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Nas & Kelis -- Officially Divorced!

5/25/2010 4:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After an eternity of legal war, the marriage between rapper Nas and singer Kelis is officially kaput.

Nas & Kelis
TMZ obtained legal docs, filed last Friday in L.A. County Superior Court, which show that the marriage has been terminated -- but there are still a few more nasty battles to fight ... like child custody and spousal support.

Currently, Nas is ordered to fork over roughly 10k a month for child and spousal support -- which he claims he can't afford.

So, the next round should be all sorts of fun.

Stay tuned.


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sam lombard    

I found a sick Nas site, check it out http;//

1610 days ago


A rapper being married is almost funnier than a tattooed biker being married!

I can't stand the site of you ignorant disgraces to animals!!!

Pay the B*TCH her money you sperm donor handicapper!!!

1608 days ago


I got the perfect solution.... Don't [EXPLETIVE] get married, it's a rip off waiting to happen. Especially if you rich. Stick to the single life and girlfriends, you can get the same stuff outta GF's that u can get out of a wife who will eventually rape you for everything you own...

1607 days ago


have a baby and win a paycheck, we will give him hell on earth. and you get a 3bdrm house $10 rent from sect-a housing, food stamps, afdc, w.i.c, his tax refunds, and the added joy that he has to work three times as hard to make ends meet, pay for your lawyer that screwed him in the first place and because he works so much we will give him the prestigious title of "DEADBEAT DAD". thats only the beggining.if he gets behind a lil we will just ad interest. disability, retirment you say, you get chunks of that too. keep ya head up guys maybe you'll win the lottery- o wait we get a chunk of that too. living under the bridge aint so bad at least its a roof over your head.

1606 days ago


how in the hell nas gotta give her that much an month; wemon these days feel to entitled. both of them are financally responsible for that kid, both are in the spotlite; next time get an pre-nump, if she don't want to agree to the terms; then don't get married. marriage ain't nothing but an contract for wemon to financially rape your ass, if things don't workout. don't get me wrong, i beleive in taking care of your children; because you made the child, not her. Stop using kids to get paid wemon, the money is for that child, not you, and you owe that child too. if you don't want that child, then you should let the father have custody; as long as he is not an sicko, and he is responsible enough to take care of his. but ladies be careful of how you treat the daddy; because once that kid grows up to see how you really are; they may not be bothered with you, and even resent your ass.

1048 days ago
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