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Mexican Police Trying to Locate TV Producer

5/22/2010 9:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0522_bruce_beresford_redman_survivor_bnAuthorities in Mexico want to question TV producer Bruce Beresford-Redman about his wife's murder -- the only problem is ... they can't find him.

Rodolfo Garcia, deputy attorney general for Quintana Roo state, said on Friday authorities had tried twice to bring Beresford-Redman for questioning, but they haven't been able to locate him.

Beresford-Redman hasn't been charged in the death of his wife, Monica Beresford-Redman, but he did have his passport confiscated and he was ordered not to leave Mexico.

Monica's body was discovered on April 8 in a sewer at the Moon Palace Resort in Cancun.


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He crossed into AZ last Thursday when Prez Calderon was bad mouthing the AZ illegal immigration law - which is a tuffer law than current Federal Laws that are on the books that Barak Hussein Obama refuses to enforce - leaving our borders and U.S. Citizens unprotected.

Further, he has moved to Sanctuary Francisco, CA and has applied for free healthcare, free education, free driver's license, free food stamps, free social security card, registered to vote, getting a zero down FANNIE MAE mortgage AND has gotten a U.S. woman pregnant - so he'll never, ever be deported back to Mexico.

1583 days ago

john smith    

It has been reported that he has been in daily contact with his children who are with the parents at his two million dollar estate in Palos Verdes Los Angeles CA. The phone records should probably be traced to disposable cell phone being used in the LA area. The citizens of los Angeles should be careful because there is a killer on the loose thanks to the corrupt mexican authorities who got their dirty money, DONT GO TO MEXICO BOYCOTT MEXICO BOYCOTT MEXICO there are lots of people in LA that would like to see Bruce return........

1583 days ago


If he wasn't guilty he wouldn't be hiding from the Mexican authorities. Why did they wait this long to bring him back for questioning. This is insane.
Well, the judge better give Monica's kids to her sister. This man obviously should have no say in who gets to raise the kids. If he loved them he wouldn't have killed their Mother. His parents SHOULD NOT be their guardians. Why should kids so young be raised by his parents who are in their 70s. Those greedy Beresford-Redmans now living in their RPV home. EVIL!
Monica's family should not have to go through an ugly custody battle. They have been through enough. Give the kids to her sister and the Mexicans need to find Bruce and put that assanine assasin in jail. Which they should have done weeks ago.
He most likely paid someone to keep him out of jail and now the Mexicans don't have to arrest him or have their precious tourist industry be harmed because it is now apparent that a stranger did not kill Monica.

1583 days ago


I said when this whole thing started that he would take off. It isn't too hard to get a private jet when you have his money and influence. Bring on dog the bounty hunter.

1583 days ago


Just enough already about all the rude comments about Mexico. Yes I am an American citizen and I know for a fact that the good ol' USA has its issues from the justice system to the political system. I live in Mexico and I know this for a fact.... Mexico has issues but not any worse than the United States. If you would stop and think about this for a minute and you are not living in some fantasy world - you will know that this is the truth!!

The fact is that Mr. Bruce is an idiot because he is in hiding, god knows where but that shows even more that he is the one that murdered his wife. Hope the dude rots in hell!!

1583 days ago


Your all wrong......

I bet she tied him up and attacked his bum with a dildo! I bet she went to dispose of the dildo tripped and fell into the sewer bumped her head and drowned in an inch of water. I am willing to bet he is waiting for his bum to heal before he clears this whole thing up.


1583 days ago


#21 - Until the point in time that there are 17,000/monthly illegal U.S. Nationals migrating into Mexico - you're the one who's living in a fantasy world

1583 days ago



1583 days ago

Sad sad    

Reminiscent of the Ryan Jenkins and Jasmine Fiore story. What happened with that btw?

1583 days ago


He hung himself with his belt in a cheap Vancouver motel room.....people were spooked to rent the room so they refurbished it. The coat rack he hung himself on was given to a local bar. TMZ posted pics of people posing with the coat rack on Halloween.

1583 days ago


the dude is dead. You don't think he's going to kill himself before going to Mexican Prison for life? The U.S isn't going to extradite him. He's dead. Wouldn't you?

1583 days ago


That's a given I would prefer to OD though......wonder if Vegas has any odds on the type of suicide?

1583 days ago


Or maybe do a boatload of coke and a few guns running down the filthies street shooting people yelling GRINGOS!!!!!!!!

1583 days ago


He probably jumped the fence like the rest of the illegals do.

1583 days ago


He wanted a divorce and chose a classy place to break the news to her. She committed suicide because she knew he would be suspected.

1583 days ago
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