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Judge to Lindsay Lohan

No Alcohol, No Drugs

5/24/2010 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has been ordered to refrain from drinking or doing drugs ... and if she dares to try she could end up behind bars.

Judge Marsha Revel laid down the law during a hearing this AM in Beverly Hills court.  Judge Revel told Lindsay in order to stay free on bail, she cannot drink alcohol, she must wear a SCRAM device and she must submit to random drug testing.

Lindsay must begin wearing the SCRAM bracelet within 24 hours.

Lindsay must also attend all scheduled alcohol ed classes at least once a week.

Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, began to object to the conditions, but when the judge said she would state out loud all the reasons why the conditions were appropriate -- Holley backed off and accepted the conditions.

And the judge indicated Lindsay must stay in the L.A. area -- which will get in the way of shooting a movie in Texas.  The judge basically said, tough luck.

  Mind you ... the conditions the judge imposed must be met in order for Lindsay to remain free on bail.  The judge is also scheduling a hearing to determine if Lindsay has violated her probation -- the date for the hearing is July 6.

If the judge decides Lindsay violated her probation by not attending her alcohol ed program as required ... she could be jailed for 180 days.

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No Avatar


She may need professional help detoxing. It is not easy if she is a have user and can be dangerous. And usually detox without teatment only stalls the addiction temporarily.

1611 days ago


On an upbeat note, if anyone is looking for a healthy kickstart to summer the girls over at the BluePrint Cleanse have donated a sampling of their most popular lemonades, juices and nut milks. Enjoy all 6 over any 3 days you like. The Cashew Milk they are giving away is amazing - perfect for a late afternoon snack instead of a bag of chips from the vending machine. Check it out.

1611 days ago


wake and and be a real person, lost passport, my dog ate it,
wow your not even good at excuses, GROW THE F UP. you wipe you butt just as we do, why not try to clean your life up and be happy for once, instead you give nothing but excuses. Hollywood get rid of her and let her deal with life's problems just like REAL PEOPLE DO....

1611 days ago


She looks old and haggered

1611 days ago


I can guarantee that if the SCRAM shows a positive reading for alcohol after she begins wearing one, her lawyer will deny Lindsay has violated the order. SCRAM bracelets are known for giving false readings and are not actually positive proof someone has consumed alcohol. They are too sensitive to outside sources of alcohol.

1611 days ago


Sorry for my previous typos, been having keyboard issues. Just said that if she is a heavy user her detox will be painful and can be dangerous, i.e. seizures.

1611 days ago

Um, wow...    

I'm glad someone is FINALLY trying to hold her responsible for her actions!!! I can't believe she sat in court, rolling her eyes, and with that body language...Like she doesn't DESERVE this!! I hope for her sake, the reality of this sinks in, and she CAN turn her life around, but at this point, I really don't think she will... And, what do you bet, if her SCRAM bracelet shows alcohol in her system, she blames mouthwash, or something like that!??! Unfortunately, they can test further to find the cause of it... I honestly don't think she can make it until July 6th without using... especially once her withdrawals kick in... Just wait until you see her out and about while in withdrawals... she'll be in the WORST mood, EVER... I AM glad she has to stay in Los Angeles, least her mom (aka her #1 enabler) is in New York!!! Sad, sad, sad... Wake up, Linds...You're cutting your whole life short, just to be able to party...NOT worth it!!!

1611 days ago


She's not even 21 and is seen in clubs drinking all the time. Isn't that a crime in CA?

1611 days ago


man she doesnt look like no 23 year old she looks like she is in her 40s-50s. this judge is HORRIBLE what judge in their right mind would let this skank only wear a ankle bracelet and do random drug and alcohol testing!?!?!?! this judge is toooo leaniant on this tramp. man, i know a relative that had to do a anklebracelet and that was for only 1 dui and for like a few months! and lilo had what?!?! like 3 duis!?!?!?!?!??!! wheres the justice!!!!! come on and the judge really believes her bout the passport please! and she only completed 10 out of the 13 classes and she STILL GETS AWAY WITH STUFF?!?!?! i am soooo sick of these hollywood wannabes/sports atheletes gets away with it all WITH NO JAIL TIME! (ben rapistberger, daunte stallworth, tiger) IF any average joe does this wham lock ya up and throw away the key! BUT NOOO WHO DOES LILO THNK SHE IS SHES A 23 YEAR OLD HASBEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! iwhs she would just OVERDOSE AND DIE all the good ones left us too soon (patrick swayze, farrah fawcett, britany murphyy, corey haim to name a few) now come on get rid of this trash!!!!!!

1611 days ago


LOL! I bet her dad Mikey will want to watch all that footage, too!
Over and over and over..............

1611 days ago


I wish that judge would slap that "I'm bored, I don't deserve to be here" smirk off of the face of hers.

1611 days ago

george fudge!    

She should be seeing Michael Jackson's plastic surgeon, to try and fixup her fugly face from all the years of alcohol and drugs that has made her look so old and rough, like a street person living in alleys and dumpsters. TMZ should pony up the money for this expense.

1611 days ago


Another judge in LA that gives preferential treatment to a so called celebrity...double-sided justice in action..if that had been me or you we would be under the jail not just in it. This judge needed to immediately have her taken to jail....she is just thumbing her nose at the law and will continue to do so as she has been doing for the past several years. She is a spoiled rotten drug addict nothing more at this point of her life. And if she wants to be more than that ever again she had better get some serious help.....jail just might be the thing that wakes this girl up. Judge do your job and wake her up to justice.

1611 days ago


Damn...the judge isn't playing around. PWNED!

1611 days ago


I wish the Judge had listed out all the reason why. Public humiliation - similiar to being put in stocks in the public square in the good ol' days - used to work pretty well. I mean, seriously, who actually believes she lost her passport? Or had other stuff ripped off? Usually, you would report something like that to the police which she did not.

1611 days ago
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