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Rip Torn Shows Lindsay Lohan How It's Done!

5/24/2010 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rip Torn has done what Lindsay Lohan could not -- he completed his court-ordered alcohol education program and got his DUI case dismissed. Who knew a guy who allegedly broke into a bank while drunk with a loaded weapon could be a role model?

Torn was busted back in December 2008 near his home in Connecticut -- he was stopped while driving in the breakdown lane with a Christmas tree tied to his Subaru. Classic Torn!

Rip completed the classes and now the case has been dismissed.

But that's only the start of Rip's week -- there's a preliminary hearing in the bank case tomorrow.


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A bank robber, thats funny. One too many ****tails brings out the best in people.

1578 days ago


TMZ put stars on my word ****tails, they must have thought it was a bad word. That too is funny.

1578 days ago


It's gettin kinda hard to tell Lindsey and Rip apart, cept his beard is greyer.

1578 days ago


He doesn't have Dina Lohan as a mother! I believe that Dina is the one true obstacle in Lindsay's sobriety. She has taught her daughter to deny deny deny followed up by more lies and arrogance. it's all very disgusting!

1578 days ago


Wow talk about celebrity justice. He completes DUI school and some counseling and they DISMISS the case!? And since it isn't Lindsay Lohan or the liberal CA courts no one even cares enough to comment on it too... lol

If this was a hollywood DUI with a starlet you losers would be screaming bloody murder about her getting away with this!

1578 days ago


Lindsay does not need Torn to show her how it is "done." I think.....Lindsay is no doubt a very intelligent, scared young woman who deserves our support, not our criticism. I still disagree with the court, and I'll bet Lindsay will do...just fine. Everyone should back off and let the poor girl go home. I wish only good things, and a brighter future for lilo, and am proud to call myself a fan. Please....stop the hate, and my very best Lindsay. :)

1578 days ago


And not only did they dismiss it, but while the DUI was still open he re offended and broke into a BANK while drunk and they still went through with the deal to dismiss the case if he completed counseling. Wow, just wow.

1578 days ago


Mike, are you kidding me? All this girl had to do was complete classes as requested and NONE of this would have been happening, her case would have been dismissed. It is HER fault that she cannot follow the judicial system's demands on her like EVERYONE else in this world has to. Everything she is getting right now, she has brought upon herself, INCLUDING the media attention. If ANYONE else went through the same EXACT thing, they would be getting punished for not following what they were supposed to do, why should little miss Lindsay be ANY exception. She can go out everynight but she can't attend mandatory classes ONCE a week to keep herself out of trouble? Some of her fans are so delusional it sickens me.

1578 days ago


@JLS I agree. I usually hate people blaming their parents for their problems, but Dina Lohan is a truly obnoxious character and undoubtedly a big part of Lindsay's problem. You can absolutely see how Lindsay has exactly emulated her tactics of lie, lie, lie, deny, deny, deny, and act with an arrogant sense of entitlement at all times.

1578 days ago


3. It's gettin kinda hard to tell Lindsey and Rip apart, cept his beard is greyer.

Posted at 12:45 PM on May 24, 2010 by Tara

thats her future..she can always have the leading role when they make a movie of his life

1578 days ago

Harry Hackamore Hughes IIV    

GREAT now we can all go bac2being normal

1577 days ago


I laughed at your writing there TMZ---Our society is really absurd at this point. With this public masturbation by LIndsey Lohan,
One thing for shore---He looks a lot better than LiLo. Even Keith Richards looks better than this bloated puffy faced druggy girl.

1577 days ago

Harry Hackamore IIV    

Great now we can all go bac2being normal A son of Howard Hughes/jean Peters

1577 days ago


I find it HILARIOUS that a chronic alcoholic getting close to 75 like Rip Torn can finish his alcoholic education classes as ordered, while aggressively arrogant BLOWhan can't be bothered. I guess it's not going to matter; she'll get bombed again, she'll have to go back to court, she'll get thrown into jail. She can't help it; she's too arrogant & stupid to change...

1577 days ago


I feel the same way, Mike! I don't understand why people want to see blood from LiLo. It's always sad when someone is going through a rough time. She is a great actress in ALL the movies that I've seen her in. Whenever I hear about someone/anyone who has an addiction problem (i'm not saying that she does) I think to myself how much pain this person must be in. I wish her only the best!

1577 days ago
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