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Murder Charge Sought For Beresford-Redman

5/27/2010 8:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Prosecutors in the Bruce Beresford-Redman case want the former "Survivor" producer charged with first degree murder ... Bruce's Mexican lawyer tells TMZ.

Attorney Jaime Cancino Leon tells us prosecutors will make their move by end of day Monday.

According to Mexican law, the Attorney General will submit his recommendation to a judge, who will then review the evidence.  If the judge determines there is probable cause, Beresford-Redman will be formally charged with the murder of his wife, Monica Burgos Beresford-Redman, and the judge will issue an arrest warrant.

We're told it will take the judge several weeks -- minimum -- to determine if probable cause exists.

Cancino is critical of Mexican officials, saying it's easier to just charge the former "Survivor" producer than to properly investigate the case.

Cancino adds, "Bruce has never had the chance to defend himself.  They didn't even give him the chance to participate in the investigation."

If Beresford-Redman is extradited and then convicted of first degree murder, he would face 4 to 20 years in prison.  There is no death penalty or life sentence in Mexico.


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LOL! Lets see him "Survive" this ****! I hope he learned a thing or two on that set, he'll need it!

1612 days ago


Everyone who thinks 4 to 20 years in a Mexican jail is nothing is probably imagining that Mexican jails are like American jails. Well, they're not. You're not in sanitary living conditions, for one. If your family doesn't take you your meals every day, you don't eat. Their jail conditions are much, MUCH worse than everyone is imagining, I think.

1612 days ago


Wanted to tell his kids " He Loved Them" Yes, there are MAJOR ISSUES and Not looking good

1612 days ago


Is OJ still participating in his investigation?? GUILTY!!

1612 days ago


9. Have you all forgotten he is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law?

Posted at 5:10 PM on May 27, 2010 by WAYNE

Not in May-hee-coh, Mexico the law clearly states: "Senor, eef eet looks like a tamale, and eet smells like a tamale, den... he's GUILTY!
Who do you think killed her ya idjit...Speedy Gonzales?
Man... go away.

1612 days ago


Miss Molly, I agree with you he needs to be brought to justice. However, have you heard that the grandparents have told the children that their mom was hit by a car and that their dad only found her already dead at a hosptial? I don't think the grandparent's home is a good environment for their upbringing either. Best for the sisters of their mom to have custody.

1612 days ago

Mickey Kafka    


and visit

:D :D :D

1612 days ago


Do any of you think outside "THE BOX"

1612 days ago


To Poster #1....
This case cannot be handled up here in the USA. She was murdered in Mexico. It's their jurisdiction.

As for this man, he is disgusting. Took Monica to Mexico under the guise of reconciliation and then murders her and stuffs her in a sewer. This is the mother of his children!

Ever seen a Mexican jail? Might be shorter sentence but it's infested and really terrible. Good enough for this man.

1612 days ago


They didn't release him. He fled. He wasn't jailed down in Mexico. He just flew out. Let's give him to the Taliban for experimentation. I'd bet they can show him that what he did to her was nothing at all..... compared to what they will do to him. That's justice. Bruce makes me sick. What an awful man.

Don't like his parents either. They lied to the children. All that education and they lie so easily. Perhaps they should have taught Bruce some decency.

1612 days ago


Bruce doesn't seem too sad to me. No emotion whatsoever when out and about. Not your typical man whose wife was beaten to death and stuffed down a sewer!

1612 days ago


Who? Who cares.

1612 days ago


The children should have NEVER been given to the grandparents (his parents) because they immediately let their son, the man who murdered the kids' mom, spend time with them. I knew they would do that, and the judge should have known it too.

The kids should have been given to the mom's sister, like she requested. Those kids have now had to spend time with a man who murdered their mother. The pyschological damage is going to be overwhelming.

1612 days ago


"Bruce has never had the chance to defend himself."

Here's a wild idea. He can reunite with his passport and go back to Mexico to defend himself.

Four to 20 years for first degree murder? Sounds like Mexico is into condoning murder with sentences like that.

1612 days ago


19. He wasn't released since he was never being held. He LEFT the country, and that was against the order for him to stay in Mexico until the investigation was done...

1612 days ago
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