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TMZ Live: LiLo, Simon Monjack & Bret Michaels

5/24/2010 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We took your questions on everything -- including Lindsay Lohan's SCRAM bracelet, Brittany Murphy's husband found dead, and Bret Michaels winning "Celebrity Apprentice."


Plus: Tiger Woods' divorce negotiations ... and does the golfer really have a new mystery blonde?


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Now with Lilo having the Scram... what are the chances of her going into withdrawl? Chances are she will end up in the hospital..

1581 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

30. Lizzie HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, great post..... What I find funny is when she pucks up her fake a,$$ plumped up lips

30. lindsay IS a drug addict & an alcohalic, who is saying that she is not??????????? This ole HAG w/ Daffy Duck lipS craves
DRUGS & ALCOHAL anytime she is awake!!!!!!

Posted at 1:55 PM on May 24, 2010 by Lizzie

1581 days ago


Guys...would plastic wrap around the SCRAM anklet set off some sort of buzzer/warning to the monitoring station? If Lindsey can bathe with her anklet on, then maybe spilling a ****tail on it wouldn't really come into play....what do you think?

1581 days ago


Harvey..I'm wondering if a person could thwart the SCAM by inserting a barrier between the skin and the SCAM surface? Like Saran Wrap or a piece cut from a PUPPY PIDDLE PAD ? (sorry about that...but I do have 2 new little guys)

1581 days ago


With so many promiscuous individuals out there and spouses/partners unknowingly being exposed to so much, why isn't one person a spokesperson for herpes medication, why doesn't anyone admit they have genital herpes?(well, because ridicule and rejection would occur, for one thing). There are AIDS spokespersons, but no one helps those who are devastated by herpes. Also, many people have cold sores and they can kiss others and transmit the virus, or have oral sex and transmit the virus, but it is only those who have genital herpes of one type or another who are ridiculed and demeaned - yet it is more or less the same kind of thing, apparently. One would think that individuals would wonder about those who have cold sores, also, what stage that event is in. There isn't a famous cold sore spokesperson, either, but in famous person land, one would think that many many many have cold sores or herpes of some type or other. With so many so open about so much, it is astounding that this isn't discussed openly, so there must be many people who can't tell their partners and those viruses must be transmitted with regularity. Megan Fox and others with their OCD admissions may not realize the cold sore virus can be in some kind of almost there stage and that some of those with genital herpes may not even know they have it or don't have signs, so don't say - so, if they have to kiss someone on a set, they could have something future to show for it and to worry about. Gays have come out of the closet, but herpes hasn't. Hollywood is a strange and selective place indeed. Herpes is one of the best kept secrets in Hollywood.

1581 days ago


What's with the censorship ????? I suppose I should have used the word "drink" instead of ****tail....I'm really amazed...after reading some of the comments that people post....a simple word for an alcoholic beverage was censored!!!!!! I'm a little "miffed", would use another word, but it would be censored.

1581 days ago


after court, could you hear wailing, crying and the words I want my mom coming from the hallway. The microphone picked that up and I was wondering if it was Lindsay?

1581 days ago


Do you have guys that only work certain spots(airports,clubs,restaurants)?

1581 days ago


What was brittany's murphy's husband famous for ?

1581 days ago


Do you think Judge Revel's "no drugs" ruling extends to the Adderall Lindsay is prescribed for ADD?

1581 days ago


You obviously have never had an alcoholic in your life, which is fortunate for you. However, Harvey is right. Lindsay does not need a party to drink or take drugs.

1581 days ago


All these celebrities dying of heart attacks, what is going on. There must be something in the water. To die of a heart attack at 39 is not natural. THE Signs is stop drinking the water. All of them founded with some kind of prescription medications, what are people that young taking? These days Hollywood is having babies, getting married, some domestic violent, divorced, married again, WHATS UP PEOPLE?

1581 days ago

Nike Fan    

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1581 days ago
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