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Nas & Kelis -- Officially Divorced!

5/25/2010 4:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After an eternity of legal war, the marriage between rapper Nas and singer Kelis is officially kaput.

Nas & Kelis
TMZ obtained legal docs, filed last Friday in L.A. County Superior Court, which show that the marriage has been terminated -- but there are still a few more nasty battles to fight ... like child custody and spousal support.

Currently, Nas is ordered to fork over roughly 10k a month for child and spousal support -- which he claims he can't afford.

So, the next round should be all sorts of fun.

Stay tuned.


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Who and who??? Uhhh, yeah...

1577 days ago


Kelis, get your butt gear and stop digging for that money, start working for it. Nas need to take care of the kid, not your butt.

1577 days ago


I'll say this much for Nas. Anyone who'd go around with a name like "Nas" can't be accused of taking himself too seriously.

1577 days ago


She has a new record deal, why should he have to sell his homes, cars and things all because she doesn't want to use her own money to maintain herself. It does not cost $6k a month to feed a child. 50 cent is worth 50 times what nas is and pays less child support. gtfoh.

As far as people bashing nas, when your kid is getting ready to head to an ivy league college make sure you don't submit an application for the scholarships he hands out every year since the year 2000!! People love to drag others in the mud without having an inkling as to whom or how that person truly is.

Kelis is being vindictive and even said so before her publicist made her retract the statement and change it. Kelis cheated, made a sex tape, yet is angry nas left her. Funny how that works..if it was the other way around the same women here talking about he should give half of what he owns wouldn't be saying anything at all i'm sure but since folks love to talk without facts it's fine i suppose.

1577 days ago



1ST of all yes this is 2010 and I am a single father in the military. In fact being in the service I have never met some many single fathers until I joined. Out of all of the fathers I know only 1 is getting child support and I'm not one of them. See what I'm looking at is even though the support is for the child....US single fathers don't need child support to support our ect.... So let's recognize the fact that just cause it came out of your womb don't mean nothing recognize DEAD BEAT MOMS and men who don't get support but still do what they do!!!!!! I was married do I get half of what she made... no I get to do it all on my own because I am a man with a job! My son has an account if I got support it would go there! So Larry speak ya mind dawg. SINGLE FATHER OUT!!!!!!!!!

1577 days ago


Seriously, missed? She gave up her freedom and womb because Nas tied her down and raped her or what? That's absolutely ridiculous. Marriages ARE partnerships but their "partnership" barely lasted a few years. She didn't help him make his money. He's not successful because of her. He was successful WAY before she came along. She has her own money and own career. She doesn't deserve a dime in spousal support. Of course she deserves guideline support to raise that child but that's it.

You make it seem like women are helpless and if they get married then, no matter how long, they deserve all the money they can get. How about get a job and be independent and support yourself! Sheesh!

1577 days ago


What the hell are you talking about? She not only cheated on him but divorced him. Why is she entitled to his fortune when she did absolutely nothing to contribute to its growth. She wants child support but doesn't want to allow Nas to see his son. Shes the greedy self absorbed one. All these people downing Nas don't even know what they're talking about. and anyone who says he has no talent is down right stupid. Like Rap or not you can't deny that Nas is one of the greatest lyricist ever in any genre. Very few use cadence, assonance, hyperbole, allegory etc as well as him. Very few tell better stories and paint pictures as vivid as he does. FOH

1577 days ago


They're both pitiful as all get out! smh

1577 days ago


They're both pitiful as all get out! smh

1577 days ago


To the gold digger who is in favor of supporting this woman's outrages lifestyle, get a life. This man earned his money long before anyone ever heard of Kelis. Someone who plops down several thousand dollars for a busted hairdo has no right to demand so much money. Our sick society has taught women that having no morals and being a whore is OK. I have more respect for prostitutes, at least they are more honest in what they are pursuing than half of the women in this country.

1577 days ago


Who how racist to call it Ebony TMZ! They are still celebrities and got more dough than u should watch what u say and who gets offended because Im offend by the comment of Ebony TMZ. How many other black people know about this? Watch how many bout to find out?

1577 days ago

Roxbury Reg    

(Sumo) and (Justsaying) you guy's are idiots first of all Sumo if you knew anything Nas is one of the greatest Mc's to ever do it. As for Justsaying he shouldn't have to sell anything for that B*tch. Let her ass get a job like everybody else. And as for saying that (It skyrockets because he/she became used to the money the person provided so why should they have to now suffer because of divorce) Guess what get unused to it. I can't win the lottery and spend it all and go back and say well ya'll got me used to haveing expensive stuff so I need more money. When that happens then I will agree that these money grubbin whores get to keep living like they have. Bitch Please! That's the stupidest **** I've ever heard. Now take that to the bank!!

1577 days ago


That's what Kelis get she thought it was cute when he didn't do nothing for his first daughter. It's called karma I hope she like how it feels.

1577 days ago


@Larry, ya ur right, just cuz the guy is rich doesnt mean his ex-wife should benefit... but ya the kids should see a decent amount of money for sure. AND TO ALL YOU WHO SAY NAS HAS NO TALENT.... GO ****IN LISTEN TO ILLMATIC NAS' FIRST ALBUM AND TELL ME THAT HE CANT RAP. STREET POETRY TO THE FULLEST.

1576 days ago



Illmatic - 1 million
It Was Written - 2 million
I Am - 2 million
Nastradamus - 1 million
Stillmatic - 1 million
God's Son - 1 million
Street's Disciple - 1 million
Hip Hop is Dead - 800k
The Firm album (with AZ, Foxy Brown, and Nature) sold over a million


Kaleidoscope and Wanderland- 80,000
Tasy - 400,000 mostly from single milkshake
Kelis Was Here and the Hits - 157,000
Flesh Tone (2010)- not yet released.

To make my point she already has a job it's not our fault that she sucks at her job and her soon to be ex-husband despite all of the hate remarks about him not being talented but as you can see above (his is part of a snall group of mcee's who are consistent in albums sales and even smaller group of those who are the best lyrically) He is good at his job so why should he get cheated on and then bled to death when she is already employed BS!!!!!!!!!!! She make more by herself than some of yall who are defending her!

1576 days ago
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