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Lindsay's Lawyer -- The Judge Is TMZ Free

5/22/2010 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's lawyer told TMZ not to flatter itself by thinking Judge Marsha Revel would consider the now-famous photo we posted of Lindsay partying in France.

Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley tells TMZ, "I do not believe that Judge Revel reads TMZ or any other 'celebrity' news and she would never be influenced by something which is NOT evidence in the case."

As we first reported, the D.A.'s office will not address the photo in open court because it's pure speculation that the substance on the table may or may not be cocaine.

But Holley wasn't done. She added, "It is difficult for Lindsay to get a fair shake because her every move is chronicled by TMZ and others. This creates an unavoidable frenzy around her case and subjects her to a level of scrutiny which non-celebrities do not have to face."

Oh yeah, one more thing -- Holley scoffed at Michael Lohan's lawyer, Lisa Bloom, for "taking credit for Judge Revel's decision" on Thursday. Holley says when the judge read Bloom's letter to her and the prosecutor in chambers on Tuesday, the judge cast it aside -- along with all the other letters from people not associated with the case.

Bloom fired back to TMZ, "Court staff told me the judge opened our letter in the presence of counsel and considered it." Bloom added, "No one asked for stricter controls on Lindsay besides us. The judge ordered stricter controls, including drug testing, which we specifically requested."


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I think LL's lawyer reads every single word of what's on here, and I think she even PLANTS posts to try to sway public opinion and place doubt in the mind of the judge, who I FULLY believe does indeed read what's here as well. TMZ may be a bunch of ass-butts at times, but they tend to get it right on stories like this, and it wouldn't be the first time judges or lawyers stayed glued to this site to see what was what in a case.

1616 days ago


NON celebrities don't get away with the crap she has..NON celebrities don't get caught drunk driving several times, violate their probation and spend 2 seconds in jail...NON celebrities are tired of the unjust treatment...NON celebrities don't thumb their nose at the judicial system and get away with it...NON celebrities don't get jobs that pay them millions when in trouble with the law...The bottom line is that NON celebrities are sick of watching these way overplayed celebs “BLOW’ through millions with no regard for what’s going on in the real world...and getting away with anything and everything because they are treated different from the rest of us hard working stiffs…..The judicial system should be the one place where the treatment is the same across the board. I mean, isn’t she the one that was caught with coke in her pocket at the police station? Isn’t that a felony? Since when does one who has a felony get to drunk drive, recklessly drive after people at a high speed, violate her probation and still get to go to Paris for a nice little vacation? And us NON celebrities are also sick of being treated like idiots with all of these lame excuses..

1616 days ago


What's the difference between Harvey Levin and Perez Hilton?

Nobodies punched Harvey in the face yet! lol

1616 days ago


I have empathy for Lindsay after TMZ and other sites posted the unsubstantiated claim that the two lines in the photo are powder. You folks should take some ethical decision-making classes and you owe her an apology. I won't continue to visit the site if you're going to post such garbage.

1616 days ago


COME ON! SHE KNOWNS SHE IS CELEB RIGHT?!?!? and it isnt GOSSIP when there are lines of coke right in picture. HOWEVER, TMZ should maybe throw her a little bone every once and awhile

1616 days ago


The fact that there is a mirror laying flat on a table is all I need to see.... We are all not as stupid as some on here would like us to believe....This is why people are so mad...what a blatant slap in the face of the judicial system...and if she pulls a Britney and shaves her head, we will also know why she did that..Dina...or Team Britney... I mean Lindsey...step out of denial and take a very close look at your better face up to this before it's too late...your denial is not protecting her it is enabling her...we all know you spend your mornings reading these tabloids, so please…be part of the solution, not the problem before it’s too late. …time to call Dr Drew?

1616 days ago


Stolen passport my a$$, she needed 72 hours to get the coke out of her system. They just need to lock her up. I dont understand why she can leave the country, do drugs, not show up for court, and still be free. Let me pull some sh*t like that and I would be bunked up with Bubba quicker than flies on sh*t.

1616 days ago


The stupid will always be inclined to want to kill the messenger. Especially when the news is hideous, and so obviously true......Artofwar

1616 days ago


#49 Is someone forcing you to read this site?

1616 days ago



All i notice she's holding a lighter between her thumb and index finger and a cigarette between her index and middle fingers... just like anyone else who smokes and is about to light a cig one-handed. I'd tell you to look again but it wouldn't matter. The eyes don't lie, it's the gray matter behind them that's the problem. This photo is a Rorschach Test. People who are looking for evidence of drug use see what they want to see, not what it really is.

1616 days ago


It's two little lines of cocaine- who gives a ****?! Apparently TMZ does - even though I'd be willing to bet half the TMZ staff are regualar pepsi heads. Leave her alone you stupid *******s

1616 days ago


Sorry haters but....

Those are not cocaine lines and a credit card. I've copied the picture and pulled it in close. I see REFLECTIONS of a cell phone with the chrome giving the impressions of lines, look at the center of the dark square next to one of the "lines" it's the same little square you see in almost all cell phones and a cigarette pack next to it.

It also looks like she is holding a cigarette and a lighter in her right hand. Look at the size of one compared to the other in her fingers.. No DA would bring that picture to court if he valued his career.

1616 days ago

Professor Obvious    

The picture may not be admitted as evidence but it certainly is prejudicial and will not make the judge's opinion of Lindsay improve. Lindsay is arrogantly thumbing her nose at the judge and this seems like a poor strategy.

1616 days ago


Radar Online was able to get in touch with the spiraling starlet in France, where she continued to find the fun after skipping a required court appearance on Thursday in Los Angeles for a progress report on her DUI case.

When asked about the powdery white substance on the table in front of her pantsless legs in the photo, she exclaimed, "What?"

Then, after checking out the image, the sometime actress, 23, declared, "That's a setup. That's so

1616 days ago


I can't believe all the hysteria is over the non-exist lines of coke when Linds is sitting right next to two TIME TRAVELERS who just stepped out of a 1978 back room after party held at Studio 54!

Jesus, don't you conspiracy theorists have any concept of priorities!!! The evidence that they're time travelers is overwhelming compared whether it's coke or not! :)

1616 days ago
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