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Jesse James: Nazi Pic Was Funny Then ... Not Now

5/25/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse James is finally addressing that infamous Nazi pic -- the one where he's giving the Hitler salute -- and in shockingly poor taste explains, "It was a joke ... that was funny then."

Jesse James
In the interview, which aired this morning on "GMA," James goes on to say, "Looking at it in the context of now and my life, it's not funny."

James also talks about how Sandra Bullock reacted when Jesse told her that he was seeking help for his infidelity -- saying she "was proud of me."

There's more -- including Jesse's explanation as to why he wanted to adopt a Black baby ... so check out the clip.

The full interview airs tonight on "Nightline."


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Cheryl A.    

so what exactly is his point? Oh, I see, get more publicity.

1558 days ago


he so he needs to adopt a jewish kid and things will be all better

1558 days ago


Mudflaps, who would you rather? Sandra or the Bombshell? Got your Back by Jesse; roofff, roofff you goof!

1558 days ago


Ugly Ass LIAR!

Fits well here at the TMZ boards.. along w/a few of these vistors here.

Blah.. Blah.. Blah!

1558 days ago


Can we PLEASE stop giving this guy and his group of home-wreckers air time? Jump on the bike and ride, Jessie; your 15 minutes are up.

1558 days ago

john johnson    

bull****!!!!! go away u liar, **** u and ur nazi bitch!

1558 days ago


I believe this is a man that no women will ever be able to trust BUT...the hate that people are giving to him is crazy. I believe in forgiving people. I do not think what he did is right. I also think that half the people who have mean things to say towards this man is just as gulity with something bad in their life as well.

1558 days ago

There's Always Elvis    

You took our Sandra. America's Sweetheart!!! She is class, genuine, and above all a gem in generosity. We love you Sandra. I love Louis's cheeks!!!! May God Bless you Sandra...

1558 days ago


Man, what did she ever see in this man?! He sounds like a teenage surfer dude! His voice is annoying and looks funny coming out of his mouth! I think Sandra's choice in men speaks volumes of her character!

1558 days ago


No one is going to like this comment. Here goes. I think that Sandra and Jesse truely do love each other then and now.
He does need help desperately, and Sandra might consider stopping all of the divorce stuff until he gets it if she can forgive him. Jesse has always been a mans man, did what he wanted, got the women with his fame, bikes and tatoo's(someone in my family has know him for many years). That is why everyone was so surprised to see him marry someone as precious as Sandra, just knew he had issues to deal with, and she would eventually get hurt. We also thought she might be what will finally change him from being so egotistical, and arrogant and always having to fullfil those. He likes to show everyone he can do what he wants, when he wants, and get what he wants. But he is also a good man in many ways. With his children, and Sandra. But he lived a life of having these Bombshell type overboard and inflated women that men went WOW look what Jesse is with tonite! He loved the recognition if nothing else more then the sex I think. HE is not a great looking guy, and a bit overweight, so to have a gorgeous women want him, even if for his image makes him feel better.
If they could just make a pact, gosh and I know how hard it would be after so many women Jesse has messed with in their almost 5 years of marriage, for Jesse to continue counciling, and for them to spend family time with the kids half the time where they are not in the public eye. Sandra managed to hide out, she and Jesse and the kids can do it together, give it a shot.
Sandra, when we marry someone we bring each other into that relationship and alot of times children. These children are devastated, if for no other reason its worth a try for all of them, and the love that Jesse does have for you, if he can get rid of the self serving Jesse.

1558 days ago


Jesse is a loser. He was looking for other women b/c he couldn't handle Sandra's success. He's a little boy, not a man. Bravo Sandra for having the self esteem to leave that jerk. You didn't deserve that. You deserve so much better.

1558 days ago


Jesse suffers from small penis syndrome. He can't stand to be the little boy standing behind his talented, wonderful wife, so he strayed many times. Jesse is an ass****! Sandra was very smart to dump him and basically say "you messed up and I deserve better than you" Good riddance Jesse.

1558 days ago

Tehren Blake    

The guy was, is and always will be trash. This is what happens when good girl marries bad boy and expects him to change.

1558 days ago


Eve I agree we have all done things that we have begged for forgiveness for, or we kept hidden from loved ones. At the time we do these things, we are only thinking of whatever instant gratification we get from it, either physically, mentally or in Jesse's case his ego. Hell these women are tramps, they know exactly what to say to a famous person like Jesse to build his ego, specially one with a wife. That is all Jesse looks for is self esteem and ego builders.

1558 days ago

And thats the truth    

I, for one, think it is good that Jesse had gotten air time to tell his side of the story. If it was any of you (which I am sure all of you must be perfect by your comments) you would jump at the chance to clear your name. Jesse has a sickness call think with your penis, which a lot of men have. No, it was not right what he did but he is not the only one in the world that has ever done this and he certainly will not be the last.

I have seen do***entaries about Jesse before all of the tv shows. He actually will adopt dogs with 3 legs and other injured animals because he knows that they will have a hard time getting adopted so I can see where his line of thinking is as to adopting a baby that needs the most love because that is the way he thinks.

I also found out from these do***entaries that he is one of a few that fabricates metal the old school way. He has a machine that fabricated metal on planes, I believe from WWII. He knows his stuff.

I think people need to cut him some slack. His second wife was a porn star before he married Sandra, that should have given her some indication that maybe he was not an angel. I guess she likes badboys.

1558 days ago
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