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Lindsay Lohan -- Homeward Bound

5/22/2010 10:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Lindsay Lohan boarded a plane back to the U.S. this morning and is currently winging her way across the pond. So unless she pulls a D.B. Cooper, we'll see her stateside before the day is out ...


Before she left, Lindsay made one last stroll through the streets of Cannes last night -- along with almost every photog in France.


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82: Serve after being convicted smart ass. Maybe I should make it super clear for people like you. Or wait, maybe if there's a big picture attached you might understand the obvious. When referring to what is going on with these girls I thought it was already assumed.

1583 days ago


Hmm...copied from blindgossip about Lindsay's "friends".from x17.
May 19, 2010 1:12 PM
Posted by: Anonymous

This movie doesnt even have a script they have no rights to use the name Linda Lovelace cause Linda Boreman never gave her permission to use her porn name, nor did Raymond Pistol owner of Arrow Porn which he has all rights to Linda Lovelace Porn.

Just a lie made up Markus Klino,Indrani,Tyler sheild, Markus Molinari, Arron and that whole circle of people.(to many to list) trying to make money off of Lindsay
They are using her to gain publicity for there selves.

The last two photo shoots Lindsay did with Tyler Sheilds and Markus Klinko were because Tyler and Markus said if Lindsay should OD go to Rehab or Jail the photos would be worth doulbe the money if not more

Lindsay thinks these are her friends but they are just using her. Markus Molinari has hated Lindsay for a very long time and has wanted to kill her career, the min. Patrick walked out of the friendship thats when markus went in for the kill.
Look how bad Lindsays life has gotten since she friened Markus in January all the bad career moves are due to Markus telling her what to do."

Daddy Lohan should keep it simple, stupid. Let his lawyer do the talking/action in trying to help his daughter while not forgetting his other children. This isn't about ML now, it is about saving his daughter, it should involve no drama.

1583 days ago


Dear Kiki you ignorant broad, get a f'n clue about how our "justice system" actually prosecutes DUI before sticking your foot in your mouth. If your arrested for DUI and there's no traffic accident, property damage, bodily injury or children involved and you have the money to bond out and hire a competent attorney you won't do any real jail time at all. Even if it's your second DUI and your in violation of probation. It's all about the money. The judge and prosecutor bend over backward to see to it that you pay as much money as possible to as many organizations as possible while costing the county as little money as possible. Sending drunks to jail is a lose-lose proposition for the court. You have to screw up really, really badly and repeatedly to get any real jail time for a first or second DUI. Otherwise you spend a few hours in jail when your arrested, a few more to bond out for violation of probation etc. and life goes on. Lindsay's experience isn't any different then anyone else who can afford to hire a competent attorney to defend them. Get over it.

1583 days ago


@Kiki "Why else would a young talented woman like Brittney Murphy marry an old disgusting man that was known to have financial fraud issues??"

Oh sage one! Please do tell, what is Sandra Bullock's excuse for marrying Jesse James? /snicker ;)

1583 days ago


Guys, as much as I couldn't care less about Lindsey, I'm kind of having a deja vu moment,as in relating to MJ. Much as I hate to compare them (she is not worthy), it just seems as if she is being persued like MJ was & it really doesn't sit well with me. I know she needs help but I'm SURE this is not helping. Please stop stalking her. I love TMZ by the way. Harvey you are the bomb...& Mike!

1583 days ago

Damn It Man    

Bitch looks like something out of the Popeye's grease trap.

1583 days ago


they need 2 check her shoes!

1583 days ago


Happy this CONASSE DE MERDE is OUT of MY country.

ClassLESS, ChicLESS ma belle, ****LESS to see the least. US, WE - as people of France- are HAPPY to send her back.

I am angry at the bashing TMZ is giving her, but relieved this girl won't be around in France, or anywhere in Europe. I love France, my mom is french, and I HATE to see the word France associated with Lohan lastly.

As for her problems, may she get medical help and punishing from the law as she's offended it. I wouldn't miss her "talented acting".

As for those who keep posting about this NO HAPPENING, then you really are losers. HAVE A LIFE.

Bonne soirée à tous.

1583 days ago


Ew, look at the coke-blob wrapped up in Gramma's finest drop cloth! Figures the French are all over that hideous ginger! Her damaged crotch must attract those frogs like MICHAEL LOHAN attracts RENT-BOYS. What oh what will that turkey necked jizz dumpster DINA LOHAN do once the money child croaks? I am sure we will see her crying in front of the camera's, going on that blob Oprah's snooze-fest, maybe even selling her story to The Enquirer. Oh god, please spare us. LINDSAY is starting to resemble this kid that lived down my block when I was little. He used to huff heavy industrial glue for hours and pass out. Yup. LINDSAY's unfocused eyes and trembling gait bring back those sweet, sweet memories. I can't wait for her to die already and hopefully take that MAN-THING SAMANTHA RONSON with her.

1583 days ago


@72 in cases like this, people often DO get backlogged on legal fees. I personally know two celebrities who were represented by a famous lawyer in a criminal case, both of whom still owe unpaid legal fees. In higher end cases, with reputable clients, they are more willing to work with the client, believe me. I have no doubt that when all is said and done, Lindsay will owe a huge load of financial debt to Ms. Holley.

Secondly, just because you don't have money doesn't mean you stop spending it. Do you really expect someone like Lohan to stop spending? She can't even stop partying long enough to appear in court! It's like Nick Cage. He had no money, yet he kept spending. Or Michael Madsen, who's monthly expenses far exceeded his monthly income. Just because Lindsay is broke, you think she's going to move to a cheap one bedroom in North hollywood, fire her assistant, and start driving a ford focus? NO. She's a celebrity, and a spoiled, ignorant one at that. She's going to keep living her life how she always has, bank account (and the law, apparently) be darned.

Let me give you some rough, estimated math so you understand....

Let's say she does 2 paid appearances a month, probably pulling around $30k a month from them, maybe a little more, depending on her fee. But whomever booked the appearances and/or acts as her manager takes 10%, and uncle sam will take 45%, so that leaves her $13,500. An assistant then takes about $2,000 a month. And thus she's left with $11,500 a month. From THAT, you then figure in rent. Reports put her rent at....$11,500 a month. SO, she has NOTHING left.

But remember, she also has an accountant, constant high-priced lawyer's fees (both legal and civil), and a driver to pay. She also has utilities to pay. She also helps support her family. She also has to travel sometimes on her own dime when she wants to. She also has to eat. And yet she's out of money unless she does another appearance, and even then she's probably still in the red, because her appeal has dwindled and likely so has her appearance fee.

When you know how this business works and do the math, you can then see how broke she likely really is. It's pretty sad. But the positive is, if she goes to jail and comes out having grown, then maybe she can bounce back and get paid for what she should be doing: ACTING.

1583 days ago



Iam happy you are coming back to the US.

FlawLESS, classLESS, ChicLESS ( Coco chanel se retournera dans sa tombe) you are.

TMZ, stop hounding the nobody. People who keep on commenting, get a life.
France (I am a dual citizenship) has thanked you for this:

Get help & stop get people lately associating France with you - that's an INSULT. Conasse.

Bonne soirée a tous, Merci à Lindsay d'avoir quitté le sol français.

1583 days ago



1583 days ago


The best thing she can do on Sunday is go to her apartment and completely avoid the media until Monday or else there will be even more rumours and pictures which she could do without on Monday.

1583 days ago


She looks wasted; and um is she wearing that dress for the 3rd time so that it looks like she's so unexpectedly stuck in France or whatever? Please. Can't wait til they hook her up to her alcohol monitoring bracelet and pick her up every week for her drug tests.

1583 days ago


Dear givemeabreak: GIVE ME A BREAK! I am sure you also think OJ didn't do it. Get a clue, everyone that's in the "Know" understands how Holly-Wood works. This isn't about DUIs or Lawyers or what you can get away with because you have money. This only clarifies that the American Media HANDLERS,the Hollywood HANDLERS have control over all these "people" and their lives. They are mere robots controlled by a more occult power than just money. They don't need money or laws in LaLa Land; their job is to program the youth, and you, apparently; into buying into and watching this sh*t I call products of Disney. Your movies and songs are laced with esoteric symbolism and you just sit back watch and gobble it up like brainwashed puppets. Your daughters are turning into sluts and your sons are turning into pimps and criminals. You wear Ed Hardy and buy crap music like Miley Cyrus so please spare me. They are all lost cases and you will watch until your eyes bleed. Go watch Trash like GaGa who's a talentless who*e, she's the token flavor of the month and only get attention because THEY push her down your sour little throats. Please, tell me how the "law" works when they let criminals and pedophile priests walk, why don't we question THAT instead??.Go watch your propaganda TV and make sure you TiVo it, it's all you'll be watching when Marshall law kicks in. As if that isn't a REAL threat. They flash these bright lights in your eyes while they steal your money and your rights. Givemeabreak!

1583 days ago
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