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Jesse James: Nazi Pic Was Funny Then ... Not Now

5/25/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse James is finally addressing that infamous Nazi pic -- the one where he's giving the Hitler salute -- and in shockingly poor taste explains, "It was a joke ... that was funny then."

Jesse James
In the interview, which aired this morning on "GMA," James goes on to say, "Looking at it in the context of now and my life, it's not funny."

James also talks about how Sandra Bullock reacted when Jesse told her that he was seeking help for his infidelity -- saying she "was proud of me."

There's more -- including Jesse's explanation as to why he wanted to adopt a Black baby ... so check out the clip.

The full interview airs tonight on "Nightline."


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I gotta agree with #11 Susie. I too think that Jesse and Sandra loved each other very much and that Jesse needs to have counciling and they need marriage counciling. I'd like to see them make this marriage work. Tired of celebs dumping their marriages without trying to make it work first. He/she who is without sin, let them cast the first stone. We've all screwed up somewhere along the line.

1590 days ago

Dumb Surfer Guy on TMZ "Knarly"    

Ha ha he said funny back then so i guess he hated blacks back then but now he's ok?

What a Jack Ass!!!!! F**k You Jesse and you lame ass P**sy!!!!!

1590 days ago


Like Huey Lewis sang about,what we are seeing is the Power of Love.
Hope every one opens there hearts and forgives him.
Look how every one loves Mick Jagger and look what he did to Jerry Hall yes he is a rock star but Jesse James is a rock star to the auto and bike world and of course cheating isn`t cool yet the press
and media were out to destroy his soul (very unfair)
This man is a builder an engineer and hopefully things work out for him in his personal life.
Maybe with his talent if people encourage him he can help fix the oil leak in the ocean.
Hopefully Sandra and him can start dating again and who knows.
Lets face it that kid Louis will have the best dad with J.James
although his friends may be a bit jealous in the future with all
those awesome cars and bikes around.

1590 days ago


Yea yea he's sorry only because he got busted!!!!That dress up act was not a longtime ago joke because if it was he would not have cheated on Sandra will a Nazi BITCH

1590 days ago


Ya, I can see how nazi dress is super hilarious in context. Wait, scratch that. No I can't. Because I'm not a neo-nazi ****head.

1590 days ago


I agree w/ 11 & 97. I do think they still love each other & can work this out. I believe that Jesse will continue to get help & will be a better man, husband & father to his family. He used poor judgement when he had on the nazi hat & pose but you people won't let it go. As far as Sandra's interview in People she said he needed to go public & explain & he's doing it & still you have such hatred for a man you've never met & really know only what you've read about him...don't believe everything you read because most of it's not true. I hope Jesse & Sandra work it out.

1590 days ago


ha ha I got to laugh... I'm from South Fla and anytime someone visits or speaks to the governments of Cuba or Venezuela we label them a Communist and boycott them and we are highly critized for doing it. Yet so many people agree in labeling this man a Nazi just because of a pic that was taken as a joke and for all we know it was just to mock the Nazis.
What JJ this was wrong and hurtful to his family but I believe he's truly repented for his actions and everyone deserves a second chance. I hope Sandra and him work out their problems and seek professional help so they can keep that beautiful family they have made together.

1590 days ago



1590 days ago


He obviously isn't racist if he adopted a black baby. It's too bad he was thinking with his little head instead of that big noggin planted on top of his neck during his marriage. 400 Michelle "Bombshell" McGee's will never add up to one Sandra Bullock.

He's not the first married man to lose everything for a tattooed bar skank and he won't be the last. Not sure if I believe in his sincerity though. After all, he was married to a professional Oscar winning actress and manipulated her into believing his lies. He could be a masterful lying sleazeball, either way he needs to disappear. I'm sick of him. I can't wait to see the next Sandra Bullock movie though. She's one of my favorite actresses.

1590 days ago


Look, what he did was wrong, but Sandra must have known something about him? Come On! You can see he lives a hard life. I don't condone what he did in any way, but I have seen worse things in everyday life than what he did. As to the Nazi Picture, who hasn't done some stupid "Heil Hitler" move when they saw something funny... This is then as bad as when Miley Cyrus pulled her Chinese Eyes face, but probably taken out of context.
And frankly, I do believe they loved each other. Some people do just do stupid things.

1590 days ago


They had no choice but to divorce in order to save the adoption of the beautiful baby Louis that they both love so much. After the alleged assault of the paparazzi's car, flattening of his tires, etc... the only thing they could do was divorce to save the ability of her being able to keep the baby. If he is convicted of criminal behavior, not to mention moral issues which should be a private marital issue, the adoption could be denied. I believe they both knew that and agreed to divorce to save the adoption of their wonderful new son. I think they both love each other deeply still, and I hope they can save their marriage. NO ONE PERSON IS PERFECT!!! Louis is innocent however and deserves a wonderful home with Sandra and hopefully Jesse later on after the adoption is finalized, she then can do what she wants with whom and even remarry him without loosing the baby, if that's what is in her heart. That little baby deserves a good father and his parenting skills have never been in question. Sandy herself says he is a wonderful dad and Louis deserves to have that wonderful dad in his life, and it appears he still does have him in his life legal dad or not. I think that is wonderful. To hell with all you haters. Those in glass houses should really be careful, stones tend to break glass easily. My prayers are with them as a whole family in the future, but totally understand why they had to make the legal moves they did, to save their child from being put back into a system that is often times broken, they love him and obviously have put their love for each other after the love for their child. That is what parenting is all about. All you have to do is look at how respectful they are of each other as adults, co-parents for this newborn and his children from previous relationships to tell that they do still love each other, more power to them. Much love Sandy and Jesse and your beautiful children. You all deserve it!!

1589 days ago


This photo was really shocking. I was a fan and a woman of color and I'm like $#@!! Not just him, but any celebrity, come on...didn't you learn anything from Prince Harry's dumb ass mistake. You're a celebrity and this is the last thing to be caught doing, especially when you are in the limelight (and if you did it while married to Sandra...tsk, really are dumb).

1589 days ago


BTW Jesse, there was no way in hell if Sandra was going to forgive you to stay with you after this photo considering you were adopting an African-American child.

1589 days ago


I was so angry about this situation for a long time . I've had aminute to think about it . In the interest of making too long a point I have a question , how can we live in a society that thinks making fun of somepeoples misfortune is allright or listens to music in which women are referred to as "bitches" or makes money from filling the web with images of beating up homeless people or watching your "buds" slam their genitals with golf clubs (whatever ) is entertainment , can we get so outraged over a man cheeating on his wife? I love SB she is the example of a strong independant woman I think we (as a people ) need to see more of.I believe JJ was raised by a hard man who did allow his son to believe "for a minute" that it is ok to emulate a Nazi or to use any number of women if they are willing to get his. I believe JJ was a confused , terrified kid . I also believe we are living in a world that will have young people growing up to make increasingly more malicious mistakes.

1583 days ago


i hope it stops soon for sandra's sake.

1577 days ago
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