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Mr. Olympia -- Nice Arms, Dude

5/23/2010 4:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former human Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler shows off what he willingly did to his body at some muscle event in the UK Friday.



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While steroid use is illegal and considered cheating. Like any other drug if abused can do a lot of damage. If administered by a doc you can't go wrong with it. But, if bought on the street, self administered and abused of course it's going to mess you up. Which is not apparent with Mr. Jay Cutler. I implore all of you nay sayers to do more research before making such a broad generalization. I workout and I am a certified personal trainer while I do not condone the use of AAS it's not my place to say no either.

Thank you,

1582 days ago


you are all close minded, and very well uneducated people. You all know nothing about bodybuilding or steroids. This is a very sad website to be honest, the writers and people who post here have no lives and Jay is more successful and has a larger fanbase than all of you ever will.
That said, bodybuilding is more of its own culture than anything, and its hard for people to understand why these guys do what they do.

And by the way, Jay's mass had A LOT to do with him taking back the title. Youre an idiot if you say otherwise. He's NOT symmetrical, his bi's and quads are different sizes. But he came in complete, with more mass than anyone else and better conditioning than last year. He didn't win because of his symmetry, lol.

1581 days ago


Lets blast him because he uses steroids, but people like Tiger Woods (also connected to a steroid scandel) do far worse. It's his profession he loves it and like most people in sports he does steroids. But he also works his ass off, steroids doesn't make you look like that they help, but thats diet and hardwork.

1581 days ago


Hey, NONE of you people realize how HARD it takes to look like this. Most of you are LAZY FAT OR SKINNY people, THIS MAN IS A GOD TO MILLIONS OF PEOPLE. all of you are "average"...THIS MAN IS INFACT THE OPPOSITE OF AVERAGE! even though he uses steroids there is a lifetime of dedication that goes along with this!

1581 days ago

your daddy    

All i can say is HATERS! Everyone (especially) males wish they had half the dedication this guy has. He is obviously very dedicated no matter what he takes. And all you idiots screaming steroids need to go educate yourself on it before you make claims. What a bunch of pathetic and mostly likely very skinny or very fat ignorant jealous people!

1581 days ago

tommy whiffen    

Jay rocks,great bodybuilder...some people r just jealous of his hard work.

1581 days ago

Tommy T    

All the negative comments, mostly from people that haven't hit a gym since high school phys ed I'm sure. What guys like Jay Cutler accomplish goes way beyond the supplementation of steroids. Maybe if they lied about taking them you'd have some cause to trash talk. But it's more than steroids that goes into building bodies like pro and amateur bodybuilders have. The dedication to training, eating, proper supplementation, and sleep is a hard road to travel. It's easy to sit on ones ass and splurt roids at pics of these guys. Just try living that dedicated lifestyle for a few months, a year, or the 10 plus years some of these guys spend sometimes just trying to get a pro card.

1581 days ago


without being profiled in this world that these people, I can not say, besides the free actions of people is personal, not just **** with me in anything I see that the desire to criticize is impressive, as bad people who wish to dispose do not know what interioris the subject, besides those who are fans of the baseball, and basketball and a myriad of physical endurance sports are using steroids out of control and how is your favorite sport not want to see, deluded

1581 days ago


Stop hating lazy couch potatoes

1581 days ago

Brian Hendricks    

Heres The Truth 1. Yes Jay Cutler Does Do Steroids 2. No He Doesnt Workout 10 hours A Day, Only 60-90 mins 3. alot of science and nutrition plus steriods go into what he is, not every average man can do what he has for all you ignorant people thats the real truth

1580 days ago


Lot of's funny.

Right on Jay! May you continue to win the title in all of the following years, until I take home the sandow. And when I do, Mr. Weider will have brought it up to a millie.
You have all my support! See you at the 'O'.

1580 days ago


Lot of's funny.

Right on Jay! May you continue to win the title in all of the following years, until I take home the sandow. And when I do, Mr. Weider will have brought it up to a millie.
You have all my support! See you at the 'O'.

1580 days ago


you are a goud men but you want to islam

1513 days ago


Wow,lots haters out there,and most of you dont have clue about Steroids, or the Sport of BodyBuilding, I happen to of had the pleasure of Meeting Jay who happens to be one of the nicest, and a very Humble Guy. He always says hello when i see him in the Gym.To achive the level of being Mr Olympia, takes massive dedication and hard work,which most of you would have no idea the meaning of dedication, to win 2006, 2007 and losing in 2008, then to come back and win 2009 has never been done before by anyone. a massive accomplishment and not just cause ive had the pleasure of meeting him, i have the utmost respect to be the Best BodyBuilder in the World. so if any of you pathetic human beings ever set out to set a goal for yourself, a Major goal, and i dont mean losing 20 lbs. then you may have some idea of the dedication and hard work it takes to be called the Best in the World, then you can talk smack. Steroids, HGH, more people do them then you can imagine,and its just part of the Sport and you dont have to like it. Hes not trying to pick up chicks or get your wothless comments, Jays Happily Married to an Awesome lady who supports him every step of the way. Oh one more thing, Ive personally seen Jay and his wife who was stretching him out before and after his training which takes about an Hour, maybe an hour and a half with cardio,is more flexible being as big as he is, then half you couch potatoes and skinny geeks. So Dont talk smack, its just your own insecurities talking. Didnt your mother ever tell you, if you have nothing nice to say, then dont say anything. See how juvinile it is. GOOD LUCK JAY, And I along with 4 of my Buddies from North Carolina, to New York will be there in Vegas to see you take The Sandow for 2010.

1511 days ago


We are in the year 2010, lets get alittle informed people. WAYYY to many misinformed and ignorant comments being made, thanks to the media and misinformed politicans. If your not into That being said and out of the way beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I personally prefer the looks of the Flex Wheelers but Jay looking real large. Wish him the best on 2010 Olympia.

1504 days ago
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