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Bret Michaels -- 'I Wanna Win!'

5/23/2010 8:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bret Michaels told our photog he "wasn't feeling super great" as he left his hotel and headed out for tonight's "Celebrity Apprentice" finale, but make no mistake -- he's ready to take home the title!

Bret also confirmed, as TMZ first reported, that there will be a doctor in the house during the show.

Here's hoping you don't need him.


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Cheryl A.    

Good luck, Bret!

1622 days ago

*** your 'humanity and niceness' you have exhibited?? LMAO!! I have a real man in my life not a crushy on Bret!! But to each his/her own!! Take care Rae!! Bret has a woman Rae!!! Get a dog Rae!!! ASSume is what you have done Rae!! And you speak like a ghetto ho Rae!! Bye Bye Rae!!!!

1622 days ago


Does anyone intelligent know how to stop the comments from going to my e-mail after you check ok in your first comment??
Or am I in for an Hr of hitting Delete??

1622 days ago


Delete yourself Rae!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1622 days ago


@ ***

Ditto Moron! I have a man..Calling someone a moron or an ass is a WHOLE LOT different then wishing them dead! But you pushing
What part of go away and bye now and get a life now do you not get!! I said my piece re you orig comment and won't go tit for tat with you a min longer I HAVE LIFE and going back to it.Cause of idiots like you making things so ridiculous!

1622 days ago


Delete youself you freaken idiot! GO AWAY!! Your intelligence is really showing.

1622 days ago


This is not your bloggy Rae!!!! Do not threaten me Rae!! I do not need to go anywhere Rae!! You started picking need to stop picking and threatening Rae! Sticks and stones Rae!! Bret would be disgusted Rae!!!

1622 days ago


You bore me Rae...go youtube some Bret and get your rocks off Rae!!! And don't be so mean to bloggers Rae! We are entitled to blog here and state our opinions Rae! Maybe you need to get out of here Rae!!
Ciao RAE!!!!!!!!!!

1622 days ago


Go Holly!!!!!!!!!!!!

1622 days ago


@ *** no name?

Listen! I made a comment on you wishing he seize on stage (NOT NICE) and you have come back and attacked me in everyway since and told me to delete myself and more.. I have been telling you to GO AWAY!!! from me!!! And yes opinions we know what they say about them now don't we...
So with that said..
BITE ME! and GO AWAY!! FROM ME! State ALL you freak opionion all you want.
But wishing someone HARM and making crap up about me! I am going to say something ..That is my right! isn't it.Sorry you don't like being called out for wishing the man dead! *******!

NOT COOL! again leave me alone! trying to read here! I am not freaken 5 yrs old! I can not and will not play with you anymore! K .. Bye now..

1622 days ago


Some of you, others can testify, that you have gone through certain cir***stances that you could never have imagined how horrible they have been, yet you can look back and raise your Ebenezer and say: 'The Lord led me, the Lord helped me, the Lord gave me grace, the Lord caused me to hope'. Whatever it may be, just whatever strength is needed and lacking, He gives that strength peculiar in kind to your specific need.

Bret is a messenger in the fight for Diabetes allow him to fulfill that promise he made to be the voice for Diabetes. God will bless his life now and well after he's gone. Bret is doing the right thing.

Remember it's never what our plans are, it's always God's plan in the end.

1622 days ago


I hope you win Bret! If it's a fight to the finish then I see you as the true winner! To all the haters leaving comments, just like anyone you know that doesn't listen to you neither do I!!! Shut the F#@% up!

1622 days ago


Go Bret go! From reading the Apprentice Twitter site, everyone is pulling for you

1622 days ago


@ John and @ Laura.

Laura Well said! Lol re haters *** may be coming for you ROTFL!
praying it will leave me the hell alone.
and John.. Oh Yeah... I saw one at 79 % and that was earlier this morning..He is going to win! He has to much drive not to!
Go Bret!!

1622 days ago

Christina G.    

He should not have taken a flight. I know someone who had the same brain hemorrhage and they weren't allowed to fly for a year. He should listen to his doctor. He must not want to live all that much.

1622 days ago
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