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'Survivor' Producer Back in U.S.

5/23/2010 3:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0511_survivor_EXTMZ has learned Bruce Beresford-Redman -- the former "Survivor" producer who was not allowed to leave Mexico during the investigation into his wife's murder -- has returned to Los Angeles.

Richard Hirsch, Beresford-Redman's lawyer, tells TMZ that Mexican officials allowed his client to leave the country. As Hirsch puts it, "He has been informed that he has no legal obligation to remain in Mexico pending an investigation into the tragic death of his wife, Monica."

Hirsch tells TMZ his client "has returned to Los Angeles County to be with his children and attend to family and personal matters."

Mexican officials had previously told Beresford-Redman not to leave Mexico and had taken his passport. It is unclear if Beresford-Redman got it back.

Hirsch adds, "He is devastated by the loss of his wife, best friend, and the mother of his children. He and his family are requesting that their privacy be respected during this time of great grief and sorrow."

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You all are the judge & jury???

1621 days ago


Okay, so this guy cheats on his wife; woos her back in order to take her on a Mexico "make-up" trip but first has her take out life insurance for the first time; reports a physically impossible time-line according to time-of-death; is told to stay put and leaves without answering the extra questions or finishing paperwork (according to Mexican police); and this is all the factual cir***stances, not including the possibility that he actually murdered his wife with premeditation!

The idea of him walking around free to be with his kids and make his tv shows makes me ill not to mention the double standard if it had been Joe Schmoe from Nebraska.

1621 days ago


So...the lesson of this story is...if you want to kill your wife and mother of your children, simply go to Cancun and do it, chill a month in the sun then come home tanned and ready to pick up the affair you put on hold while you killed your wife. What an effing joke. But then again...that can happen here too...yeah you OJ.

1621 days ago


Poster no. 12:

Hyphenated description of said poster:


1621 days ago


Hmmm! Him and OJ,yuk

1621 days ago


You'd think Bruce would be calling them everyday trying to find out who murderered his wife, his 'Best Friend' if he was truly innocent.
Instead his lawayer said he would not be returning to Mexico to answer any questions because 'it was taking too much of his time.'
Sounds like he is not really devastated by Monica's death

1621 days ago


Another Hollywood trash celebrity walk'in free.


Watch out people. A murderer walks among us.

1621 days ago


No way the Mexican authorities gave him permission to leave. I knew that SOB wouldn't stay put in Mexico and would take off at the first opportunity. Good luck prosecuting him now. He just got away with murder.

1621 days ago


I hope he gets deported back so that he can account for his crimes and I hope the Mexican police pursue this case until it is completed and the right person is put in jail for it.

1621 days ago


Want to murder your spouse go to Mexico. The Mexican government and the Mexican officials are corrupt and they are a joke! I think their President just proved that as he sat there and dissed a certain area of our country for wanting to ENFORCE laws that we have a right to enforce. And Obama is a disgrace for letting this ******* Mexican president do that. But I digress. Maybe Mexico should try to enforce some laws that actually make if you come across their border to murder your spouse your SOL when it comes to going back to the country you came from until you have been proven innocent of the murder. Maybe they should enforce some laws so people won't get away with murder. Maybe they should stop protecting criminals that have committed crimes like rape and murder in the US and then fled to Mexico to get out of being brought to justice. Personally I am sick of Mexico and I am sick of their antics. I am all for boycotting a country that is morally bankrupt,all for boycotting a country that harbors and protects rapists/murderers that come in from other countries,all for boycotting a country that allows a man/woman to come into their country for the sole purpose of murdering their spouse and then allows that murdering spouse to pay the "right" people the "right" amount of money to get away with the murder,and certainly all for boycotting a country whose president comes into MY country with his panties all in a twist because some in our government have had the nerve to put their foot down.I am all for immigrants being here LEGALLY but when the level of corruption that the Mexican country has starts coming across into MY country I want them the he!! out!Mexico has some serious issues......the fact this murderer is back in the US is proof of that and that aspect of Mexico needs to stay in Mexico. If you don't respect my country,if you don't respect the laws,if you don't love my country enough to come in the proper way then get the he!! out of my country! We have enough corruption in our own government as it is so we do not need theirs to add to it! This man in no way shape or form should be back in the US. He took his wife over there and he killed her. There is no good reason the Mexican authorities should have let him leave until he was found innocent but money will get you everywhere in Mexico including getting away with murder. This is an evil man and I feel so sorry for this woman's family.Not only has their loved one been murdered but now thanks to the Mexican authorities stupidity they now have reason to fear that this woman's children will be placed back in the care of the man who killed their mother. What a an unspeakable tragedy.

1621 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

People should stop watching Survivor this man is a murderer...

pass it on!!!

1621 days ago


I totally thought this guy was guilty- and who knows until a trial- but after my visit to the same resort two weeks ago- I wouldn't be surprised if he didnt do it! With all the shady workers there, stealing from me, our friends, an attempted kidnapping by a worker, and many other safety issues that happened, not to mention the lack of security and cover ups they did to protect their workers. A very unsafe place- a very sad story! Hope the real truth comes out, whatever it may be!

1621 days ago

Foxy Lady    

Maybe if this stupid woman had left when she found out her hubby was cheating or wasn't so stupid and met him in Mexico against her familiy and friend's advice; she'd be alive.

1621 days ago


i think Larry said it all!

1621 days ago


The only people LA is more in awe of than rock stars are killers.

Bruce just hit the A-list for the next year. He'll be invited to all the best parties, get Saturday prime time reservations at Totoraku and Pizzeria Mozza and have women of all ages throwing themselves at him.

1621 days ago
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