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Lindsay Lohan

Sized Up in Court

5/24/2010 2:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan just walked out of the L.A. County Courthouse sporting a brand new fashion accessory -- her court-ordered SCRAM bracelet.

The alcohol monitoring device got a makeover since Lindsay last rocked it back in 2007 -- it's now smaller, sleeker, and lighter. 

Lindsay was put into her new SCRAM bracelet right inside the courthouse, where Judge Marsha Revel also informed Lohan that she would be meeting with a probation officer on Thursday.

Until the judge decides she can remove it -- LiLo must wear the device at all times ... even in the shower.


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I love that of all the things she could have done...she choose to unbutton her blouse to the navel and wear false eyelashes.

1577 days ago


I hope her mother does not drink around her

1577 days ago


Dear LiLo, You got off lucky. If you play your cards right, you could make a big come back, maybe fall in love and have kids [live happily ever after]. Unlike the really scanky Kardashian family (who is laughing all the way to the bank) you do have talent. Grow up and get beautiful again.

1577 days ago


I had to look it up. Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor. The bracelet tests for alcohol through the skin, using the chemistry of her perspiration. If she drinks alcohol it will show up in her sweat get sent to a database and the info is sent to the court.

Apparently its really sensitive. We can all hear her now the first time it goes off. "It was an accident judge! I used some hairspray that's all!" She also needs to be in a 6 month treatment facility not just wandering around with something that wont let her drink for the time being. This is a long term problem and the bracelet and classes are short term solutions.

1576 days ago


Can you imagine what Vivid Entertainment will pay for the rights to "Desperately Licking Lohan: The L.A. County Jail Adventure" tapes

1576 days ago


She should've been tossed into jail instead of just a silly bracelet. Even wih the bracelet she can imbibe in drugs, drinks, and whatever other crap she gets off on. And it won't keep any of her dyke friends from dining on the Lohan house specialty, hair pie ala Lindsay.

1576 days ago


If lilo showed any kind of remorse or was in any way (truly) sorry for her behavior I don't think people would be so down on her. It's her "Screw you, I do what I want" attitude that pisses people off.

1576 days ago


My goodness, she really screwed herself over this time!

1576 days ago


She will find a way to blame her father for the bracelet. What a stupid girl.

1576 days ago


I am in my 50's and my skin looks much better than Lindseys, with no forehead lines( yet). I am fair skinned, freckled like Lindsey and although I have faint crows feet by my eyes,I can pass for 40's, Had no botox, abrasions, facials or cosmetic surg, but Lindsey looks a woman in her late 40's who smokes and drinks or a 23 year old who does Meth. Lindsey needs to get on her knees and ask Christ into her heart and throw herself on him and rehab.

1576 days ago


Come midnight, hundreds will evacuate Chateau L for a fire alarm only to find out it was just Lilo's SCRAM going off.
(Yes, I know they don't make noise)

1576 days ago


When is the drug test? I hope they do hair-it's good for the last 90 days. Here is the funny part-she's going to have some heavy withdrawl from both alcohol and booze in the next few weeks. Watch how she degrades in current pics over just the next few days....and remember, this has been HER CHOICE.

1576 days ago


I told you the rich play by a seperate set of rules. Her lawyer was dumb, She kept repeating herself>

1576 days ago


To those of you who believe she can take this off, she cannot. It takes an enormous effort with a special key. And if she tries to get it off by herself, it sends a warning to the company. No way but to wear it. She's headed for some serious detox here.

1576 days ago


Didn't she find a way to de-activate it or something last time? Weren't there reports of her drinking with it on?

1576 days ago
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