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Mr. Olympia -- Nice Arms, Dude

5/23/2010 4:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former human Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler shows off what he willingly did to his body at some muscle event in the UK Friday.



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I'm totally against steroids, and I would never want to look like that. But I'm sure he puts a lot of work in the gym too.

In the end you have to realize he is a multi-millionaire all because of being the winner of the Mr. Olympia title multiple times. Yes it's an extreme sport like cross country or marathon running. In the end I would rather be overly muscular millionaire, then a overly skinny marathon runner, struggling to make a living.

1425 days ago


LOL @ so many ignorant people commenting....none of you have a clue.

1425 days ago


Jay looking in dominant form right there. glad to see his support is coming out of the woodworks. Jay is incrediably popular wherever he goes and is not only a successful pro bodybuilder but has made millions from realestate and other business ventures. and the funnies thing is that in a few years all the haters will be lining up to watch his movies, and therefore making him even more successful. Long live Iron Jay!

1425 days ago


lol @ all the retarded comments in here, so misinformed...also, check out his wife, hotter than any of the girls in here hating on jay and hotter than any of the dudes girls that are hating on him. I don't think he's worried about what any of you think, especially since he's making $$$ off being a freak.

1425 days ago


wow, the comments under this video=a bunch of uninformed fools talking trash about someone a million times more succesful than them

1425 days ago


You know you know nothing about bodybuilding when you think it's all for women.

1425 days ago


I do the hiring for a top male strip club, the bigger guys make all the cash, obviously thats what most girls like or my job would be easier as I can find 5 million misshaped guys.

Ladies lie and lie, yeah you claim you wouldnt date him, post pics of who you date? You wouldnt date him as guys like these wouldnt date you, so you lie to yourself.

Having worked 11 years in a male strip club and seeing women from all walks of life come in for parties I can tell you where they put the money on.

These are the guys girls look at, they are manly stong and GH makes their privates bigger too.

The sloppy guys here hate, the sloppy girls with no chance hate.

I am a bit overweight and no way a guy like this would date me, but myself and every girl I know would die to be seen and date guys like these.

In clubs they have the hottest girls too, how can you people lie so much.

AND please dont start with the "the ladies who go to strip clubs are classless", some are multimillionaires there for an event, a few drinks and you see after what guys they run after and bug for private dances or outside of club dates.

I am from europe but work in nyc and in london, women everywhere love this

1425 days ago


God damn, the general public and their lack of knowledge to steroids and bodybuilding in general is sad and sickening.

Hey, if you are so against steroids quit taking anti-inflammatory drugs, if you know what that word means, and pain relievers.

So many idiots it is just a huge facepalm. You all know Arnold did steroids right? Who complained and hated him? Nobody. You media fed, fear mongered, unintelligent, unknowing sheep.

Steroids can help bring an almost dead person (from cancer, aids etc) back to a nice, rather healthy life and can keep him alive. But if steroids are taken by a perfectly fine, healthy person, they will die right?

Lol idiots.

1425 days ago


Torico, Aaron, Jacob, et al., don't waste your time. This is a celebrity site, they have no idea. No idea what it takes, how much self discipline, the diets, the - everything. And Jay's been doing it for years now.

1425 days ago

joe d    

all the comments i have read are uneducated nonsense written by know it alls. of course he uses steroids. he admits it himself. so do all the other amature and pro bb'ers, strongmen, and power lifters. so what. they still all work hard (harder than the naturals) for years, although its not 10 hours per day, its more like a couple hours a day 3-5 days per wk. eating is another story. that takes lots of money, time, and devotion. cutler has one in a million genetics. that s why he is the monster he is. you couldnt look half as large as he is with twice the steroids, slin, diet drugs, and gh that he takes

1425 days ago


check the rest of the professional athletes in ANY sport...they all take PED's!!!!

If you don't think your fav ball player does then you are delusional...

ITS ALL ABOUT RECOVERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1425 days ago

TMZ losers    

Wow, what a bunch of hypocritical losers people are. So what if he uses steroids or whatever else. You all would not bat an eyelash when a woman stuffs her chest with plastic, injects poison in her face to lessen rinkles, or goes under the knife to have their stomach stapled. Its even more accepted in this country to have a penis added to you(Chastity Bono) and start taking male hormones because you feal like a man, and not a woman. But because this man has worked for over 20 years to attain this muscle, all the losers come out of the closet and throw out cowardly comments from the safety of their PC. I swear, people are pathetic here.

1425 days ago

The dude    

ITT: Haters gonna hate

1425 days ago


looking aesthetic, bro
mb i can zuck your **** sometime?

1425 days ago


You guys fail to realize that all of these Pro's are clear roiders, everyone knows that. But what you don't realize is that getting that big is still ridiculously hard with roids.

And have you seen this guy's house? Yeah he gets enough money for doing this.

Oh and they don't all train for hours and hours each day, it's more DIET and routine rather than spending ****loads of time in the gym

1425 days ago
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