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Lindsay's Dad -- She Shouldn't Quit Cold Turkey

5/25/2010 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's father believes that forcing Lindsay to cut herself off from drugs and alcohol ASAP is a bad thing -- and he's getting support from an expert.

Michael Lohan tells TMZ he thinks Lindsay has a problem with prescription pills, but he "doesn't think it's a good idea for her to detox on her own." He feels Lindsay would be best served by "being under a doctor's care."

And according to addiction recovery specialist Dr. Marc Kern -- Michael's logic ain't too far off.

Kern tells us if -- and only if -- Lindsay has a drug problem, "There probably should have been an assessment of her reliance and dependency of substances before they took her off of everything. That would have been a safer method."

Of course, this all assumes that Lindsay actually has a drug problem. 



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If Mike gets his way, it is one HUGE step closer to getting a Conservatorship. I do not think he has her best interest at heart or he wouldn't have been tweeting/talking to the PUBLIC regarding his daughters. His interest is her bank account and how can he control it. She doesn't have much left so he tries to blackmail her and her sis to get to it faster.

Men who CARE pay their CHILD SUPPORT. Why does he never say ANYTHING ABOUT HIS OTHER KID?? The ONLY time we hear ANYTHING about Ali, is when he USED and HUMILIATED her PUBLICLY to try to get to LL. Pathetic. He won't have any merit or credence until he pays his debts to his kids. Ali won't have anything to do with him...DOES HE TWEET THAT?? So transparent.

This family is in trouble, the dad...a piece of white trash and very, very unnattractive.

For Mike, it is ALL ABOUT THE BENJAMIN'S, Lindsay's Benjamin's!!!.

1574 days ago


This ie exactly what isn't helping Lindsay although Dina seems to be in denial, everyday Michael is spouting off to the press about his daughter. I mean he even leaked private conversations so no wonder Lindsay doesn't want anything to do with him.
Its clear what she meant in that interview when she said her dad wanted her to go to prison she must have been referring to failing the conditions which Michael wanted imposed of wearing the SCRAM and undertaking the random drug tests which is troubling.

1574 days ago


As they say... "the apple doesn't fall, to far from the tree." Michael created a mini me... Run and get help Lindsay.

1574 days ago


So after much hemming and hawing the only statement TMZ could get from addiction specialist Marc Kern is "if -- and only if" Lindsay has a problem she should "probably" be assessed prior to quiting. Nice expert opinion there TMZ. You really nailed him down too!

1574 days ago


I know after all the TMZ lives about her addiction etc now its IF she has a drug problem but the SCRAM bracelet really sucks.

1574 days ago

Chuck D of Valpo    

For the last time, Linseed does not have a drinking problem. She drinks, she gets drunk, she falls down. No problem.

1574 days ago

Christina G.    

Does this guy think the judge, the court system, and the state of California have never encountered an addict before? I'm pretty sure the judge knows a lot more than Daddy Dearest about addiction and recovery, considering 99.9% of her "clientele" are addicts. There is nothing to stop Lindsay from checking into rehab on her own or making an appointment with a doctor to get legal prescriptions. The court has seen it all before, I'm sure.

1574 days ago

Peter Sc    

The absolutely worse thing you can do to a person is to force treatment upon a person who wants to maintain a lifestyle with the problem. Alcoholics can have a restricted life with their addiction where they cannot drive but maintain a job and life their life as they want.
If people have cancer they manage to live a restricted life with their illness. Alcoholism is a illness too. Why should they be dealt with in a worse manner?
Of course some would claim that people should be forced to undergo treatment, but we all know that it only works for some time unless they wanted to deal with the illness in advance.

1574 days ago


Why consider cutting herself off from drugs to be bad for her when she will not be cutting herself off from drugs.

1574 days ago

Christina G.    

And again (and again) I ask, how does Michael Lohan make a living? Hmmm? Inquiring minds want to know.

1574 days ago


I'm SO SICK of hearing about this chick. Everywhere I turn this has-been is on the page. She hasn't had a decent movie since she was young and I'm only surprised that she hasn't ended up like all these other celebs they find dead in their homes. She's let her life and herself go so much that she's just a waste. No one deserves a sad life like this but she's doing it to herself. I don't feel sorry for her or her attention seeking parents. They are total losers too.

1574 days ago


she has made an appointment with Dr Murry..and why didnt she have to be drug tested at the courthouse or right after the hearing?

1574 days ago


It can't be easy growing up celebrity...the demands to work to support family is ever present and the candy store is always open, and . No real childhood, but appearances make us yearn or all they 'have'. I feel for this young woman, and I hope she gets her act together. The enabling candy store owners need to be stopped...these so called 'doctors' are killing people.

1574 days ago


The only assesment any treatment actually gives is how much money they can remove from your wallet, anything else they "assess" is pure bull****

1574 days ago


She's not under house arrest.. she's just wearing a SCRAM. If she needs a doctor she can get to one. Cold turkey works just fine. Might make her think twice after it's off.

1574 days ago
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