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'American Idol' -- Nerves Frayed During Rehearsal

5/25/2010 8:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Our spies at the "American Idol" rehearsal today say Crystal Bowersox was so nervous she forgot the words to the song she'll release if she wins tomorrow night.  And Lee DeWyze got ticked off after he got hit with a violin bow.

'American Idol
Both Crystal and Lee will each sing 3 songs.  The first song is their choice, the second was chosen by Simon Fuller and the third song is the one that will be released by the winner.

Crystal chose "Me and Bobby McGee" for her first song.  Fuller had her sing "Black Velvet."  As for the song she'll release ... it's called "Up to the Mountain." Crystal stopped dead in her tracks in the middle of the song and started over.

As for Lee, he chose, "The Boxer," and Fuller selected "Everybody Hurts." As for the song he'll release if he wins ... it's called, "Beautiful Day." 

As Lee finished "Beautiful Day," a violinist accidentally hit him in the body with his bow.  Lee was upset and walked off the stage .... even before the pretend judges could weigh in.

Should be interesting.


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Ummm so Lee's song, "Beautiful Day", is just a U2 cover. Is this what they are going to have him release if he wins? A remake? FAIL.

1614 days ago


What the world needs now is a new show. This formula show is done.

1614 days ago

Just Sayin'    

I believe the song, Everybody Hurts, is the song Lee will put out if he wins, not Beautiful Day. Nice try TMZ!

1614 days ago


I have been a Lee DeWyze fan and have voted for him all along, but Crystal really brought it tonight. I'm voting for Crystal.

1614 days ago


chrystal needs to go back to the coffee houses, and she is just a strolling mistral, lee has a wonderful voice, that song everybody hurts, i bet its gonna be gooooooooooood by him..yeah..go!

1614 days ago


Umm #23, Everybody Hurts is an R.E.M. song so that won't be the one he is putting out if he wins. Idiot.

1614 days ago


Well, then that means rehearsal was more interesting than tonight's show. All I can say is thank God for Glee! They are rockin' the GaGa!

1614 days ago

Rob J    

Yes, Everybody Hurts is R.E.M., and Beautiful Day is U2. But if Lee should win (and having watched tonight's show, I'll say Lee winning is now pretty doubtful), his single will be his U2 cover.

Crystal's 'Mountain' song is also a cover, but not sure who did the original.

I guess they just didn't want to bother with any 'This is My Moment' yadda-yadda original victory songs this year. And thank god, because those are so cheesy.

1614 days ago


Never...Never...Never judge a book by it's cover!

Until you've walked in someone else's shoes do not judge.

Chyrstal is the epitome of Natural talent. She sings from her very heart and soul. It doesn't matter if she wins first or second, she's the real deal.

1614 days ago

Rob J    

Speaking of U2, shame on TMZ for not having any stories on Bono's injury this week, pushing their whole US tour into next year.

1614 days ago


INTERESTING -- because the reverse happened on the LIVE show. Lee was obviously more nervous than Crystal. She did much better tonight.

It was such a lackluster season. But at least America got it right with Lee and Crystal in the finale. Still time to vote in my poll -- on who you think should win. You can get to my blog link via my Twitter page: Entertainment2u

** thanks for voting **

1613 days ago


Crystal crushed it tonight. Definitely brought her A game.

1613 days ago


MY all time fave show ever--until this year. No one had the talent to win, and I'm sure that's why DWTS has taken over the #1 show spot. But, it amazes me that they rearranged the shows nights for Crystal months ago and they always boot off the singers who forget words, yet tonight, they had the words on teleprompters for Crystal. You could see them!!!!

1613 days ago


As is the way with most shows, American Idol has gone past its expiration date and it is no longer interesting. I've only seen a few of the shows and that was on YouTube, but found the Worst of AI much better than the actual show. Never liked talent shows, and I see nothings changed. To me its as boring as a parade. From what I've gathered reading this article the young man needs an attitude adjustment. He will never make it anywhere if he gets in a snit over things like he did with the violin. Geeze, fool, I have a very close friend dying of cancer and suffering greatly and you go off over that? I'm sure she would LOVE to trade places with you. Time to grow up, boy.

1613 days ago


She works at a Starbucks (tm) near me. He mows my neighbor's lawn. Seriously.

1613 days ago
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