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Lindsay's Lawyer -- The Judge Is TMZ Free

5/22/2010 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's lawyer told TMZ not to flatter itself by thinking Judge Marsha Revel would consider the now-famous photo we posted of Lindsay partying in France.

Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley tells TMZ, "I do not believe that Judge Revel reads TMZ or any other 'celebrity' news and she would never be influenced by something which is NOT evidence in the case."

As we first reported, the D.A.'s office will not address the photo in open court because it's pure speculation that the substance on the table may or may not be cocaine.

But Holley wasn't done. She added, "It is difficult for Lindsay to get a fair shake because her every move is chronicled by TMZ and others. This creates an unavoidable frenzy around her case and subjects her to a level of scrutiny which non-celebrities do not have to face."

Oh yeah, one more thing -- Holley scoffed at Michael Lohan's lawyer, Lisa Bloom, for "taking credit for Judge Revel's decision" on Thursday. Holley says when the judge read Bloom's letter to her and the prosecutor in chambers on Tuesday, the judge cast it aside -- along with all the other letters from people not associated with the case.

Bloom fired back to TMZ, "Court staff told me the judge opened our letter in the presence of counsel and considered it." Bloom added, "No one asked for stricter controls on Lindsay besides us. The judge ordered stricter controls, including drug testing, which we specifically requested."


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Poll: Should TMZ keep reporting on this "person"? YES - NO?

1554 days ago


BTW: WHO in the hell are the two 1980's throwbacks?? They look disturbing to be hanging out with this girl..eewww Gosh knows what they were doing to each other before this pic was taken. And how appropriate for coke to in the shot! it's was done on purpose by people that hang around her other celebrities which sole purpose is to get the "good" pics to post on this garbage site. I used to like coming here more often, and my comments weren't negative but when you have this lost soul in every TMZ page it's just not worth having positivity thrown at ya Harvey; you are not a good person, you are what we call a "vulture" of the Media. OF COURSE after all YOU ARE A HOLLYWOOD LIAR (lawyer), when you graduated college, is this what your parents where hoping you would turn out to be????

1554 days ago


"It is difficult for Lindsay to get a fair shake because her every move is chronicled by TMZ and others."

That's it right there. I love it when attornies don't think about what they're saying before they say it. She's missed the most important thing: if she didn't lie so much or do coke or get drunk, she wouldn't have a problem with "TMZ chronicling it". As it is, she demands attention from TMZ & others, and it exposed the drunken cokewhore in heat she is. If she doesn't want attention, then she should shut her mouth, stop being such an attention whore & STFU...

1554 days ago


it doesn't matter whether that is cocaine on the table, it's more than obvious that those three are "partying". why would lohan hang out at that horrible apartment with older people?

1554 days ago


i want some coke

1554 days ago


she looks sexy as hell here. I would **** the hell out of her

1554 days ago


I wonder how much longer before her "Self-Destruct" program goes through?! She's making the way for another starlet to replace her. Brittney Murphy was an example of this. Hollywood casts them aside and doesn't give them work or press until their lives become meaningless and they start to self-destruct in front of our very own eyes to watch. Why else would a young talented woman like Brittney Murphy marry an old disgusting man that was known to have financial fraud issues?? Like Brittney's mother and husband the role of the parent in Hollywood is merely to squeeze as much money out of these poor girls until there's nothing left but a carcass. The "parents" are sick individuals that do not care one bit about the welfare of their kids. Miley's father is a pedophile, Dina Lohan is psychotic, Brittney's S mom and dad are no good either. All their kids are just tools to use in the "media" for propaganda. THAT IS ALL. Why is America surprised when one of them dies of an overdose or suicide? It's just a list and a cycle. WHO'S NEXT??? If I were betting money on these girls and guys I would be rich by now.

1554 days ago


I read somewhere that Lindsay was looking for someone to bankroll her trip to Cannes. How much do you want to bet that this couple she is pictured with paid for her expenses in exchane for 3some?

1554 days ago


I have to disagree with Lindsay's lawyer. The girl is not getting a fair shake because she is not doing anything for herself to make it fair. She is the one missing a court date with very lame excuses.

She should have instructed her client to stay in the country instead of flying to Cannes. At this point in her career, Cannes is not going to be a fix for her. Plus, we all knew she went there to party since she didn't have a movie featured.

If she wants her client to have a fair shake, tell her to start acting with some responsibility.

1554 days ago


You wanna know who gets fair shakes? People who don't do stupid s___ like drugs and driving while drunk or whatever else she did. You wanna stay out of trouble? Stop living like you're above the law. I seriously thought Lindsay was awesome back in the day. :/

1554 days ago


looks like straws in her hand to me................or she's smokin' two cigs.....

1554 days ago


has anybody identified the other two people in the photo?

1554 days ago


umm look at what shes holding in her hand. if thats not cocaine on the table then why on earth would SHE be holding something rolled up and ready to snort with? and why on earth does she insist on making those stupid faces and putting her finger in her mouth wtf.

1554 days ago



1554 days ago


wow there are coke lines on the table! wow lindsay!

1554 days ago
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