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Rip Torn Shows Lindsay Lohan How It's Done!

5/24/2010 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rip Torn has done what Lindsay Lohan could not -- he completed his court-ordered alcohol education program and got his DUI case dismissed. Who knew a guy who allegedly broke into a bank while drunk with a loaded weapon could be a role model?

Torn was busted back in December 2008 near his home in Connecticut -- he was stopped while driving in the breakdown lane with a Christmas tree tied to his Subaru. Classic Torn!

Rip completed the classes and now the case has been dismissed.

But that's only the start of Rip's week -- there's a preliminary hearing in the bank case tomorrow.


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Hey were on the chat board earlier weren't you? Guess who? It is the guest from that board. It is I. Nice seeing you again, and I maintain my opinion.

We DO have reason to say poor Lindsay. It is very sad how she must feel right now.

1612 days ago


To Azzkicker: Thank you, and I am very sorry, but I for one will not join the opposition. I feel for Lindsay because I feel that the mockery and abuse she is taking from some ppl is over the line. Some people are joking she should die or be thrown in jail. I just feel that is not appropriate. I feel Lindsay needs loving, supportive people in her life MORE often, and although we cannot stop her IF she is using from using again if she chose to, jail will not serve as a discipline either. Lindsay is a strong and independent women even for any narcotics or alc. dependency, if any. Many people might not think so, but she is so scared right now, I think. If you listened to her interview last night, and just studying her facial expressions, etc. of course you can see the independence, but also the pain. Lindsay may very well need a great deal of help, or maybe less than people think, but I believe in her, and hope her movies and good works continue. I just ask people to stop hating on her and attacking her character. Lindsay has alot she could still offer to society and her friends/fans, and I want her to be given that chance. I also however....want Lindsay to be able to make any SAFE choice she wants, and honestly, that includes partying. She adult, and she is not the only person facing such temptations. Thank you, and God Bless you Lindsay.

1612 days ago


Wasn't this guy on "The Insider" with Al Pacino and Russel Crowe? Standing ovation for the makeup department if he was. Can't even recognize him now.

1612 days ago


My heart goes out to Rip. He is a lonely old man who seems a bit lost in the little bit of life he has left.

Who knows how any of us will do after our mate dies and leaves us in a world that is pasing us by.
Rip is not a criminal, just a confused old man who needs our compassion and kindness.

1612 days ago


I think he's a great candidate for Celebrity Rehab. And I hear they're looking for people for the next season. Wonder if Dr. Drews' team have offered him a bed, yet, at the Pasadena Recovery Center........
Also, for those of you that keep saying, 'Blame it on the parents', I think that's a crock of crap! LiLo is an adult and it's time she acts like an adult. As adults, we shouldn't be blaming our mistakes, our bad choices in life, on our parents. I'm so sick and tired of hearing, "My mother/father was an alcoholic/addict" or "I was spanked as a child and that has messed me up for life" or "I come from a dysfunctional family". EVERY household is dysfunctional, these days, in one way or another! It's time to take responsibility for our own actions!

1611 days ago


Amazing how the Lohans keep posting in favor of Lindsay. Their arrogance knows no limits.

Lindsay got exactly what she deserves for messing with the justice system and trying to put one over one the judge.
In fact Lindsay has only herself to blame.

1611 days ago


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1611 days ago

Harry Hackamore IIV    

RIP torn has a a problem.he THINKS he`s me Howard Robard Hughes IIV when in facto he was a slam down of Howard Hughes my father and mrs.Howard Hughes/jean Peters my mother.NO wonder he drinks too much,he has had to live with this coverup all his life.LINSEY IS FINE let her work..slap a gag on her PRESS DAD pubic dirty washday daddy?.she MAKO the mooka so H-woodie`ss should shut the tooth picks yup.

1611 days ago
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