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Lindsay's Dad -- She Shouldn't Quit Cold Turkey

5/25/2010 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's father believes that forcing Lindsay to cut herself off from drugs and alcohol ASAP is a bad thing -- and he's getting support from an expert.

Michael Lohan tells TMZ he thinks Lindsay has a problem with prescription pills, but he "doesn't think it's a good idea for her to detox on her own." He feels Lindsay would be best served by "being under a doctor's care."

And according to addiction recovery specialist Dr. Marc Kern -- Michael's logic ain't too far off.

Kern tells us if -- and only if -- Lindsay has a drug problem, "There probably should have been an assessment of her reliance and dependency of substances before they took her off of everything. That would have been a safer method."

Of course, this all assumes that Lindsay actually has a drug problem. 



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so true    

i agree 100% from sum1 who knows 1st hand about pills...there is noway n i mean no way she can detox on her own off the pills...the withdrawels r to dangerous to do on ur own...if she is goin to stop she has to go to rehab...its not even up for debate she can not do it on her own...i feel so bad for u lindsay u have a very very very tough cple weeks ahead of u i will pray for u cu i truly knw detoxing is the worst thing a body can go through n those who dnt knw about this detox off pills rly need not comment unless u r supporting her on this journey ahead of her u r in my prayers sweety i hope u will get through this n set n example that it is possible to come off these pills mayb do n interview or write a book u cld rly turn this around n b a rolemodel for perscription abuse....lotz of love to u lindsay...xoxo

1582 days ago


I agree she should have some help during the detox period,it's next to impossible to do it alone.

As for Lindsay,I can understand why she can not see her problem, she's 23yrs old and at that age you feel like nothing can hurt you. Your young and rich and think you can party like a rock star everyday, unfortunatly you havn't achieved the wisdom or knowledge to see how much your living on the edge.Back in the day I could party all night,work all day and be ready to get again, fortunatly I survived not everyone does.

1582 days ago


She would have been better off if she told the judge no! Impose jail and when I get out I am through with you, the alcohol courses, and probation.
The absolute worst case she could be made to do 90 days and that much time would have been seen as vindictive and cruel. There would have been a very good chance that she would have been offered rehab instead of jail and she should have refused that as well.
Do the time, get sick and blame the system, sue for every possible reason, and become their biggest headache in years.
Just don't be defiant, stand there with your head down and tell them your tired of being killed slowly and you want to get it over with.
I bet the spotlight on the Claifornia courts, with their track record of vindictive and brutal actions against celebrities (Paris Hilton) and orhers, will force some intervention on your behalf. If not, jail is no picnic but it is not impossible to survive and your inmage on the far side will save your career.

1582 days ago


Contrary to popular belief, the only withdrawals that can be fatal is from depressants which includes alcohol and some sedatives. Anything else like stimulants or opiates may make her very uncomfortable. Usually only long standing, severe alcoholics experience life threatening withdrawals. But you never know. There's no doubt if she were in a position where she had to take sedatives to counteract dt's the court would ok that.

1582 days ago


This whole thing is a joke! She need to be put in a rehab place for at least 6 weeks. I have a friend who was both an alcoholic and druggie, 6 weeks of intensive therapy at a place in Arizona, followed by another 6 weeks at a halfway house then meetings, etc. He's now been clean and sober for about 6 years. If she is unwilling to do the work, then jail is the only answer. Maybe she's ready to be scared straight!

1582 days ago


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1582 days ago

Irish Pubes    

I'm pretty sure that the judge didn't forbid her from seeing doctors. So not sure what the point of this article is. If she wants to see a doctor she can, no one is stopping her. It's not like the judge said you have to do this on your own. Further, when you detox or rehab they don't supply you with drugs and alcohol and wean you off. They make you stop completely and help you deal with the withdrawal. Lindsey can see a doctor if she wants.

1582 days ago


Only problem with the dad's logic is he's admitting Lindsay has violated her probation if she's currently addicted to drugs and/or alcohol. That would be the only reason she would need to be weaned off them now. According to the original terms of her probation, she's not supposed to be indulging in either one so there shouldn't be a problem. She's had a couple of years to get the help she needs. If she's found in violation and probation revoked, she'll get the help she needs courtesy of the prison system. Time she stopped getting preferential treatment. She's a mess and not that good of an actress either.

1582 days ago


40. I'm pretty sure that the judge didn't forbid her from seeing doctors. So not sure what the point of this article is. If she wants to see a doctor she can, no one is stopping her. It's not like the judge said you have to do this on your own. Further, when you detox or rehab they don't supply you with drugs and alcohol and wean you off. They make you stop completely and help you deal with the withdrawal. Lindsey can see a doctor if she wants.

Posted at 6:07 AM on May 25, 2010 by Irish Pubes

Rehabs give alcoholics sedatives all the time to mimic alcohol and wean them off if they feel the withdrawals may be severe enough. If it's bad enough hospitals or certain rehabs sometimes will use an alcohol drip. A general practitioner can also write her a prescription for sedatives if he agrees to let her dry out at home. That's all assuming she is bad off enough to need it, which she probably isn't.

1582 days ago


Well, if that was the case and Lindsay wanted a doctor's help I'm sure the judge would make provisions for it. Although it may involved being forced to stay in a real treatment facility (not a celebrity rehab house) where she can't come and go as she pleases. She didn't ask for it so tough luck!

1582 days ago

Irish Pubes    

#42, I'm talking about the drugs that she's addicted too...if she's doing cocaine the rehab facility is not going to supply her with cocaine and wean her off that. Of course she'll need some sort of drug or medication to fight the withdrawal, but they're not going to hand her some crack rocks in the morning and then by the 2nd week start taking one rock away...

1582 days ago


The judge ordered this clueless individual to do RANDOM drug testing as well and since Lindsey and her clueless mother both continue to reiterate that she has no problem with drugs OR alcohol, then abstaining shouldn't be a problem, should it?

It's clear to me that Michael is an attention whore, but at the same time, I think he loves his daughter - It's my belief that Lindsey hates him because he's the ONE person in her life who will tell her to shut the f*ck up and sit her a$$ down, unlike her mother who is in denial and seems to co-sign EVERYTHING her daughter does.

That's why she loves her mommy so, mommy see's no wrong in her "baby" - just like when she was out getting drunk and high a few years back while filming that movie with Meryls Streep and the studio head admonished her and Dina was "outraged" and replied that she's "Only" 21 years old! suggesting that being 21, not showing up to work, get high and drunk and costing your employer hundreds of thousands in production costs is excused because you're ONLY a 21 year old GROWN a$$ed woman!

My kid is 16 and I give him NO choice but to go to his job - that's how you raise a productive adult and not an entitled one.

1582 days ago


What does this BOZO want already??? This is GREAt stick to your guns Judge!!! Don't let actors.actresses get special treatment...they're people too. Tell your officers that too.

1582 days ago


I dont think she has hit her bottom. She doesnt think she needs rehab and she not ready to stop.She will go to a doctor and get pills that way. There is nothing the court can do about that. So all this **** is a waste of time. She is going to lose her career because she wont be able to get insured. Im really sick of the whole mess.Her dad is wasting his time. He needs to go to Alanon and get on with his life. Sometimes we can help our kids to death in fear we will lose them. I have been thru this myself with my daughter and its aliving hell. I findly had to let her go and that actually changed her life she got help. I know how painful it is to have a adult child messed up . ITS heart breaking and runs your life. When you give up control and let these adults go to either sink or swim is when things will change if they have to rely on them selfs. Her dad needs to stop being a enabler always worried about her life. Give it back to her. Maybe she will get her head out of her ass.

1582 days ago


Posted at 7:06 AM on May 25, 2010 by Irish Pubes

Sorry I misunderstood you

1582 days ago
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