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Mr. Olympia -- Nice Arms, Dude

5/23/2010 4:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former human Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler shows off what he willingly did to his body at some muscle event in the UK Friday.



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you guys are so disrespectful, even if Jay did not use steroids, he would still look ten times better than half of you Cheeto eating fatasses who talk **** behind a computer screen, steroids are required today in bodybuilding, if you have nothing good to say about it, quit hating.

1620 days ago


All that muscle, and the one that counts isn't visible in his shorts...not my thing, but all guys wear a shadow, he doesn't have one left...

1620 days ago

Joe Pietaro    

Jay is a huge name in the bodybuilding community, one that many of you here are obviously unfamiliar with. He is also the subject of our cover on the current issue of MuscleSport Magazine. I would love to hear some of you lazy-ass, couch-impression 'he-men' rip that apart a little, too. Or are you too much of a ***** to actually look at something that promotes looking better than you?

1620 days ago


Everyone That is Dissing Jay Here Is Obviously Naive when it comes to the ethics of bodybuilding. When you all look at him you just automatically assume that he's only that big off of steroids, your all so ignorant. You have no idea the countless hours hes spent in the gym, the countless meals hes forced into his body, or the diligence that it takes to be a 3x Mr. Olympia. You need to look into it more and stop being so ridiculously stupid. Its really pathetic.....

1620 days ago


You guys make me laugh so hard! It would make great sense for you folks to do a little research and discover just how ignorant you all are about bodybuilding.

1620 days ago


I notice that it got real quiet all of a

1620 days ago

Nike Fan    

Please come support the youth and win amazing prizes (i.e. I-Pad, I-Phone, Mac-NoteBook and much more):

1620 days ago


Wow! I'd only ever heard from my friends about this guy Jay Cutler, my girls would always tell me how hot he is and about his smoking body but i never believed them until seeing these photos! :D :D

This guy is really something! :P I find his whole hardworking attitude so attractive too, he's so much better than all the skinny weak guys posting all the negatives comments on here out of jealousy!

I mean this guys set for life, he lives in a huge house with his wife (i'm jealous!) and he inspires fans the world over, i mean what more could you want in a guy!

He's humble, sexy and a perfect body to boot! :D

1620 days ago


all of you are retarded
1-Bodybuilders(IFBB pros) do not spend 10hrs a day at the gym thats about a stupid a comment as i have ever heard
2-testical shrinkage is a possible side effect but with proper post cycle therapy will go away
3-hes married to his high school sweetheart, multi-millionaire and is the #1 bodybuilder in the world right now(CURRENT MR.O)

let me put down some basic knowledge for the idiots posting this complete garbage of information

the maximum these guys spend at the gym is around 3hrs(possibly including cardio)

testosterone has been shown to decrease after an hour of lifting weights(may be wrong though)

The top bodybuilders in the world have some of the best genetic makeup in the world and would look better than any of you without the use of PED(performance enhancing drugs)

steroid side effects can be lessened with proper pre-cautions and PCT

the ABUSE i repeat ABUSE of steroids is dangerous(taken too much,taken too early etc)

like anyother medicine it does have side effects(even foods have side effects)

for the rest of the people who are brainwashed by the media watch "bigger stronger faster" pretty good general outline of PED's

1620 days ago


I would like to see what all of you look like!!! I cannot even believe how much you people judge!!! Makes me sick! You all spend 8 hours at least at work right?! Well if he spends hours in the gym why is it such a big deal??? He MAKES A LOT OF MONEY DOING IT!!!! He makes a lot MORE money than most of you. He is a very nice man who took the time to phone a good friend of mine who was dying recently. My friend was a fan. He passed away, and Jay took the time to call my friend before he died. Wow. GROW UP PEOPLE!!!!!!!

1620 days ago


Damn at all the ignorant haters sitting their fat asses on the sofa eating donuts and slamming the man. I don't like this physique, don't want this physique, but admire the hell out of the dedication it takes to build it. I do full body heavy workouts ala Bill Starr style 5x5 training 3x a week and cardio 2-3 times a week to keep the physique I want for myself.

To look like him is pretty simple. Perfect genetics for bodybuilding, perfect attention to diet, perfect attention to drugs needed to get that big, and of course absolutely perfect training in the gym. Oh yeah, and the dedication to stick with it for years on end...

Not that any of you whole pizza eating, 2 liter soda drinking, donut swallowing idiots would have any clue.

I know what it takes for me to just maintain my lean 200lbs...there is no way myself or any of those posting out of ignorance have what it takes to look like that. If you don't like the look, that's fine; neither do I. However, don't be hating the man out of your own lazyness and your jealousy of his hard work and dedication which you obviously lack.

Steroids? No ****. But there is much more involved than just taking steroids. If that's all there was to it, everyone who wanted to would be a pro bodybuilder.

1620 days ago

Alexander williamson    

The Ignorance people have posted on here is ridiculous.

Bodybuilders get degraded for taking steroids
but rock stars& rappers that shoot heroin are cool.......

also that "muscle turning into flab" comment
is probably the stupidest thing I've heard in a while.

1619 days ago


This is so sad. i am a pro bodybuilder and i can tell you we work our asses off to get the way we look. I can tell you that most pros dont care if you think we look gross. We do it because we love to push the body to the max! Tell me this how is doing steriods any worse than smoking which kill 1 out of 4 people. Over a billion people have died from this!! Dont even get me started on plasic surgery. Im sure have if not more of you have had it done and its a vanity issue if anything. You dont see us bashing people when the get the nose,boob,stomach.....well you get my point. How many people do any of you steroid bashers know that have died of steriods? compare that to people you know who have died from cancer caused by smoking or overdose of street drugs

1619 days ago

u mad    

To all the haters who know nothing about steroids or bodybuilding, stfu. You are one of the uneducated people who randomly go around on the internet talking **** because you don't have 1/32 of the potential other people have.

1619 days ago


Some of you guys are ****ing retarded. When the guy is 60 and 'shriveled up'...what the hell do you expect from him? When he is 60 he's going to be ****ing 60. How does your average 60 year old look like or older person in general? Look at lou ferrigno...the guy is around 63 and has a chiseled 6 pack. Maybe arnold looks flabby compared to what he used to look like, but at least he's beating the 60% of adults that are flat out obese.

I know for a fact that nobody posting bad things is a gram over 180 pounds, and if you are, then you're probably a fat slob. Anyone with any sort of knowledge on exercise science and kinesiology knows that the steroids are simply an elixir to the tons of hard work someone like jay cutler puts into bodybuilding.

1619 days ago
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