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Lindsay Lohan's Movie Excuse -- Total BS

5/25/2010 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan made it clear to the court that she didn't wanna wear a SCRAM bracelet because she thought it would get in the way of an upcoming movie shoot in Texas -- problem is, no such shoot exists.


TMZ has contacted the producers of the only two motion picture projects Lindsay is currently attached to -- "Machete" and "Inferno" -- and they both made it very clear that LiLo has no business in Texas.

A rep for "Machete" tells us there ARE additional scenes being shot in Texas but, "according to the director, they don't include [Lindsay]."

As for "Inferno," a rep tells us, The Linda Lovelace biopic "doesn't plan on starting shooting 'till the beginning of August."  Also, it's not being shot in Texas -- so the SCRAM bracelet would have no affect on that film either.

Lindsay's attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley, relayed Lohan's excuse to Judge Marsha Revel on Monday -- but the judge didn't buy it anyway ... and forced her to SCRAM it up.



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Boo hoo lindsay. Hope the prosecutor is all up to date on her bs! Can't feel sorry for this lying piece of crap that feels she is above the law and privileged! Wonder how long before we see he going out with her scram on..............LOL!

1575 days ago


Oh, come on, TMZ! You gotta be kiddin' me? You cannot allow the words deep and throat put together even when someone is talking about a person during the Watergate scandel? Where's the free speech?

1575 days ago


Shawn Chapman Holley run!! LiLo is making you look like a 3rd rate A$$

1575 days ago


@ 97 Jordan
I agree i mean she might have used before court or whatever or she could feel that bad about the horrible situation she is in.
With the exception of people in recovery who doesn't drink a little over summer? Basically it seems all she can do is stay in i mean even going to restuarants and not having the option to drink will be hard and of course clubs are completely out because of temptation and like alcohol could easily get spilled on the SCRAM.
I think the only way she can get through this is prescriptions and unfortunately going back to harming herself.

1575 days ago


dear media: now that you have lindsey right where you want her ,PLEASE LEAVE HER ELONE! even though i now the media and others who feel they have the right to judge, will be extremely exillerated if she goes to jail. why can't you just let her get on with her life? the main reason the judge did what she did to lindsey is because the media has made her look like some alcholic, drug crazed monster. why can't the media stop destroying lives? not one person in the media could care less about lindsey. the media is more dangerous and more powerful than the Irs and more powerful than the presidency. they can make or break a person. and they love building you up just to have the pleasure of destroying you. but there power wom't last forever. unless they change there destructive ways. you see there is a power moch more, MUCH MORE GREATER THAN THEY. AND IF THEY DON'T STOP PLAYING AS THEY ARE THE MOST HIGH, THEN THE MOST HIGH WILL TAKE CARE OF THE PROBLEM!

1575 days ago



Hmmm... from my perspective as an average Joe Nobody it appears that it is Lindsay whose has made herself look like some "alcoholic, drug crazed monster" rather than the media.

1575 days ago



1575 days ago


190. Seriously? Wow, is this Dina in disguise? The media has nothing to do with Lindsay's destruction, she's done a fine job of self-destructing on her own...
And I am soooooo tired of hearing these stars complain about a lack of privacy... If they don't want media stalking them, maybe they should get out of the business altogether... You can't have it both ways, out promoting yourself and your projects, and then get all mad cuz the paps are taking pics of you... You want privacy? Then don't be famous... period...

1575 days ago


LMAO at some of the delusional ppl in here...

1575 days ago

Get a Nose Job, please!!!    

Nutcase Lindsay belongs in a Psycho Ward. While there, she should get a total make-over. She looks like a Witch!!! Is she only 23?? She looks older than my 40 year old sister.

1575 days ago


If the Lohans want to be left alone, perhaps they should stay out of the media.
That includes their no-good cokewhore daughter.

1575 days ago


Guess you guys in the press won't be satisfied until she dies or is killed. This seems to be the exact same way the press treated Micheal Jackson. The swarming, the publicity, the over reacting. If you ignore it, it will do away - likely to a hospital but the press keeps feeding her additiion to drama and what ever else.

1575 days ago


Enough with blaming Lindsay's parents for her problems. Linsay is a grown woman now, and she is responsible for her mistakes. She is clearly a drug abuser and a pathalogical liar. The judge is giving Lindsay too many chances, while Lindsay sits in her courtroom with a ****y look on her face. The average citizen would be in jail.

1575 days ago


The word DUH comes to mind. She's utterly unbelievable. Sure, maybe she's being considered for a role we know nothing about. But in all likelihood, it seems it was just yet another LIE and attempt to avoid taking ANY responsibility.

So now on July 6th the prosecutor can say that:

- she didn't have any proof of plane tickets purchased for her flight home from Cannes that would prove her attempts to make it to court on time last time
- she didn't have a new role which she claimed she did to avoid having to wear the SCRAM bracelet

And of course that's just all on top of the alcohol education class rule breaks, missed court appearances, etc.


1575 days ago

Jena Woods    

It is too bad this Lindsay and her lawyer are dillusional. What CAREER. Maybe when she was young she had talent, but now..... I don't think so. She is not bankable. No one will hire her, and if they do it is only for B movies. Like really Machete???? Go figure, like that is really going to draw in BIG MONEY???? Her parents are getting desperate because she is running out of money, too bad that they are media whores.....and pathetic.... How can you fell bad for someone as pathetic as Lindsay. She gets what she deserves. The judge is NOT HARD ENOUGH ON HER! PUT HER IN JAIL PLEASE DO US ALL A FAVOR.

1575 days ago
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