


JLS, you seem to be the one with the low IQ. There is no evidence so far that says he killed anyone. I also think the sister is a nut job and trying to get support. Your mom should have swallowed.

1576 days ago
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