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Bret Michaels -- Precautions for 'Apprentice' Finale

5/23/2010 6:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Getting fired isn't the only concern for Bret Michaels on tonight's "Celebrity Apprentice" finale  -- and TMZ has learned medical precautions will be taken due to Bret's condition. 

A source close to the show tells us there will definitely be a medical staff at the live taping tonight ... “ready in case anything happens.” Michaels suffered a brain hemorrhage on April 22 and was briefly hospitalized for heart problems last week.

We're told Bret is in NY and will be at rehearsals today for tonight's show.

Reps for Bret had no comment.


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I hope he wins too ..Holly acts like a pompous bitch and nobody deserves it but her ..Its not all about you Holly ... ....

1611 days ago


Been in 2 grocery stores today, both selling the Holly snapply but not Brett's. Care to guess who's going to win tonight?

1611 days ago


God speed, I will be watching and praying for you, love ya Bret!!

1611 days ago


I admire his dedication to his work and get-go after suffering a brain hemorrhage! Good luck, Brett!

1611 days ago


I love this guy!! He is creative, hard-working and well deserving of a win on The Apprentice tonight. And yes, I also think Holly is a self-absorbed, pompous bitch! I will admit, I wanted to see Sharon win, but since she was fired I switched to Bret!!

Best wishes on a complete and quick recovery!

1611 days ago


Although I wish you would not have flown, I hope you win and am praying for your complete recovery. Good Luck and then get your ass back to rest and recovery. Keep that diabetes under control.

1611 days ago


HE SHOULDN'T BE FLYING!!!!!!!!!!!! Why didn't his doctors not tell him to fly? With a leaking brain stem, the last thing a person needs is a change in pressure like that generated by FLYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELLO!!!!!!!!!!! Does he not know how dangerous that is? No wonder he has a headache. He should return by tour bus, down I-95, and then I-10. No going up and down. NO FLYING!!!!!!!! Some doctor needs to tell him. STAT!!

1611 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

Why is this idiot behind the wheel of a car?

1611 days ago


I'm sure Trump will milk this for all it is worth but hope the ratings are worth the risk.

1611 days ago


Since everything about the final task was taped months ago, he really didn't need to be there. He could have done this by satellite, like how he did Oprah. All the finale does is announce the winner. The task is done. I think that would have been better than taking the risk of flying, but that's just my opinion.

I'll be watching Lost, but I'll tape the Apprentice!

Good luck Bret!

1611 days ago


I hope he doesn't fly in there just to lose ...

1611 days ago


while I like him and wish him well with the others here. I too was worried/concernde re: Flying. I have clotting factors and I always catch **** for flying. So with his extreme case.. WOW Risky! I do understand his need to not sit and wait for something to happen. But he has 2 daughter who need him around. Even Donald said he wasn't worried about it and screw the show, his health was more important. I read on another site On the Private Plane his is on the way to NY in had to stop in Nashville as he was complaining of not feeling well and a headache. omg Not good!! For those who say just die. HOW AWFUL!!! Why are some of you so damn mean?? to those haters.. KARMA is a bitch is all I have to say to those assh_ _ _'_! So beyond mean! And sick. So with that said. I hope he is OK and WINS! I don't care for Holly either, as some here have said. And BTW they do have a Medical Team there for him..

1611 days ago


I too did not care for Holly, and I hope Bret wins.

BTW I am a New Yorker. We have some of the best doctors and hospitals in the world. As long as Bret's in the city why not stay a while, and get checked out. No sense in rushing back to start touring. Fans want him well and will wait for his health to improve. Love him and hope he wins.

1611 days ago


I agree 100% ! Was thinking that after I posted. I am in NJ but grew up in NYC. So while I hope he won't be forced to stay here? Not a bad Idea to let the good NYC Doc check him out. I love him too.And hope he wins too....Just on merit .not pitty! All will say that..Damned if you do and damed if you don't type thing. sucks.
Joan River was saying that this morning on Today show. That they have to pick him due to this and I hope it won't be a pitty win.
And then Holly will cry that.. ugg

1611 days ago


This could never be a PR stunt! God has a way to use people to deliver important messages. Bret's diabetes is his calling to mankind that it's a serious disease and definitely needs attention and funding. I wish Bret and all the diabetics of the world healing and a cure. Good Luck tonight Bret I would love to see a more deserving suffering human being win this Charity Event. To me Holly seems likes she has a mind of entitlement and I don't like her attitude about her cause for autism. She just rubbed me the wrong way with the way she treated Cindy Lauper whom I love & adore.

1611 days ago
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