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Lindsay Lohan

Sized Up in Court

5/24/2010 2:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan just walked out of the L.A. County Courthouse sporting a brand new fashion accessory -- her court-ordered SCRAM bracelet.

The alcohol monitoring device got a makeover since Lindsay last rocked it back in 2007 -- it's now smaller, sleeker, and lighter. 

Lindsay was put into her new SCRAM bracelet right inside the courthouse, where Judge Marsha Revel also informed Lohan that she would be meeting with a probation officer on Thursday.

Until the judge decides she can remove it -- LiLo must wear the device at all times ... even in the shower.


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OK I do agree with both sides here. I mean many are right it is illegal for us to drink and drive. It's not illegal for us, well for her to drink, well I guess now it is... my point being yes she DOES need help and this system is designed to help her one way or another. Since they have to take proper steps in order to reach the same end result this is how the court is thinking, sad but true. They are going to tell her no alcohol, no drugs, and since she is an addict she will not be able to comply, and she hasn't yet. So now they are going to put this SCRAM on here in order to catch her red handed, in the act, can't lie about this one! So they will have to then go through the steps of her breaking her probation agreement, which will then end in jail or rehab. So really the court knows she will end up there, but they have to make it look like they are trying to give her a chance.
No it's not really fair to ban her from something that is taking away her human rights, but they are doing this in order to protect her in the long run.
Kind of makes you wish they would ban some of these fast food joints or bakeries! That would be "for our own good!" ;)

1584 days ago


Taylee: She's out on bail! It's the bracelet or jail

1584 days ago


I'm a little confused about this hearing.
It wasn't the probation violation hearing? That hearing will be on July 6th?
Exactly what was this hearing for? A bail hearing?

1584 days ago


I truly hope this wakes her up

1584 days ago

StarryStarryNight you ever fly? i'm guessing you don't by your answer. she should have had the ticket if she didn't use it. she knew she was going to court. her attorney knew she needed that ticket as evidence. both are arrogant and think they are above the law.

1584 days ago


Yeah although her bailed had been posted she hadn't formally surrendered so this was about the conditions of her bail.

1584 days ago


ita, alexis. judge judy would have kicked her ass.

1584 days ago


For all the people saying how "extreme" it is to forbid this chick to drink alcohol. She has 2 DUI's. Would you think it was so extreme if she had killed one of your family members? It was a victimless crime you say? Yeah those two times. Time after time after time, statistics show people convicted of multiple DUI's and do not serve any jail time do it again and kill someone at some point. So when she does let us know how extreme it is when she is put behind bars.

1584 days ago

James Woods    

Yep, I told ya. Heres ceelbrity justice for you. Joe taxpayer would of been behind bars already and would probably of had some kind of hate crime charges for saying "it was the black kid" that was driving the car during the dui stuff.

We might as well have a Judge Judy style court system for the stars and we can all just sit and home and laugh and they can laugh because it's a big joke.

1584 days ago


She was in court today instructed on the conditions of her bail.

1584 days ago


She was in court today instructed on the conditions of her bail.

1584 days ago


2 DUI's + felony possession of cocaine, refused mandated court requirements

1584 days ago


Bet the bank, she will fail. Recreation drug use is not for children! It's not for everyone, victim's a plenty.

1584 days ago

TC Pits    

She Cannes not learn to lie low she can't decline, only deny blow; she poses in photos with a white-powdered nose, she has less sens than a high ho'. The real question for Harvey et al: assuming the court orders don't keep her from filiming on location, would the LL bipic help her career? Is it a serious film about a famed, abused fellatrix, or will it be a direct to video career killer?

Read more:

1584 days ago


could this get any more embarrassing? how utterly pathetic. good job dina and loser bald michael the moron. nice roots, dina. i'm actually starting to feel sorry for this mess of a person, let alone a semi-decent actress she will FOREVER be the punchline of jokes..

1584 days ago
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