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Lindsay's Lawyer -- The Judge Is TMZ Free

5/22/2010 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's lawyer told TMZ not to flatter itself by thinking Judge Marsha Revel would consider the now-famous photo we posted of Lindsay partying in France.

Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley tells TMZ, "I do not believe that Judge Revel reads TMZ or any other 'celebrity' news and she would never be influenced by something which is NOT evidence in the case."

As we first reported, the D.A.'s office will not address the photo in open court because it's pure speculation that the substance on the table may or may not be cocaine.

But Holley wasn't done. She added, "It is difficult for Lindsay to get a fair shake because her every move is chronicled by TMZ and others. This creates an unavoidable frenzy around her case and subjects her to a level of scrutiny which non-celebrities do not have to face."

Oh yeah, one more thing -- Holley scoffed at Michael Lohan's lawyer, Lisa Bloom, for "taking credit for Judge Revel's decision" on Thursday. Holley says when the judge read Bloom's letter to her and the prosecutor in chambers on Tuesday, the judge cast it aside -- along with all the other letters from people not associated with the case.

Bloom fired back to TMZ, "Court staff told me the judge opened our letter in the presence of counsel and considered it." Bloom added, "No one asked for stricter controls on Lindsay besides us. The judge ordered stricter controls, including drug testing, which we specifically requested."


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If Lindsay would stop doing stupid things, paps would stop following her. She encourages them then complains about it. Ms. Holley is certainly earning her mega-hourly rate.

1583 days ago


Lindsay puts herself in the public eye! This is what comes with it! Also, anything in the court, unless ordered by the judge, is a PUBLIC matter!

1583 days ago


let the judge deal with it..put your ****ing cameras away you attention whores....

1583 days ago


wow this is funny ... too many people worried about other peoples bull****... heres a thought why dont you ****ing take a look at yourself you ****ing losers...

1583 days ago


tmz aint fair to anybody... take a look at your bussiness... you make money off of juicy whats fair??? ... but i also guess the stars make fools of themselves ... but hey .. were all human... we all make mistakes ... thats part of human nature... live and learn mother ****ers..

1583 days ago


OMG, Heather posted the almost EXACT same thing at the exact same time as I did. Just shows you, the whole thing about ML wanting conservatorship isn't that far-fetched.

1583 days ago

South Beach    

"Holley tells TMZ, "I do not believe that Judge Revel reads TMZ or any other 'celebrity' news and she would never be influenced by something which is NOT evidence in the case."

As it should be.
As a side note, can someone drop Daddy Lohan off a cliff sometime soon? He gives the word "vile" a new meaning.

1583 days ago


Looks like a cell phone not cocaine

1583 days ago


OMG, Heather posted the almost EXACT same thing at the exact same time as I did. Just shows you, the whole thing about ML wanting conservatorship isn't that far-fetched.

1583 days ago



1583 days ago


Who cares if Lindsay can't get a fair shake because of TMZ?

she is on a spiral to becoming a younger Anna Nicole Smith... Everyone knows she does crack, she had a very publicized drunken road rage inncodent that scared the crap out of a bunch of innocent people, she parties until she passes out, she's stick thin, she's sexually confused jumping from men to women to men to women in search of finding someone to accept her...

she's going to kill herself before she's 30 if this keeps up. So if TMZ can put her in even more hot water than she's already in, and if her dad keeps interferring (who cares about his movtives if his interferring works) maybe she'll FINALLY get the help she needs so she won't be another child star statistic.

1583 days ago


"subjects her to a level of scrutiny which non-celebrities do not have to face" ? Whatever, Lindsay chose to continue her acting career after her parents got her started. She chose to continue to remain a very public "celebrity" and to be seen continually acting recklessly at hot-spots that Lilo knew full well that the paps would be at. If Holley & Lindsay think that's not fair, then they better put their money where their mouth is and get Lindsay to stop acting like a dumb-ass in Lindsay's chosen venue of the public eye.

1583 days ago


@flipwilson, If her lawyer is incompetent she's been incredibly lucky with the favorable treatment her client has gotten and continues to get. go figure... :)
@Kylieco, "32. TMZ, I'm calling you out for sleazy tabloid journalism. You have become as irresponsible as all the others... blah blah blah"

Kylieco, Kylieco, Kylieco... i agree with most everything you said, but you really give TMZ to much credit. Reporting and journalism, even the really sleazy tabloid kind is a step above what TMZ does. What TMZ engages in is gossip pure and simple. For example...

Show everyone a photo of Lindsay holding a lighter and cigarette in her hand and a drink, an iPhone and a pack of smokes on the shiny table next to her. But only publish the photo after cropping it down, reducing it's size, converting to B&W and darkening it up a bit so that you can easily mistake it for drugs on the table. Why else do you think the full resolution color photo isn't being shown!? lol, because in the original photo it's f'n obvious that it's a phone etc. on the table and in her hand, not drugs and drug paraphernalia ;). So what does TMZ do with the pic after they've manipulated it? They come up with a snarky headline and 2 sentence "story" that implies she's partying without saying a word about the "drugs" in the photo. I mean really... what was the "story" that ran with the photo? There was none.

And anyone who believes TMZ overlooked a mirror with coke on it in a Lindsay Lohan pic of her partying in Cannes, at the height of their feeding frenzy for all things Lindsay Lohan, well Jesus Christ your f'n a moron if you believe that! They knew exactly what wasn't in the photo, but they also knew what it looked like at a quick glance too. That's why the said nothing about the "drugs" in the photo (legally a smart move) and instead let their readers fill in the blanks and make the accusation for them in the comments. Trust me Harvey and TMZ desperately wanted to run that photo as their lead "Smoking gun" story. If it were true they would have caught Lindsay red handed partying and using drugs even as she blows off her court date. It would have been a huge scoop! The reason they didn't say it was drugs is because it's not true and they would have gotten the crap sued out of them by Lindsay's lawyers. So they just ran the photo with no story at all and let you fill in the blanks and go nuts over it. Face it, if you bought into this BS you got punk'd by TMZ.

What i'd like to know is did TMZ get punk'd too? When they bought this photo was it already cropped/reduced and B&W and they thought they had purchased the "smoking gun" photo of her using drugs... that is until Harvey looked at it more closely and said "Wait, what are you guys talking about? It's a cell phone on the table, Jesus Christ you guys paid HOW MUCH for this photo!? OMG! You f'n morons!" LOL

Or did TMZ get their hands on the more innocent full resolution color "look it's me with Lindsay Lohan!" fan pic and knew full well it showed nothing incriminating, so they cropped/reduced/turned it B&W and probably darkened it some too so that it looked incriminating, then they ran their non-story about it knowing the uproar it would create?

I'd bet it's the latter... even in the world of tabloid gossip TMZ is the lowest of the low. I wouldn't put something like that past them for one minute! In my book TMZ is right down there with Perez Hilton...

1583 days ago


I'm totally inspired. I'm going to go photoshop my pants off in a bunch of random pictures of me in public and plaster them all over the internet.

1583 days ago


LINDSAY HAS COKE SNIFFING STRAW DEVICES IN HER HANDS!! That is most likely coke on the table.. With that look on her face, and the two thin straw looking things in her hands- hello!

1583 days ago
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