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Mr. Olympia -- Nice Arms, Dude

5/23/2010 4:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former human Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler shows off what he willingly did to his body at some muscle event in the UK Friday.



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A lot of these comments pissed me off. I went to High School with Jay in Holden, MA. Along with the story. "Former" Mr. Olympia? Actually TMZ he is the current Mr. O. And for you people who say "He doesnt use steroids etc," he is 300lb ripped. Enough said. Steroid use is one of the realities of professional bodybuilding. As a competitive bodybuilder myself, I know this. Also, many people said "he works out 7, 8, 9 hours a day" Little do you know that muscle is not built in the gym, and most bodybuilders train about an hour a day, max 2, and spend most of the train recovering and growing by sleeping. These guys are the product of insane genetics, great trainers, and massive amount of steroid, insuling, and hgh use. Its just a fact. The human body does not grow to that size and attain that conditioning without supplementation. Hope that teaches some of you something. Peace and Loove

1615 days ago


Nice arms? No. Steroids, much.

1615 days ago


He looks like hes in pain, it hurts my eyes to look at him.

1615 days ago


Of course they use drug enhancements - but considering it is not outlawed in the Olympia, they all do it - which makes it even playing field. Do you think steroids builds muscle by itself? It still takes extreme dedication, hard work AND diet. I love ignorance.

By the way, he isnt the former anything - He is the CURRENT Mr Olympia. Having Won 2006, 2007 and losing 2008 to Dexter jackson, but winning it back in 2009.

So how about getting facts right?

1615 days ago

Warren Augustin    

That dude needs to come out of the closet me! PLEASE!

1615 days ago


Well hello there Mr. Steroid. When are you going to go into a murderous rage and kill someone?

1615 days ago

Ozzie X    

But can he bend down and pick up a quarter? He the equivalent of a toned fat man.

1615 days ago


His arms don't look long enough to wipe his behind.....?

1615 days ago


LMAO!! this gross midget looks ridiculous and if he can't see that he needs therapy! MORE IS NOT BETTER!! This is the poster child for "GROSS"

1615 days ago


ROFL good lord you people are stupid. Especially Lorrie. All body builders use roids. That CANNOT be obtained without the use of steroids. That is why they also have "All natural" divisions as well. But typical ignorant people making typical statements without no thought at all. If roiding up is done properly it does not kill you and it does not shrink your balls. If you are monitored by a doctor then everything is ok. How many bodybuilders have you heard of dying? None. How many painpill popping WWE guys have died..A few. Granted roids does indeed put pressure on your liver..But I guarantee you if you ask any of these guys if they drink or take pain pills they will say NO.

Not to mention you idiots seem to think all you do is bend over and take a shot in the ass and you get that big..uhh NO. You have to eat 5000+ calories a day and you do have to do intense heavy lifting.

1615 days ago


Come out of the closet? Seriously? He's been with his wife for 15+ years and he is not trying to be sexy. Bodybuilders know that tis is not the ideal body for what women are looking for. Its his job as a bodybuilder to have this physique and he has obtained it. Like Adam said, its alot of hard work, genetics and yes steroids, but that doesn't mean he is a lunatic. Steroids give you rage in the gym! When you hear of people going on "roid rages", those people were already off upstairs and did not need to take them. Its all about self control and discipline.

1615 days ago


Totally gross! disgusting body! He looks like a ****-less freak.

1615 days ago


Is there one straight woman on this site who finds this attractive? Of course not. He has a one-inch **** so he must overcompensate for it.

1615 days ago


Oh, HURL. I cringe just *thinking* about being touched by that thing. One of the biggest turn offs to me is knowing that this guy has emotional problems in direct proportion to the size of his.... well, tumors.

1615 days ago


LOL!!! What a ridiculous looking gorilla that guy is. He can't even move his arms enough to wipe his butt.

1615 days ago
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