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Lindsay's Lawyer -- The Judge Is TMZ Free

5/22/2010 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's lawyer told TMZ not to flatter itself by thinking Judge Marsha Revel would consider the now-famous photo we posted of Lindsay partying in France.

Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley tells TMZ, "I do not believe that Judge Revel reads TMZ or any other 'celebrity' news and she would never be influenced by something which is NOT evidence in the case."

As we first reported, the D.A.'s office will not address the photo in open court because it's pure speculation that the substance on the table may or may not be cocaine.

But Holley wasn't done. She added, "It is difficult for Lindsay to get a fair shake because her every move is chronicled by TMZ and others. This creates an unavoidable frenzy around her case and subjects her to a level of scrutiny which non-celebrities do not have to face."

Oh yeah, one more thing -- Holley scoffed at Michael Lohan's lawyer, Lisa Bloom, for "taking credit for Judge Revel's decision" on Thursday. Holley says when the judge read Bloom's letter to her and the prosecutor in chambers on Tuesday, the judge cast it aside -- along with all the other letters from people not associated with the case.

Bloom fired back to TMZ, "Court staff told me the judge opened our letter in the presence of counsel and considered it." Bloom added, "No one asked for stricter controls on Lindsay besides us. The judge ordered stricter controls, including drug testing, which we specifically requested."


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lmao the lawyer blaming tmz for following lohan everywhere that maybe true.but if lohan would quit doing idiotic things she would have nothing to worry many times has christina aguilera been in the news for this sort of crap??? cant even think of any myself which proves my point its not like cameras arent following her.

1524 days ago


As as been said many times before, TMZ has no credibility. The content therein should be treated as entertainment only. Photographs are, for the most part, derived from outside sources, manipulated, and associated with text that has nothing to do with the actual image. The "news" is presented on a sixth grade level (as evidenced by juvenile attempts at humor and ludicrous opinions). A staff, comprised of under-educated personnel, apparently run in part by a dysfunctional lawyer who does not actively practice, all seemingly working for the Fox network. Credibility? You've got to be kidding!!

1524 days ago


At least you are to be commended for doing your civic duty, TMZ. I am now convinced that LA Judges are biased and consider celebrities above the law. Hmmm,could it mean they get kickbacks from the industry?

1524 days ago


TMZ doesn't know what fairness is.

1524 days ago


its a cell phone and a box of ciggerettes duh...

1524 days ago



1524 days ago


"F" the judge, I'm Lindsey Lohan, biotch. I make more than that Judge in one stupid talentless movie than he makes in 10 years, Your rules don't apply to me. Lock me up and I'll have your job. So if you know what's good for you I better get unsupervised probation, and no fine cause I'm Lindsey Lohan.

1524 days ago


The lawyer can cry louder. TMZ has been as fair as it needs to be; it's not their fault Lohan is a trainwreck who laughs at the law and laught at her responsibility to show up in court in time.

1524 days ago


TMZ, I'm calling you out for sleazy tabloid journalism. You have become as irresponsible as all the others.

You've let this supposed "cocaine" pic get WAY out of hand. If you examine the photo carefully up close (like journalists SHOULD do), it's obvious that the "white lines" are simply a reflection from some sort of cell phone (iPhone probably) lying on the tray. The phone has a metal edge, which is capturing the light from the camera flash or the light in the room. It's being reflected onto the tray, which gives the appearance of 2 identical white lines next to the glass.

Now, I'm not saying that she doesn't *ever* do cocaine anymore (I don't know the private details of her life), but I'm saying this picture does NOT contain coke lines. And worse, I think you are fully aware of this.

Bad TMZ! If you want to crucify the girl, stick to legitimate reasons and stop this smear campaign. She's got enough problems for you to discuss daily... no need to fabricate new ones.

1524 days ago


The photo is BLACK AND WHITE. Who does BLACK AND WHITE candid photos anymore? This is staged and more dramatic because of its lack of color.

1524 days ago


Don't shoot the messenger Holley. Lindsay could have avoided the frenzy if she had just attended court and stuck to her classes.

1524 days ago


This is why Harvey would be a disaster as a lawyer.

No one can tell whether there is any cocaine in the room in the picture - real or photo-shopped - on the table, off camera, or in anyone's pocket. (The same can be said for TMZ or any other room on the planet, not recently searched by police.) Furthermore, no one can tell whether any cocaine, if there indeed was cocaine on the premises, was used by Lindsay Lohan.

So why would a judge care for this photo? (I don't care about what TMZ might have "learned" over the phone from Cannes, that has no evidence value what so ever.)

Harvey Levin has no clue as to what justice or the law system is about, not to mention empathy, truthfulness, or common sense. He is just a big mouth. I wonder if he likes anyone in the world, except maybe for dogs. And possibly his boyfriend.

1524 days ago


I never heard of Linsey Lohan until that morning she drove of the road on Sunset Bl., hit a tree, and tried to run from the scene.
This took place along the path where I take my morning walks.
It took months for the grass to grow over the tire tracks along the sidewalk, there was also the tire marks all over Sunset, and on the street she jumped over the sidewalk.
Seeing the tire tracks on the grass every morning was a reminder that this stupid irresponsible girl could have killed me if or someone else.
She hasn't grown, and she's still a stupid irresponsible girl.

I applaud TMZ for reporting this dangerous girl

1524 days ago


It doesn't matter if the judge looks at this pic or not. Lindsay is going to have a hard time explaining this picture away. She lost credibility for anyone who actually believed she had it together.

And as for photoshop, don't think so. Too many details in the picture. Like the mirrored image of the lines on the mirror.

TMZ should pay someone to see if this was photoshopped or not.

1524 days ago


The past week, has been publishing reports from exclusive sources from within Lindsay Lohan's camp - most of this info over the last week has been proven false - While TMZ has proven accurate.

Now the same website is publishing an exclusive interview with Dina Lohan that is so emotionally dilusional of Lindsay's reality it makes me want to puke - can anyone be more stupid, without logic, as Dina Lohan?

1524 days ago
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